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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 480

Stateside UYD, National Hand Washing Awareness Week, first time diners, The Largest Costco on the Planet, The Whiskey Barrel Bar, Voice Portals, The Jitterbug Smartphone, Seth gets his Star Wars tickets, The Rain Room, UYD at SF Sketchfest, Seth's celebrity friends, Hadean Zircons are a waste of time, motorcycle caskets, saying goodbye to Straus Clothing, Seth: The Gossiping Hairdresser, Tinder for Seniors, Super Likes, Seth's Jitterbug email, school trips ruined by terrorism, Rent Watch with Anky Van Deursen, Psychic Love Grifts, counting sheep with your car, Xiaflex for celtic hands and curved penises, Chipotle-coli, keep your cilantro out my guac, USA Today Snapshots, analyzing relationships tones, screaming at your significant other, and new UYD Holiday Merch is on the way.

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Episode 479

The 2nd Skypisode, Man plans: God laughs, Jonathan's English accent, calling the Butterball Hotline, reflecting on Thanksgiving, you just win, hotels become one, the all new Mapquest, delivery man Seth, Paint-Shield, 406 4 Life, crafty on the 808's, Seth's TV Picks, delivery doctors, Celebrity Name Game, a somber time for comedy, library treadmills, The Windiest Cities in America, TV dicks everywhere, crying for autistic kids, saying goodbye to Braslau's, Facebook TV, The Internet Dollar Store, Self Defense Spears, The Fichera Hustle, Ask Jonathan, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Seth watches the second Purge, "I love to play with dead bodies", USA Today Snapshots, Seth's App's of the Week, is Rob Morrow a star?, The International Big Mac, and prepping is a healthy hobby.

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Episode 478

UYD's first ever Skypisode, Jonathan's world travels, UYD's first international episode, shutting down American institutions, Walgreens buys Rite Aid, getting jumped in Honolulu, old fashioned pain killers, NOx-rocks, a nation of ravers, John Mayer and The Grateful Dead, The Playboy Advisor, amateur porn rates, kale smoothies in high school cafeterias, a lot of new Celebrity Name Game, 25 years of Jerry Springer, USA Today Snapshots, Seth's earbuds, 2015 interview questions, what races use Redbox?, coffee and politics, pre pro for storms, depressed interns, #hollywoodblessed, doctors on probation, sensual Skype, there is no substitute for a good trail map, poisoning your teacher, new aged pranks, slow motion butts, Seth Clips Vol. 23, 17 new christmas movies, a stabber's slip and slide, pickled fish/simple pranks, and UYD flash drives/new UYD merch is on it's way.

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Seth Clips Vol. 23

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Episode 477

Jonathan visits his friend Europe, Be Ready Magazine, sex in the apocalypse, Detroit's panhandling laws, Ask AAA-Amy, The GoPro Sombrero, Ragnar The Viking, USA Today Snapshots, selling fake Babe Ruth baseballs, missing teeth hurts your employability, small smiles, rocking the mall, snake bites at the zoo, hot day for a hippo, shutting down Toby Keith's Bar and Grill, shutting down Santa Fe's last gay bar, National Pet Diabetes Awareness Month, the Hollywood Hills party house, tweens are hungry for Wishbone, Ask Yotta-than, bear fisting, smelling death, shortest flirt, Steven Soderbergh's Choose Your Own Adventure, housing age discrimination, partying in nature, and force a friend to listen this week.

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Episode 476

Are American Spirits natural?, gazing your eyes at baseball, cigarette experts, Bill Fixers, getting grifted by credit companies, The Ultimate Women's Expo, Pre-yonce, Canadian caterpillars, Muscle Monsters, bury me with a Four Loko, LA's champion water hog, Reese Witherspoon's overpriced totes, Rick Owens' dick pants, reliving the life of Muggsy Bouges, profiling Highland Park, stealing from the elderly, stealing from sacred burial grounds, Jonathan smokes with Native Americans, saying goodbye to The Maple Street Book Shop, Breakfast Battles, USA Today Snapshots, saying goodbye to Playboy, The National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art, remaking Black Rain, tattoo removal stats, and preparing for 1 Billion websites.

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Episode 475

Working on your David Lee Roth kicks, is Matt Damon interested in exploring space?, the deers come out at dusk, National Class Reunion Month, swingers and widowers, highly sexual superlatives, killing a meter maid, the best restaurant names in America, Jonathan's European travels, Seth thinking of travel/murder, October heat, Seth's TV Picks, Detroit Halloween, The Great Arizona Shakeout, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Finale, credit card chips, paying for a car with cash, how do you celebrate 10 years?, no time for ice cream, shipping foliage, Amazon's Etsy, selling snow, Demi Lovato has everything, Ask Jonathan, easy oil changes, Ghost Truck, USA Today Snapshots, the world doomed Brad and Jen, and being sold into sex slavery.

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Episode 474

What are your holiday plans?, PSL come and gone, Seth meets Mesereau, the mispronunciations of Peter Facinelli, Hollywood gutter germs, drinking more than a German, is Super Troopers funny?, scaring your kids with Snapchat, the return of Celebrity Name Game, in-studio dog gazing, Bilingual Child Month, Seth's TV Picks, Songs of Experience, Edge's drops, Tony Romo's bones will heal, leave my Country Crock broken, fish full of fibers, Bruce Jenner steals his son's girlfriend's name, "You can't kill yourself in Kim's bedroom.", Tacopocalypse is anti-brittle bone disease, jam sessions with The Pope, tarantula mating season, Bradley Cooper speaks French, maize maze, Steve McQueen is my favorite Gambit, The Ellis Act, The Playboy Advisor, Yelp for people, respect my pronouns, Patreon has been compromised, don't show up in a "dick car", a crazy week in O'Fallon MO, killing Watson, does the Clara app have boobs?, UYD Flash Drives are on their way, and did Fargo get True Detectived?

UYD: The elder statesman of podcasting.

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Episode 473

Live from The Gramercy Theatre in New York City, Happy Birthday Roma, 3 days without weed, The 2016 Ford Police Interceptor, the average age of US bridges, naked New Jersey, Hip Hop/Country Song of the Week, having the same phone number for life, diagnose this dick, The Country's Best License Plates, no longer selling recalled cars, USA Today Snapshots, people that Seth is older than, no more Halloween Horror Nights for the deaf, the country's first live exorcism, banned self-serve gas stations, The "Live More" Mentalities, racist Chicken and Waffles, Icon Academy, falling back in love with Ashton, does a termite have a mother?, Ask Jonathan, Seth meets Jonathan's dogs, the worst things you do whilst on the road, a non-religious repent, getting harassed by Illinois vaccinators, there's no black SEALs, The Hipster Project, National Passport Awareness Month, The World's Best Stenographer, using half your income to pay rent, and who is Rodney Bingenheimer?

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Episode 472

Live from The Gramercy Theatre in New York City, the lost episode, nothing but fruits, introducing your Miss America's, rich monster Elon Musk prepares to nuke Mars, pickpocketing Heyzuz, the average payout from The Tooth Fairy, the most accurate clocks in the world, getting cockblocked by the FDA, The Finders of Grindr, meeting strangers, Ask Jonathan, needing Seth's email and cell phone number, the country's oldest bowling alley, philosophy for children, bendable 14 year olds, National Fall Hat Month, Money Talk, NFL player names, spotting Moby in the wild, you lost me at Rahu, Season 2 of Celebrity Name Game, September Travel Warnings, Norsk Høstfest, canceling Sam Champion, USA Today Snapshots, OUT: Kale, IN: Moringa, bribing your mailman, getting ready for a midlife crisis, and Uhh Yeah Elijah.

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Episode 471

The ON AIR Countdown, The Beloit College Mindset List, my dad's older friend, UYD's new P.O. BOX, America's Best/Worst Pun Business Names, National Backpack Awareness Month, remembering Mark Sheeler, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, Google Searches by state, OKSlipknot, inappropriate doctor stories, stealing shit from dead people, when to talk to your kids about alcohol, smoking sherm with your mom, exploring new themes on Bella and The Bulldogs, car accidents on game days, car accidents with self driving cars, The Great All Car Crash, a BFA in YouTube, UYD's NY plans, examining the water at Camp Lejeune, the side effects of Belsomra, and tripping on a runner's high.

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Episode 470

Live from The Royale in Boston MA, comedy at dusk, the 3rd member of UYD, Jonathan walks 20 miles, The Playboy Advisor, doming one's self, the most common used emojis in Massachusetts, no definitive summer jam, Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders are not in real time, National "Get Ready For Kindergarten" Month, get back in the sandbox, the price you pay for shredded lats, another tier of dog obedience, 18 year old truck drivers, too early for Dirty Water, 1500 people a day at The Goonies House, falling short of the world's underwear record, fudging your cyber vitals, smart police belts, thermal imaging food trucks, USA Today Snapshots, splitting your pants on the dance floor, Who's Mommin' Harder?, psychopaths don't sympathy yawn, send Jesus to the door, preparing for killer robots, Hollywood Game Night, deep voiced politicians, hunting licenses for newborns, pigs : OUT, goats : IN, Home Depot prepares for Burning Man, stepping in stage gum, we need more tolls, snow storm babies, and a 2nd batch of USA Today Snapshots.

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Episode 469

Exploring the long form, tattooed confessions, Jonathan's prison photos, prisoners collecting unemployment, Ray Hagen will read you a book, saying goodbye to Mitzi Friedlander, the power of Brad Pitt's voice, mother / daughter phone usage, the juggling of families, the power of a shaved head, sequencing online genomes, aspergers sperm, autographed Sports Illustrateds, "That's Fucking Incredible" starring Seth and Jonathan, LIFE takes some liberties, and check out UYD Live in Boston or New York.

UYD: All Day.

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Episode 468

Live from The Regent Theater in Los Angeles CA, Zoë Kravitz's dad's dick, Chinese Product Recalls, the return of Hollywood Game Night, The Enchanted Forest Festival, niche bands, how wolf spiders get off, the deep cuts of Counting Crows, congrats to Jen Aniston, Chevy Chase's thoughts on The Daily Show, National Catfish Month, getting honest with the parking attendant, Chef Q vs Chef Justine, Give Me A Reason, upcoming MTV True Life's, Peep's autumn line up, don't get duped by season 2 of True Detective, this is the Cowboy's year, The Dance has seen better days, get your vagina stoned, the pizza police, preparing for the Star Wars takeover, Jonathan goes to Denny's, a shortage of St. Cloud bus driver's, turning voicemails to texts, The Seer Stone is proof, landline only, Ask The Captain, Ask Jonathan, robotic umpires, USA Today Snapshots, Happy 38th Birthday, becoming Facebook official, and a 50 year old's porn habits.

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Episode 467

Live from The Aladdin Theatre in Portland OR, it's not easy leaving the house, Seth's blood work gets hacked, your phone knows when you're depressed, Seth Clips Sideways 8, motorcycle pet peeves, saying "I love you" to your dog, how many pies could a bear eat?, USA Today Snapshots, the streets are real in Vegas, South Korean Postcards, cracking down on talent scams, a Sci-Ti Takeover, thank you for your Patreon support, National Hair Loss Awareness Month, Ask Jonathan, booze root beer, carrying an umbrella in Seattle, the sleep deprived brain, crazy people like to smoke, don't do zip lines, reading the body language of horses / children, Lion's Head Meatballs, masculinity impaired, carrying around a rat in a bag, nothing is illegal anymore, outer space stamps, the mail service in East Hollywood, another Elvis stamp, and all merch problems should be solved shortly.

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