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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 444

Dreaming of 444, New Year / New Celebrity Name Games, get your tickets now for SF Sketchfest, The East Bay Redwoods, The Ultras Yellow Dragons, USA Today Snapshots, National Mentor Month, The Wachowski's space opera, The Worst Vehicles of 2014, preparing for Entourage / Rambo / Rocky, 100 years of Miami Beach, 60 years of Disneyland, gender neutral urinals, Sci-Ti's all over USA Today, pig headed nativity, renaming Star Wars, Finding Navajo Nemo, no noms for Jake Gyllenhaal, Dez Bryant's uncommon catch, Seth abandons football, tow truck bandits, everyone's on that Trivia Crack, diaper technology isn't ready for Avatar 2, finding uses for medical marijuana in IL, Jason Bateman or Dennis Miller, an extra second for 2015, and there are over 1 billion birds to commune with.

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Episode 443

Happy Birthday Elvis, hit that Max Blast, UYD gets the best time slot at The SF Sketchfest, Adam Sandler illegally wins The People's Choice Awards, new haircuts for 2015, Talking Tech with Jason Mraz, new laws for 2015, Seth goes to Home Depot, Micro-Living, getting back to television, National Learn To Ski or Snowboard Month, 375 days of LA Weather, "Jelly much, Birdman?!?", Child Heroes Attached to Military Personnel, USA Today Snapshots, math goes out the window on wearables, heightened dining experiences for Generation Z, AXE White Label, Top 10 Physics Breakthroughs for 2014, The Battery Ingestion Hotline, The Internet of Everything, post-game group showers, Ask Jonathan, The Dark Side of Marijuana, altering your sleep schedule for San Fran, and we are becoming machine for The Year of The Idiot.

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Episode 442

Live from The Hollywood Improv, a medley of jeweler jingles, Seth's Music Reviews, average people look trustworthy, the end of Thursday Night Comedies, The Best Unproduced Screenplays, Jonathan watches The Hobbit, the allure of high heel shoes, The 2015 AVN Awards, The Playboy Advisor, Ask Jonathan, National Clean Up Your Computer Month, Alien Hand Syndrome, Phantom Limb Syndrome, South Korean Postcards, Jonathan drives for Uber, laughing gas cures depression, LGBT Party Prisons, The Sedona Yoga Festival, flamingo fucking frat bros, prison drug smuggling is on the rise, Manute Bol's son, assaulting the elderly, Old Man Winter vs Jack Frost, "Call me home, Helen", USA Today Snapshots, Grey's Anatomy vs Bones vs Criminal Minds, finding $100,000 at Burger King, The Mega Cavern, and Go Cowboys.

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Episode 441

Talking to Jonathan's stomach, UYD Live this Saturday, UYD Live at SF Sketchfest, saying goodbye to The Colbert Report, The Baryshnikov of Molly Users, USA Today Snapshots, The Hollywood Christmas Parade, getting serious about meaningless shit, sleeving your Starbucks, getting steak knives in the airport, real tobacco E-Cigs, Kevin Nealon does stand up, making bold eating steps, National Safe Toy and Gift Month, The TSA on Instagram, gross twin burglars, 24-Hour Libraries, Jonathan Talkin' Sports, taking your debt to the grave, Muslims in Detroit, upping your ancient grain game, Culinary In's and Out's of 2015, Heinz is King, Seth's Super Group, hating your "cool dad", Romontessori Schools, and don't get beheaded whilst Christmas shopping.

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Episode 440

An un-ending audiofile, a season for forgiving and forgetting, Crossroads is now on Netflix, you will shit yourself while watching Avatar 2, wrapping up a season of Celebrity Name Game, USA Today Snapshots, The Teen Whisperer, Jesus was raw, National Egg Nog Month, robbing Jitterz Java, "Vigilante Justice" by Jonathan Larroquette, The Playboy Advisor, Cola de Mono, illegal angling, affairs and suicides in ages ending in 9's, how many times can a man ask himself "Is this it?", we're the frogs, the most popular toys by state, programming prisoners, Steve Jobs and Walt Disney's last words, a 3 tiered tipping system, getting sick at Bossa Nova on Sunset, sex therapy, preparing for the Hysingla epidemic, screaming for your scripts, Obama keeps his mouth shut, and our arms are wide open for 2015.

UYD: The window's now the door.

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Episode 439

On that Tech Life, The Legendary First Ever Annual All-Inclusive UYD Holiday Party Live at The Improv, UYD Merch available for all your holiday needs, The National Geographic Holiday Catalog, elite injectors, Biter-naise, National Family Stories Month, Brand New Grandpa, outing Tyler Ritter, if it don't scintillize it ain't gossip, hot new campus slang, on-body cameras for the LAPD, getting from police to cop, USA Today Snapshots, The Wooly Worm Festival, no tobacco in Westminster MA, getting CryptoWall'ed for $572, more Celebrity Name Games, Nick Jonas hasn't seen The Godfather, Arkansas's new mounted police force, Ask Jonathan, UYD's Colonoscopy Bus / Jah's Private Mammogram Testing, Uhh Yeah Old's, aggressive wide faces, we're closer to dogs than chimps, Elevation Training 2.0, and could Hulk Hogan take a chimp?

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Episode 438

35 stupid albums from Neil Young, Seth Clips Vol. 20 blows the doors off the internet, 50% off UYD Merch Sale, National Memoir Writing Month, mixing in personal vibrations with your restaurant reservations, Jonathan doesn't leave a tip, The Countdown To Christmas, FiberOptics in Yellowstone, exercising during meth withdrawal, SpinCycle Laundry / Exercise Bikes, Sandler tops The 2015 People's Choice Awards once again, getting creepy on the Butterball Turkey Hotline, bulletproof white boards, Celebrity Name Games, an unattainable Utopia, New Earth Nation, USA Today Snapshots, travel warnings for the Horn of Africa, the ditched wheelchairs of Med-CIty, no chocolate pudding at The Veggie Grill, engrained beliefs about souls, Money Talk, blowing dudes in the public storage locker, America's official timekeeper, and recycle something for your Thanksgiving prep.

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Seth Clips Vol. 20

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Episode 437

Quad-dub, feeling safe on All Hallows' Eve, UYD Merch Blowout, Project Runway: Threads, Indigo Adults, Seth drives to Dallas, preparing for August 2nd 2027, Autos with Attitude, Baby Beamers, Seth Clips Vol. 20, National Inspirational Role Models Month, Mario Lopez is The Celebrity Name Game Champ, these ain't your daddy's e-vites, Oculus Seth, deadly coconuts, Ask Jonathan, daggers and Benz's, Hide and Go Sikh, yearbooks and guns, America's Best Restroom, The Vietnam Experience, updating our icons, USA Today Snapshots, everyone wants to be Franco at Zion National Park, cloaked out elderly liars, a 13 1/2 day window of death, so much R&D in huge cocks, lookin' out for the olds, Thanks for the Mailbox Money, and save a life / chew your food this week.

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Episode 436

Live from Austin TX, a class action suit against Cobra Sexual Energy, Sept. 11th as it happened, "Ain't nobody can fly a car like Hooper!", Annabelle starring Annabelle, diarrhea and murder, Starbucks Mobile Ordering, Corey Charron has a whack name, marijuana laced Halloween candy, more from Celebrity Name Game, successful pupils, losing smell is a harbinger of death, new additions to The Toy Hall of Fame, the valuable lessons of white washing, Jonathan watches What Would You Do?, Weed / Horse / Andy Forrest's Mind's Eye, The "No Food For Birthdays" Rule, National Organize Your Medical Information Month, dying of Ebola with Chace Crawford, USA Today Snapshots, Pee-cycling, Ask Jonathan, reminiscing on awesome magician videos, keeping an eye on the Teacher of the Year, Monopoly Millionaires Club, harassing seals, Liam Neeson uses IMDb, Mark Wahlberg is an English Professor, how to make a citizen's arrest, and Seth gets recognized in Whole Foods.

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Episode 435

Smooth vibes and late nights, Welcome to Fairfax, a countdown to destiny with UYD in Austin, Skype it to my Slingbox, the Airbnb of home-cooked meals, eating with Taran Noah Smith, the future bookings of Don Rickles, National Chiropractic Health Month, USA Today Snapshots, the highlights of Celebrity Name Game, gateway hosting gigs, Jonathan scares Will Sasso, Seth was wrong about True Detective, Deadly Diarrhea, watching Interstellar with the Oculus Rift, weed doesn't make you creative, Ask Jonathan, Crackle keeps it real, Comfort Food is a myth, The New Mayor of Amphibiville, Vor-mag Water, we're done with Dalai Lama's, Chateau Pedophile, Joshua Slendermen, Seth gets a massage from Shia LaBeouf's stalker, and Deep Fried Sweet Tea.

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Episode 434

Welcome back to the pod, get your plugs in early, The Dirty Sixth, throwback internet experiences, Grounded In Seattle, USA Today Snapshots, Caramel Marshmallow Coffee Creamer, an oral history of The Eagles, Bayou Drivin', 1998 is the worst year, National Italian-American Heritage Month, falcon cataracts, don't underestimate your mind's eye, no vanity on the rope, Unfeelability Cloak, more Celebrity Name Games, Seinfeld on Letterman, OKSeatbelts is up and running, Tak3n, pre alien earth water, a second chance for Sisqo, a Central Perk knockoff, no smoking at a Little League game, The Princess Di of Moose, all out of mulligans, and be more active in your friendships.

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Episode 433

Happy Birthday Joe Romatelli, new astrological signs, Starseeds, middle schoolers with a 3D printer, Seth's fall foliage, GNR UYD, Up For Whatever, Seth sings Utopia, National Passport Awareness Month, Seth on TOFOP, the different incarnations of Seth's Corner, 100 year old dudes with stripper girlfriends, UYD is coming to Austin, scented duct tape, stealing from children with app based social networks, UYD emojis, The Playboy Advisor, USA Today Snapshots, Trapped at Sea with Riff Raff, a 4-hour Manson tour, 3 screen movie theaters, Seth watches The Maze Runner, inserting you face into the movies, Jason Biggs has a $3,000,000 house, there's no facial recognition up a skirt, Celebrity Name Game consumes Seth's life, over 1 Billion websites, medical errata, reporting crimes via Facebook, all the points are scored by Kowski's, and Ask Jeeves about Seth's Corner.

UYD: Andromeda Delta through the eyes of two Andromedan Andromedan's.

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Episode 432

Live from The Hollywood Improv, Jonathan steals a quesadilla, real life Central Perk, preparing for a CHiPS reboot, National Update Your Resume Month, double Chevron's, more OkCupid names, USA Today Snapshots, OkSeatbelts, parents shouldn't play favorites, John Larroquette is an alien, ventriloquism at the Miss America Pageant, Ask Jonathan, shockingly graphic and in real time, League of Legends University, Seth's Subs, Hip Hop / Country Song of the Week, race car ambulance drivers, the scent of national parks, Seth's 7-11, what makes you a "heavy drinker", giving props to Swayze, UYD Live in Austin, unblocking bisexual, retiring the singlet, Parkour Postal Service, HAPIfork, United Stuff of America, Michael Jordon, Chinese Product Recalls, 3 feet for safety, stealing $1,000,000 from work, and comedy club psychologists.

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Episode 431

12:12 Podcast Codes, a fall into winter depression, Dr. Low Dog, making videos for Goucher College, a $9 Billion Dollar Store Battle, political peanut butter, Judge Judy's Hot Bench, My Little Foot, National Library Card Sign Up Month, The Most Stolen Cars of 2014, baby teeth cavities, kids on Panax, Tyga and Wiz Khalifa's play date, USA Today Snapshots, Mexicali - Out : Godzilla - In, clothing for tween girls and German tourist, S M L XL JL, the search for the perfect T-Shirt, The 2014 Elk Hunt, The Eager Beaver Bar ends it's "Lingerie Night", disgruntled surgeons and relief stitchers, Ask Jonathan, UYD Live at The Improv, and double birds gets double tickets.

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