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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 458

Still on Denver Time, is Summer here?, Seth's Summer Jams, hot UYD tix available now, down trending baby names, S'moreos, no more Hit-coms, National Teen CEO Month, a Stripes / Richie Rich double bill at The New Beverly, last meal vegetable ratios, Shane Ray to play in Colorado, ethnic football leagues, smart piggy banks, CHNGSCRPPR, tagging bears, is autumn real?, scanning for kids trapped in cars, Cum Fund Me, olds and pop music, SPF 50 and up, where your D's at?, Pizza Hut Nav, Young Drone, Defensive Linewomen, Old Jail, Celebrity Name Game, we should all know who Susan Sarandon is, don't sleep on The Coke Museum, and introducing Intruder Spray.

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Episode 457

Live from Terminal West in Atlanta GA, the most valuable fruit crop in Georgia, eating at Cracker Barrel, SEAL Team Seth, big baboon butts, Weed / Horse / Mind's Eye, Floyd Mayweather's Drago-Balboa workout, super strong robots, space junk, LA's only yoga festival, celebration of the divine feminine, Atlanta based Craigslist, Wisconsin organ donors, the best outings to bond with mom, the scent of twins, reliving the rat's death, The SunFest Music Festival, Jonathan meets Eddie Money, the healthy people of Cumming GA, Hawaiian food delivery, Verde Valley hits up the voice mail, National Home Schooling Awareness Month, renting Kurt Cobain's apartment, The Award Winning Celebrity Name Game, Chinese Product Recalls, Seth buys fireworks, false cannabis memories, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, the return of The Dangerous Meth Addict, pouring beer on Poor Bear, social media arrests, Thug Waffle, Air Hollywood, the return of The Clock, and white palm trees.

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Episode 456

Live from the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville TN, everywhere a bachelorette party, Tennessee Titans Cheerleader auditions, open carry guns, visiting the East Nasty, RIP Dimebag tattoos, babies on phones, breakfast defectors, the senile rants of Larry King, chimp spines, Seinfeld's last appearance on Letterman, Jonathan's shorts, violent people with guns, free sunscreen dispensers, screen names on OkSeatbelts, getting carded in Tennessee, Ask Jonathan, Hip Hop / Country Song of the Week, Merle Haggard graduates high school, stolen mini bottles of booze, fruit shisha, National Moving Month, courthouse arrests, USA Today Snapshots, sharp biscuits, cleaning your brain cache, the pitfalls of The Apple Watch, saving the last Edith, preparing for the 2018 Academy Awards, knob-slobbing dads and wiped out moms, Uhh Yeah Train, and your praise is overwhelming / overdue. Cocksucker-belts.

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Episode 455

Live from Club 50 West in Salt Lake City UT, traveling Chuck, Bloods & Crips / Ketchup & Mustard, mid-race pizza, entrusting your life story to Lifetime, your monologue ruined our wedding, USA Today Snapshots, The Stop Senior Scams Acting Troupe, The Self Storage Boom, 2 Chainz at the airport, No Lunks, distracted teen drivers, car buying apps, Teavana, 54% of people believe in ghosts, National Get Caught Reading Month, Ask Jonathan, doctors on planes, time changing babies, a round of applause for the ladies, giant bull cock restaurant, the pickiest eaters in Los Angeles, Celebrity Name Games, bringing back the Depp-Charger, Medibid, Dr. Pokeit, 2015 Arkansas Bigfoot Conference, New LA Skin Care, the voting lottery, $1000 septic fines, new slogans for Massachusetts, Michael Jackson's Children's Hospital, optimistic bias, Jonathan gets narced on Facebook, legal weed is cool, binge watching is king, and personal drinking shades.

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Episode 454

Live from The Gothic Theatre in Englewood CO, Seth buys legal weed, Dabs toothbrush, Portuguese Sausage SPAM, canceling 40 weddings, hollaback for a dope SSRI, Stare Bugs, working with Adam Gadahn's cousin, texting while sexing, trans-shaming on Celebrity Name Games, USA Today Snapshots, The World's Biggest Surfboard, toxic oil cleansers, The Playboy Advisor, topless LA beaches, Mr. Ghetto is back, Wild Child at The Whisky A Go Go, Vinnie D's giant head in IMAX Laser, cutting LA's water consumption, Vichy Catalan, walking in a tsunami, National Smile Month, deceptive children, male nurses making bank, arrested over Jordan/Kobe iPhone/Android, an asian lady breaks Jonathan's phone, saying goodbye to Booth Babes, Prom Season on Pinterest, small bodied homo erectus, selling the Segway, grandpa abducts the wrong kid, Jonathan's dream state, indigo days turn into astral nights.

UYD: Stop staring. Stop comparing.

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Episode 453

Life takes it out of you, Afro-futurism, Soul Bridging, Spiritual Adultery, attempt the amazing at a UYD Live show, aging baby miracles, court-side couch-side, men's bitch voices, Happy Birthday Earth, The Lovetuner, Happy Birthday Hef, living in Furious 7, National Pest Management Month, Jonathan vs the rat, 1/1000th Pamunkey, The Biggest Hooters in the World, 650 lb life beyond Earth, USA Today Snapshots, peeing on rattlesnake wounds, hornless cows, West Virginians on Oxys, cancer gets real, The Keene Pumpkin Festival, reasons to not donate to The Verde Valley School, the history of ancestry.com, and apologizes to Paton Oswalt.

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Episode 452

Wow... It's Seth, Congratulations to Patrick Smith: Mr. LA Leather, The Google Fiber Tour, Fury 325, 10,000 people turning 65 everyday, NMG, Robo-Jaws, the mouth is the hole to the soul, rocking a Chevrolet, drive like your kids live here, social pork, brain cheese, dank ribs, The US has opioids on lock, South Jersey Mom, National Confederate History Month, The Playboy Advisor, The RattleSkate Gang, USA Today Snapshots, Cletus's Lawn Service, The Native Americans of Oz, going down an MJ Rabbit Hole, drone drop off, and watch what you say in your 50 dB conversations.

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Episode 451

Officially on the road to 500, Things Seth Learned on the Monster-web, Sunday's a day for buying cars and buying booze, back to back to back to back LIVE UYD Shows, Conscience Letters, Life Scents, toppled gravestones, a little late for tornado clean-up, a club for scumbags, bears and chocolate don't mix, the cornerstone of the New Hampshire film circuit, dominating the next new app, excessive hotel charges and free hotel booze, Stalked By My Neighbor and Killer Crush, Challenger wanted / nerd needed, what that mouth do?, USA Today Snapshots, a tooth should be worth a gallon of gas, JNCO's are making a comeback, who will be the new Queen of Coachella?, National Workplace Conflict Awareness Month, manhole explosions, Ask Jonathan, uphold your agreements. and re-emerging as Joh-nas.

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Episode 450

Technology runs amuck, the return of Dr. Hansen, get your tickets now for the mini-UYD tour, Floyd Mayweather's time in jail, sexting in surgery, scrubs are designed for thigh boners, whipping a bitch on Beyonce, Jonathan snubs Nicholson, 25 years of Seth behind the wheel, USA Today Snapshots, Ask The Captain, eliminating turbulence injuries, road rage on a driverless car, Shooter: The Series, so much TV to live for, Bosch Cooter, binge eating on broccoli, National Humorist Are Artists Month, only the A-Game at LIB, the top Spring Break destination, geo-locating your videos, birthing in the wild, vape your baby's placenta, snitching on the bus driver, The Junior Diarrhea Pig Show, and breaking the internet on purpose.

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Episode 449

In the lab with Biebs, Caterpillar Inc. doesn't pay taxes, H&R Pop Up, Seth and Jonathan will be attending all 4 UYD Live Shows, a bats and pipes brawl, USA Today Snapshots, high tech tennis rackets, deteriorating gameplay, delivering juice to your bushes, 24/7 Pilot Season, banning chewing tobacco in baseball, Which Wich brings back The Black Bean Patty, Seth is the ultimate Celebrity Name Game Coach, step aside Tetris, Tinder Plus, 1990's encryptions lead to your shit getting taken, turning your J's into beans, Jah's digi-come up, no work emails after hours, how much are towels?, Ask Jonathan, the solar eclipse cruise, National Color Therapy Month, Jonathan's deep pocket, and Seth begins plans for 500.

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Episode 448

Fear not Ep 448, the correct line up for the UYD Spring Tour, fuck Wise Guys, the ultimate Michael Jordan tribute band, the 2 podcasts of Pauly Shore, learning to ride/die on a motorcycle, river rat fail compilations, gypsy scratchers, fast approaching St. Patrick's Day, preparing to break Celebrity Name Game, National Ethics Awareness Month, a recap of Oscar highlights, drug use at The Ultra Music Festival, Designer DJ CNG, Seth Clips Vol. 21, a gold tooth for J-Dawg Sr., don't smoke/do floss, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Jonathan, finding facts about weed, kidding about kidnapping, ski jumping high schoolers, the crime of hair dying, Kid Rock sings about better songs, saying goodbye to Man Men, and writing a song about your lost G N' R tape.

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Episode 447

Happy Birth-UYDay, UYD coming to a town near you, the first talkies in Denver, read your comedian's bio beforehand, The Land of Dumb Italians, USA Today Snapshots, the return of Intervention, National Spunky Old Broads Month, the last Friend alive, thoughts on Celebrity Name Game, an addiction to tanning, how's your winter?, police on herb, CSI Sapulpa, UberPool, Uber for Kids, red light pollution, Blade air freshener, Ask Jonathan, Seth steals paint cans, baby kale is not kale, waking up aliens, Little Fined Libraries, are chokers back?, butter and coffee, living amongst the alien elite, Grey Coupon, raw meat and fruit salads, there's only one Sully Sullenberger, Mountain Dew is not the internet, and stealing a plane of J's.

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Episode 446

Happy Anniversary to The Pod Don's, Happy Birthday Jennifer Aniston, not living up to the mailman's creed, stolen tow trucks, under the bright lights of The Miss Universe Pagent / Celebrity Name Game, you can't pass on Bey, National Pull Your Sofa Off The Wall Month, Mario Lopez: Ninja Warrior, The Enfagrow Toddler Bowl, faces are up for grabs, USA Today Snapshots, Bella and The Bulldogs, Herda-hada net, if Riff Raff goes Sci-Ti, the mid-February April Fool's watch, a back to back mini UYD Live tour, overalls and backslapping, making tanks in our public libraries, AQUAhydrate and Moonshine, sexual subconscious caveman risks vs rewards, UYD Magazine, Steal / Rinse / Repeat, and if you love The Cowboys set them free.

UYD: Using Your Differences.

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Episode 445

Live from The SF Sketchfest, the bad boys of the fluorescent game, party like America's favorite crime boss, Shit Seth Learned On The MonsterWeb, taking psych meds for your headache, Ask Amy Larroquette, extreme GoPro podcasting, screaming over Star Wars, famous robots on Celebrity Name Games, remembering better with your eyes closed, putting Dez Bryant to rest, truest lawsuit of all time, Bug-Out Beans, USA Today Snapshots, Arby's fish, The Sad Musician's Convention, pillow speakers, vinyl sleep records, The Winter Fancy Food Show, 11111011111, Alt Comedy Goes Rock and Roll, Zig Zag Cigarettes / Fax Line, The Champs Trade Show, Operation Blowback, Sci-Ti's all up in the papers, trading tips with Travolta, National Codependency Awareness Month, National CRNA Week, Ask Jonathan, germ zapping robots, Disneyland on mushrooms, musician Eddie Murphy, Measles Jah Jah, face melting ice art, Chinese Product Recalls, a thing or two about whippits, no kids in cars, how old is your blood?, Night Rain, getting to The Grateful Dead in Chicago, sunglasses for your ears, UYD: sponsored by Jungle Rot, booing gluten and Pizza Hut, and no cause of death for The Marlboro Man.

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