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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 501

The Levi's Episode, Jonathan's new whip, Doc Popcorn, Seth's 23 and Me results, Neanderthal variants, legacy landlines, even more skits on SNL, Guide to Joy, vapor wake dogs, Soberchella, skid row's drug kingpin, sodas over sex, America loves to party, saying good bye to The Colonial Bowling Center, smokehouse BBQ cat food, burner homes, WWTKD?, don't sleep on Mother's Day, Down To Lunch, The Real Ones, casual caveman rape talk, from Clooney to Steve-O, Ask Jonathan, "The servers in the cloud!", National Meditation Month, USA Today Snapshots, UYD Live in Toronto, and the history of Yukon Gold Potatoes.

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Episode 500

Episode 500 Live from The Regent Theater in Los Angeles CA, hot cold soup talk, dipping back into Craigslist, Joel Osteen tweets, two actors in a jail cell, 14 years of Seth sobriety, a pre 9-11 couch, the world's oldest living person, remembering Gertrude Baines, Couples Appreciation Month, cyber man-wife, the many movies of Robert O'Neill, #getfried, Chinese Product Recalls, postcards from Korea, Seth's genealogy report, the world's biggest roller coaster, a unique ongoing connect, plumbing is coming to Bonnaroo, Jonathan's pee break, Hip Hop/Country Song of the Week, Ask Jonathan, rouge Dr. Hansen's, USA Today Snapshots, Weed/Horse/Mind's Eye, happy birthday LSD, stolen shoe fetish, JAH!-nathan's Poetry, This Week In Florida, expansive gestures, getting aroused when touching a robot, a special thanks to the mom's and dad's, and UYD live in Toronto.

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Episode 499

Preparing for the primero episode, Seth Tomatellim, the best state for retirement, acquiring more states, the limited vision of Jake Gyllenhaal, Seth shoots Michael Jordan, Only In Your State, just the right amount of burn with edible candles, Jonathan's chop stick skills, The World Championship Cheese Contest, trusting in the government, the most popular dog, the late fees of The San Jose Public Library, congrats Craig Ferguson. mama mia that's a lot of Star Wars, the deadly speed of the Texas Rat Snake, digital doorbells, saying good bye to Les Bois Park, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Jonathan, Silicon Beach, and stranger things have happened.

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Episode 498

Crunching numbers, inventing the baby carrot, USA Today Snapshots, tiny little pies on Gigolos, the internet makes up some great stories, co-living is the realist world, The Wavy Gravy Movie, America's favorite non-Californian quick service restaurants, Chipotle burgers, more plastic than fish, switching identities in jail, who invented Brunswick stew?, Jonathan's survival stories, Jim Nantz eats burnt toast, "LIVE! with Blondes and Michael", my angel is a Twitter Bot, Contact In The Desert, the Obama face peel, share your Stihl story, saying good bye to El Paso Blockbusters, not your mama's flower delivery services, befriending someone in their 20's, and we are on the road to 1000.

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Episode 497

Seth's Mom on the mic for St. Patrick's Day, wine/tissues/band-aids, going behind the curtain on The Young and The Restless, Play-My-Way at the Massachusetts casino, P22 eats a koala, The Great Backyard Bird Count, is there a Bradford in every state?, no more Mouth Dance's, stealing a pregnant woman's car, loose lug nuts and short shorts, twin aunts and twin uncles, Ellen loves to dance/scare, male mosquito traps, #momstrong, Wearables: OUT, Internables: IN, iodine in the baby oil, glasses cases and bibles, USA Today Snapshots, Asparagus Night, toiletries at The Knickerbocker Hotel, visiting Venice Beach, the Hollywood lot life, grand theft arson, fuck Swingers, Blanket just got laced, robots are taking over, Seth's Poetry Corner, and Marcia's music picks.

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Episode 496

Born ready, smell the way Rob Lowe feels, 2 bros and a kid, HGH Extractions and Twitter Bots, E.W. done it again, Mike Jones wants his number back, Uhh Yeah Dude Studios, National Holy Humor Month, Sandler killing all games, USA Today Snapshots, the glove-to-face contact of Hoarders, going to see the stairs of The Untouchables, the wigs of Sean Connery, on call masseuses, Generation Z behind the wheel, blame the parking in Portland, 60 Days In, everyday pilots, fire hydrant baby, a super computer for your ears, do-lo nanny, Break-Up Nightmare, shout out to Joel Berti, saying good bye to The Old Town Coffee Tea & Spice, and people need volumes.

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Episode 495

DMD vs DDP, Broken Wand Ceremonies, National Social Work Month, Bro-Science, imagining a hot nurse, vulgar tees and tats, The Cray Supercomputer, Singularity Smart Toilets, real dogs for real people, no more Hawaiian student/teacher bone-downs, Straight Outta Central Casting, scorpion colanders, USA Today Snapshots, remembering The Red Hot Chili Peppers, saying goodbye to Belmont Iceland, getting into hockey, INs and OUTs, becoming one with your office chair, Universal's best parking spots, live and alive for 500, and where has 2016 gone?

UYD: A work in progress.

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Episode 494

What do you have in common with Katt Williams?, things pop off at the Fort Collins Walmart's, male on male drugging at The Yeti, Jonathan on Yelp, Pick Me Up So I Can See Jesus, the sexual proclivities of female fruit flies, saying goodbye to Humphrey Yogart, mercury poisoning at The Kiddie Kollege, The Global Poker League, The $1,000,000 Hump, gay dating sites, INs and OUTs, once a Rasta always a Rasta, Seth visits The Wizarding World, the pervert dupe house, Trejo's Gay Ghetto Tacos, National Workplace Eye Wellness Month, USA Today Snapshots, a giant leap for meth, UYD LIVE for 500, and what's that track, Seth?.

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Episode 493

2016 for life, live and alive, Slice Intelligence, illegal pesticides in all the food Seth eats, no vegan slices, USA Today Snapshots, enthusiastic about pizza, a fine bronze stache, National Adopt A Guinea Pig Month, aiming lasers at airplanes, factoring in all airline accidents, how old is Chris Brown?, saying good bye to The Sub & Pub, the hidden sex offenders of Kansas schools, a rise in firearms on planes, the world's largest ballooning and music festival, truer than a dream, taking the brain games out of football, the first accident with a self driving car, hospital hackers, the sexy B.O. of garlic eaters, The Aetherius Society, and one step closer on the road to 500.

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Episode 492

10 years of being off mic, the cost of parking in Lawrence KS, a darker side of hyper-mobility, first time vids, what's chipotle?, audibly observing, Celebrity Name Game, Superman Memory Crystals, The 75th Annual Daytona Bike Week, sober hog roasts, Whitey Bulger's bulges, cardboard cops, National Supply Management Month, most popular porn search terms, she's my fuck-mom, USA Today Snapshots, Seth's TV Picks, avocados in the mail, The Museum of Broken Relationships, roll it back 6 hours for daylights saving, everyone's swappin' faces, 12 seasons of Ghost Adventures, there's a demon in the wheatgrass, Ins and Outs, 4 day school weeks, saying goodbye to The Oakland Tribune, no offense for the dead, and storing your podcasts for 13 billion years.

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Episode 491

I wanna have some fun, Bait TSA, the return of Gigolos, Judge Brace Land, big data on eBay, numerous fake doctors in Florida, shake out your deja vu, New Orleans street science, teacher misconduct, too many DF's to be DTF, USA Today Snapshots, you're never going to work for NASA, Pepsi Kola House, The Scientology mailing list, watermelon and Bud Light, thumbs down for the southwest Florida eagle cam, everything's coming up 90's for Jay Leno, which que are you?, National "Play The Recorder" Month, what instrument gets you the most laid?, free Chipotle, menu fatigue, Red Lobster tweets, saying goodbye to The Magic Shop, the return of Terry Crosby, Will Smith's black balls, UYD LIVE for ep 500, Ask Jonathan, and Every Lot LA.

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Seth Clips Vol. 24

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Episode 490

Four Hundred and Nine-tee, your wig will split for The Hollywood Vampires, rapping with Mike Muscala, National Low Vision Awareness Month, aliens are into Seth Clips, Celebrity Name Games, seeking Alaskan teachers, #LiveLike88, saying goodbye to Video Paradise, locking dates for Transformers, 55" is too small, robot bellhops, how tall are little people?, KarTent, 60 Days In, Casper Mattresses and Burgerim, the porn choices of virgin mice, creating a gay mega-club, McDonald's vs In-N-Out, MRE-37, the joys of driving, Jonathan almost gets grifted at the dealership, USA Today Snapshots, The Wrong Swipe, and UYD Live for 500.

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Episode 489

2006 for life, Happy Birthday UYD, Tom Arnold on coke on Celebrity Name Game, Taran Quantino, baby steps with Pepsi Max, saying good bye/hello to Black Sabbath, vaginal microbiomes, Fexofenadine helps you party right, vaginal seeding parties, Playboy moved to the bottom rack, Uhh Yeah Tween Girl, Manson's Lost Girls, singer submissions for STP, a lot of food information, The Shrimp Lover, Burger King hot dogs, Opioid-Induced Constipation, space is way smaller than you think, Lay's Flavor Swap, USA Today Snapshots, surrounded by dead dogs and crying families, Seth goes to Hawaiian Gardens Casino, quirky weddings for 2016, Extreme Master Barbers, make weed illegal again, Waive Car, app base the idea to the cloud, saying goodbye to My Brother's BBQ, "Sayo', Kemosabe", banning all pornography, boning down in the 80's, take charge of your frown lines, and thank you for 10 years. 2026 for life.

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Episode 488

A supplement party, buff and smiling, abandoning all rules on Celebrity Name Game, getting dirty with Dov Charney, the rush to 500, UYD's Birthday Month, too manly to go paleo, mites eating our eyebrow dander, The Navajo Nation Fire Department, what does it mean to be "Made in the USA"?, ain't too proud to beg, The Stop Light of Madison County, The Official State Soup, Chi-coli, Ben & Jerry's Vegan frozen non-dairy dessert, Jonathan's cashless trip to Italy, it's always Earth Day with UYD, Seth's TV Picks, kids doing taxes, Baby Mechanic, USA Today Snapshots, underwear splinters, Opie Larroquette, are you ready for some Potter?, National Therapeutic Recreation Month, Tat Chat, saying good bye to The Peter Pank Diner, smaller iPhone's, Dirty Grambo, sponsoring Matthew Perry, upcoming movie based TV shows, check out Seth's posts on Twitter, and unfocus your eyes to focus your lives.

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