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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Sparky Anderson, 76

The Great Sparky Anderson has died at the age of 76. Sparky's Reds bested Seth's hometown nine for Baseball's World Series in 1975. As Seth recalls, "He was 41 at the time, but looked like he was 70." He went on to win 2 more World Series titles (1 each in Cincinnati and Detroit) and became the first manager in Major League Baseball to win the title in both the American and National Leagues.


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Seth Clips Vol. 04

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Bob Guccione, 79

The poor man's Hugh Hefner died Wednesday, Oct. 20th, at a hospital in Plano, Texas. He was 79.

Guccione lost much of his personal fortune on bad investments and risky ventures. Probably his best-known business failure was a $17.5-million investment in the 1979 production of the X-rated film "Caligula." Distributors shunned the film, with its graphic scenes of lesbianism and incest. However, it eventually became General Media's most popular DVD.

His management style even sparked a rift with his own son, Bob Guccione Jr. In 1985, the publisher helped his son launch the music magazine Spin, with Bob Jr. serving as editor and publisher. After just two years, the two clashed over the direction of the magazine and the elder Guccione decided to shut it down, forcing his son to secure outside funding. According to Axl Rose, the younger Guccione was also pissed because his dad got more pussy than him.


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Stephen J. Cannell, 69

The creator of such iconic TV series as Hardcastle & McCormick, The A-Team and Baa Baa Black Sheep (featuring a budding, young actor named John Larroquette) has died at his Pasadena home of complications of melanoma.


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Seth Clips Vol. 03

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