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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 470

Live from The Royale in Boston MA, comedy at dusk, the 3rd member of UYD, Jonathan walks 20 miles, The Playboy Advisor, doming one's self, the most common used emojis in Massachusetts, no definitive summer jam, Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders are not in real time, National "Get Ready For Kindergarten" Month, get back in the sandbox, the price you pay for shredded lats, another tier of dog obedience, 18 year old truck drivers, too early for Dirty Water, 1500 people a day at The Goonies House, falling short of the world's underwear record, fudging your cyber vitals, smart police belts, thermal imaging food trucks, USA Today Snapshots, splitting your pants on the dance floor, Who's Mommin' Harder?, psychopaths don't sympathy yawn, send Jesus to the door, preparing for killer robots, Hollywood Game Night, deep voiced politicians, hunting licenses for newborns, pigs : OUT, goats : IN, Home Depot prepares for Burning Man, stepping in stage gum, we need more tolls, snow storm babies, and a 2nd batch of USA Today Snapshots.

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Episode 469

Exploring the long form, tattooed confessions, Jonathan's prison photos, prisoners collecting unemployment, Ray Hagen will read you a book, saying goodbye to Mitzi Friedlander, the power of Brad Pitt's voice, mother / daughter phone usage, the juggling of families, the power of a shaved head, sequencing online genomes, aspergers sperm, autographed Sports Illustrateds, "That's Fucking Incredible" starring Seth and Jonathan, LIFE takes some liberties, and check out UYD Live in Boston or New York.

UYD: All Day.

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Episode 468

Live from The Regent Theater in Los Angeles CA, Zoƫ Kravitz's dad's dick, Chinese Product Recalls, the return of Hollywood Game Night, The Enchanted Forest Festival, niche bands, how wolf spiders get off, the deep cuts of Counting Crows, congrats to Jen Aniston, Chevy Chase's thoughts on The Daily Show, National Catfish Month, getting honest with the parking attendant, Chef Q vs Chef Justine, Give Me A Reason, upcoming MTV True Life's, Peep's autumn line up, don't get duped by season 2 of True Detective, this is the Cowboy's year, The Dance has seen better days, get your vagina stoned, the pizza police, preparing for the Star Wars takeover, Jonathan goes to Denny's, a shortage of St. Cloud bus driver's, turning voicemails to texts, The Seer Stone is proof, landline only, Ask The Captain, Ask Jonathan, robotic umpires, USA Today Snapshots, Happy 38th Birthday, becoming Facebook official, and a 50 year old's porn habits.

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Episode 467

Live from The Aladdin Theatre in Portland OR, it's not easy leaving the house, Seth's blood work gets hacked, your phone knows when you're depressed, Seth Clips Sideways 8, motorcycle pet peeves, saying "I love you" to your dog, how many pies could a bear eat?, USA Today Snapshots, the streets are real in Vegas, South Korean Postcards, cracking down on talent scams, a Sci-Ti Takeover, thank you for your Patreon support, National Hair Loss Awareness Month, Ask Jonathan, booze root beer, carrying an umbrella in Seattle, the sleep deprived brain, crazy people like to smoke, don't do zip lines, reading the body language of horses / children, Lion's Head Meatballs, masculinity impaired, carrying around a rat in a bag, nothing is illegal anymore, outer space stamps, the mail service in East Hollywood, another Elvis stamp, and all merch problems should be solved shortly.

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Episode 466

Live from The Neptune Theater in Seattle WA, National Shop Online For Groceries Month, a single man shouldn't buy 12 bananas, linked brains, a rat themed evening, South Korean postcards, Seth's Sidewalk Poetry, Car Airbnb, AAA Advisor, Ask Jonathan, Enjoy your electronics, USA Today Snapshots, thank goodness for in-house recordings, listening to your chi, 2006 was a sexy year, Seth Clips Vol. 22, stop gun shaming, you can't roll solo in the shooting range, Rodent Casino, Jonathan's new tattoo, redundant twin tattoos, love letter matter, The Heart Attack Grill goes "vegan", Spade Tweets, fake it to you make it in math, reverse midas touch, why haven't you made a will?, James Ellroy gets two generations of Romatelli, Hollywood Locals Only, Jonathan says goodbye to The Dead, a fluid spectrum of bee sex, new dorms, Ibuprofen will kill you, and the UYD Live tour continues.

UYD: Harbingers of Failure.

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Episode 465

Thank you for all the kind words and/or gestures, professional comedians, dipping back into the Sunday Funnies, the luxury of bathing, open-air showers, running out of What Would You Do's, Instant Bounty Hunter, Miss America hits a tight spot, Master P's Family Empire, the return of The Monkees, when we lost The Jabbawockeez, prison tweets, millennials with adventurous palates, all people care about is Chipotle, Seth's dad at the flea market, everyone on TV ends up dead, how loud is your neighborhood?, USA Today Snapshots, carrying clean urine, beautiful like her father, Antonio Banderas sells Don Jonnson's homes, National Bioterrorism and Disaster Education Awareness Month, designer bug-out kits, Ask Jonathan, The VibeSquad, live mind fractals, The Backrooms with Jonathan and Seth, Mozayac Konnektiznzz, no more Dick-Sucker Bots, science has become Pepsi Max, get your tickets for UYD Live, and put down the Oculus.

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Episode 464

A palindrome episode, saying goodbye to the first half of 2015, The Playboy Advisor, homegrown opioids and artisanal H, saying good bye to The Dukes of Hazzard, cricket milkshakes, protest the protein, hot tix for Jerry Seinfeld live, tinkering in the off season, Malt Shop Oldies, Tyga's breakfast juice, USA Today Snapshots, the gardener always comes on Thursdays, NPR PBS UYD... please help support the show, shutting down Net Clicks, exploring the Sykesville Auxiliary Police Department, Yay!!!, National Dog House Repair Month, how many people can you trust?, the most endangered places, pick up 2 pieces of trash everyday, Seth's brother / son, Utah loves it's candy, spitting out beers, flavor trip your muscles, Jonathan says goodbye to The Dead, UYD LIVE in a city near you, support your local dildo shop, and evolving feelings towards Hollywood Game Night.

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Episode 463

Grown ass man things, big changes for Musso and Frank's, Seth gets Fast & Furious, a new transvestite dawn, get your tickets for all of the UYD Live Shows, no Uber for landlines, Seth's Birthday Game, Preaching Bootcamp, taking your guns on vacation, fecal covered swimming holes, hanitizer, The Cabo Cantina takes over LA, Rusty McMullets, Hog Wrestling - Out / Monster Truck Rally - In, a blue cheese / ranch mix up, popping off with fast casuals, noodle burritos, Go Roma, all coaches are creeps, radio spots and blood bracelets, what's up with weird religions?, The Dames n' Games Fight Club, no more Moonshine Task Force, National Share A Sunset With Your Lover Month, man-stresses, high tech old people monitoring, USA Today Snapshots, the length of phone interviews, still no summer jam, the greatest generation must have stunk, and murdered by BLC.

UYD: A passion for simple perfection.

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Episode 462

A new soldier in the UYD army, Michigan Detroit, the wildcard of conventions, Seth's new motherboard, nerd germs at E3, What Would You Do - Throwback Thursdays, movie money in Anniston AL, SethCloud gets you half way there, bold choices all around for the Lincoln County Sheriff, people still on that dial up, remembering Pre-FOX TV, no internet at sea, Throttle Policy, Camp Mars, In The Yurt With Jared, my parent is in porn, Dear Jonathan, Holly Madison went down the rabbit hole, vaccinate your grandparents, ripped babies, behind closed lab doors, free small coffee for all military personnel, 8600 deadly elevators in Boston, the science of left to right, a BFA in Comedy, muster up the strength to come see UYD Live, and be kind this week.

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Episode 461

The return of the late night episode, a DVR for internet browsing, the audience is half of the poem, new Olympic sports, Dallas Cowboys Tech, Shanty Music, Camaro research, paparazzi proof airport lounges, alcohol smugglers, Bella and The Bulldogs Jewish Cuckolding, get your UYD Summer Tour tickets now, The 2015 Xtreme Eating Awards, catfished by sweet tea, USA Today Snapshots, the immune kill list, no more body testing, my American drinking problem, dependent cheaters, don't sleep on Father's Day, National Skyscraper Month, blaze on the boats, a special thanks to Sheriff Matt Gentry, only incompetent men ask for help, starting a school lunch tab, Seth returns to television, and The Haverhill High Class of 2014.

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Episode 460

Multiple technicalities, The Lying Bludys, National Audio Book Appreciation Month, fresh balls for the NFL, Damon Spader stars in Joe Dirt 2, still loving E, Seth as Internet Repair Man #01, Bill Burr rides The Dance, cosmic rays for Mars travelers, an introduction by Fall Out Boy, all offense to Green Day, renting the Three's Company apartment today, online boating licenses, EDM-7UP, Fanpics is watching, more Hollywood street poetry, Jake Gyllenhaal transfers his molecules, bi-coastal bisexual B-day shows, Danny DeVito gets some festival strange, coffee keeps your boners right, the controversy on RuPaul's Drag Race, purchasing unplanned items, the return of What Would You Do?, we're on to Georgia's teacher of the year, and thank you Eleanor.

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Episode 459

Lost French Easel, a bevy of UYD Live shows, drivers wanted in Missoula MT, what's up with the Sheff-machine?, stop this seismology, The Summer '15 Pride Schedule, reverse cowgirl causality, The Aesthetic Show, The Aging Male Face, Seth's Medical Breast Tumblr, The Playboy Advisor, psychic vampires, The Puerto Rican Shower, saying goodbye to Crazy Mike, The "Made In The USA" Open Call, fake French can openers, more regulations for pornography, world's collide in a Pepsi Max commercial, Maddison AL's first movie theater, you can trace all wrongs back to the white man, National Potty Training Awareness Month, USA Today Snapshots, republican pizzerias, the worst mosquitos in america, Me & Reiser, and ordained by Tartikoff.

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Episode 458

Still on Denver Time, is Summer here?, Seth's Summer Jams, hot UYD tix available now, down trending baby names, S'moreos, no more Hit-coms, National Teen CEO Month, a Stripes / Richie Rich double bill at The New Beverly, last meal vegetable ratios, Shane Ray to play in Colorado, ethnic football leagues, smart piggy banks, CHNGSCRPPR, tagging bears, is autumn real?, scanning for kids trapped in cars, Cum Fund Me, olds and pop music, SPF 50 and up, where your D's at?, Pizza Hut Nav, Young Drone, Defensive Linewomen, Old Jail, Celebrity Name Game, we should all know who Susan Sarandon is, don't sleep on The Coke Museum, and introducing Intruder Spray.

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Episode 457

Live from Terminal West in Atlanta GA, the most valuable fruit crop in Georgia, eating at Cracker Barrel, SEAL Team Seth, big baboon butts, Weed / Horse / Mind's Eye, Floyd Mayweather's Drago-Balboa workout, super strong robots, space junk, LA's only yoga festival, celebration of the divine feminine, Atlanta based Craigslist, Wisconsin organ donors, the best outings to bond with mom, the scent of twins, reliving the rat's death, The SunFest Music Festival, Jonathan meets Eddie Money, the healthy people of Cumming GA, Hawaiian food delivery, Verde Valley hits up the voice mail, National Home Schooling Awareness Month, renting Kurt Cobain's apartment, The Award Winning Celebrity Name Game, Chinese Product Recalls, Seth buys fireworks, false cannabis memories, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, the return of The Dangerous Meth Addict, pouring beer on Poor Bear, social media arrests, Thug Waffle, Air Hollywood, the return of The Clock, and white palm trees.

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