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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 433

Happy Birthday Joe Romatelli, new astrological signs, Starseeds, middle schoolers with a 3D printer, Seth's fall foliage, GNR UYD, Up For Whatever, Seth sings Utopia, National Passport Awareness Month, Seth on TOFOP, the different incarnations of Seth's Corner, 100 year old dudes with stripper girlfriends, UYD is coming to Austin, scented duct tape, stealing from children with app based social networks, UYD emojis, The Playboy Advisor, USA Today Snapshots, Trapped at Sea with Riff Raff, a 4-hour Manson tour, 3 screen movie theaters, Seth watches The Maze Runner, inserting you face into the movies, Jason Biggs has a $3,000,000 house, there's no facial recognition up a skirt, Celebrity Name Game consumes Seth's life, over 1 Billion websites, medical errata, reporting crimes via Facebook, all the points are scored by Kowski's, and Ask Jeeves about Seth's Corner.

UYD: Andromeda Delta through the eyes of two Andromedan Andromedan's.

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Episode 432

Live from The Hollywood Improv, Jonathan steals a quesadilla, real life Central Perk, preparing for a CHiPS reboot, National Update Your Resume Month, double Chevron's, more OkCupid names, USA Today Snapshots, OkSeatbelts, parents shouldn't play favorites, John Larroquette is an alien, ventriloquism at the Miss America Pageant, Ask Jonathan, shockingly graphic and in real time, League of Legends University, Seth's Subs, Hip Hop / Country Song of the Week, race car ambulance drivers, the scent of national parks, Seth's 7-11, what makes you a "heavy drinker", giving props to Swayze, UYD Live in Austin, unblocking bisexual, retiring the singlet, Parkour Postal Service, HAPIfork, United Stuff of America, Michael Jordon, Chinese Product Recalls, 3 feet for safety, stealing $1,000,000 from work, and comedy club psychologists.

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Episode 431

12:12 Podcast Codes, a fall into winter depression, Dr. Low Dog, making videos for Goucher College, a $9 Billion Dollar Store Battle, political peanut butter, Judge Judy's Hot Bench, My Little Foot, National Library Card Sign Up Month, The Most Stolen Cars of 2014, baby teeth cavities, kids on Panax, Tyga and Wiz Khalifa's play date, USA Today Snapshots, Mexicali - Out : Godzilla - In, clothing for tween girls and German tourist, S M L XL JL, the search for the perfect T-Shirt, The 2014 Elk Hunt, The Eager Beaver Bar ends it's "Lingerie Night", disgruntled surgeons and relief stitchers, Ask Jonathan, UYD Live at The Improv, and double birds gets double tickets.

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Episode 430

A rare morning episode of UYD, The Squirrel Purge, The National Interscholastic Cycling Association, National All American Breakfast Month, caught in the crossfire on COPS, USA Today Snapshots, a class action settlement against the Bass Pro Shop, The Mobile Aircraft Inspection System, Shakira's tit meat, The Pumpkin Creep, rockets go all the way to heaven, LA's Hottest Trainer, stalking Jennie Garth, The Farmer Army, you should be allowed to grave-dig your own kin, Raspberry Lemonade Grapes, the power of "Thank You", novelty artisanal food / no manners, Ask Jonathan, onomatopoeia vs mnemonic device, Jim Metheney was NOT attacked by aliens, Jail Gardens and Criminal Produce, Atlanta Falcons cheerleader memories, UYD Live at The Improv, Teacher of the Year lives a full life, more Mailbox Money, and the return of Reading Something Weird.

UYD: Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve.

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Episode 429

Huey Lewis doesn't know shit about drugs, the ultimate super sock, National Traffic Awareness Month, calling The Golf Channel, the trade secrets of strawberries, Seth watches Roller Boogie, saying goodbye to BKS Iyengar, UYD Live at The Improv, who's the current day Yakov Smirnoff?, USA Today Snapshots, preparing for Seth-tember, Business Models, 20 year old Ukrainian lesbians, The Washio Ninja, UYD's Top Football Names, $1500 Bait Bikes, ebola vaccine grifts, Y2K was the one, The Playboy Advisor, Who's Mommin' Harder?, Cholos love Knott's Scary Farm, the return of Tim and Eric, and hecklers will not be tolerated.

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Episode 428

Jeff Tweedy's rider, Quality Cabs, the wind in your hair and the bear on your face, USA Today Snapshots, the legality of tipping, Garth Brooks in the 'Bu, bans on snowboarding, Bystander Awareness Month, a heated race of misinformation, an inbox of potential mates, bringing the laughter and love for free, teen driving news, Seth's International Mailbox Money, Scorpion W2, Ask Jonathan, this episode dedicated to Jimmy Mac from the Bronx, if it's on the plate it's in your stomach, new state fair foods, religion and alcohol and violence, unleash the "best" within, Million Dollar Listings: LA, no clear way on how to brush your teeth, The Colgate Street Team, You're Only Young Once, hacking jet planes, it's hard to say "no" to that sweet dough, Seth watches War Games, new-tech popcorn, 5 Stars for this show, and Seth's shredded jeans.

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Episode 427

A safe place to bump it, expound and expunge, how to force a person sober with Scientology, USA Today Snapshots, back to school savings, "My dad Seth does it...", The Choking Game, Seth Brother / Breath Brother, from Hot Mama to Evereve, the Halloween Creep has begun, Labor Day costumes, Seth locks eyes with Jerry Jones, Utopia, National Breastfeeding Month, Porn Sniffing Dogs, hyperlocal apps, underpaid handymen, more absurdity from Hollywood Game Night, Playgirl '87, bennies and greenies, Elvis Week, NDG: Natural Drinking Groups, Ask Jonathan, keep your baby off my internet, Small Pox and Danishes, dropping boats out of planes, Uhh Yeah Séance, it's tough to find a DQ, whipping shirts at John Mulaney, and Happy Birthday Jonathan.

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Episode 426

Back in the studio, This Is How We Roll / Cruise, sexy and incompetent on FaceBook, keeping up on your Model Mayhem profile, The Nike 360 Glove, the return of football, the return of The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, the end of Kobe / Jeter / Mötley Crüe, Zappa signed Cooper, petty hack crimes, looking back on Woodstock 2, talking about Howard Stern, The Rocky Musical vs The 2pac Musical, Scott Foley on Hollywood Game Night, job stopping hand tattoos, USA Today Snapshots, not knowing your co-worker's names, no docs for Van Halen, National Cord Blood Awareness Month, The Hypnosis Motivation Institute, don't try to boost low self esteem, live greyhound racing, arson rackets, arson registries, SOY Signs, and cruise through to 50.

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Episode 425

Live from Chicago, IL, Spam Muscle Milk, Build-Your-Own Potini Bar, sweet young gains, Father-Son Push-Up Contests, Hollywood Game Night, Door-to-Door Dropouts, Jonathan's Jam Band, UYD's Cancelled TV Show of the Week, the heavy hours on Tinder, Transformers 4-D, new episode of True Life, watching your mom take a cumshot, Ask Jonathan, fuck you Brain Games, the cost of weddings, dating website user names, being left alone with your thoughts, free trophies from Powell High School, South Korean UYD Fan Letters, K-Font, the disgusting state of US beaches, stasis motherfucker, 1986 Playboy, Jonathan's first phone sex experience, Seth Clips Vol. 19, Harry Potter turns into Don Draper, apps for schizophrenics, McD Ordering, saying goodbye to Mötley Crüe, National Herbal Prescription Interaction Awareness Month, Malört, and the deafening sounds of summer.

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Episode 424

Live from San Francisco CA, Uhh Yeah Dad, Chinese Product Recalls, People Behaving Badly, liking more means doing more, UYD's Junk Food of the Week, Bobble Men, The Wold Championships of Horseshoes, Jonathan joins a bowling league, Ask Jonathan, ant sperm bundles, getting snatched up at the gay pride festival, people only watch 17 channels, the summer movies of 1984, preparing for the NWA Movie, Hip Hop / Country Song of the Week, legal lane splitting, the most stolen motorcycles, Who's Mommin' Harder - Florida Edition, National Home Ownership Month, National Effective Communications Month, throwback diseases, rats running on meth, get there quicker - die at the same time, USA Today Snapshots, new gigantic baseball helmets, The Gay Games, is Seth gay?, the WorldstarHipHop comment section, touchless toilets, Tylenol and prostitutes, Super Lice, Derek Garcia Larroquette, and Jonathan kicks it in the park.

UYD: Eggs on your head.

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Episode 423

Live from Portland OR, UYV's, Seth visits Magic Garden, The Summer Concert Report, preparing for The Eagles / Mötley Crüe, Portland Craigslist Posts, 2014 Power Bottoms, in the midst of summer, Sexual Trauma Offense Prevention, National Rose Month and National Dairy Alternatives Month, $4 per hour Parking, Nuisance Species, Jonathan's Alumni Letters, Seth Kokopelli, The Cock-Fighting Princess, no lights for the solstice, Secret Shopper Scams, counting down to COPS, Pogoist / Bull Rider / Gay Porn Actor, $43,000,000 chicken, $13,405.50 DJ school, What The Festival, The American Customer Satisfaction Index, Seth reviews McDonald's Seasoned Fries, USA Today Snapshots, The American Cash Awards, Ask Jonathan, talk to Dom, The Greatest Food-Recognizer of All Time, UYD's Junk Food of the Week, defining Tennessee Whiskey, not paying for the Hot Air Balloon Festival, sleeping whilst driving, and Boobs / Booze / Food.

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Episode 422

Volcanic Shock Radio, a countdown to destiny, Miss Louisiana talks terrorism, I've grown to lovin' it, skipping Season 1, The Pool Master, headed back to MySpace, USA Today Snapshots, S.A.D.D., The Junior Firefighter Camp, Bully Victims, A 2nd Tier Civilization of Dupe Life, Harry made it in, don't leave your kids in the whip, National Rebuild Your Life Month, WNBALGBT, the hard come-down of Celebrity Baseball, what a weird dumb life, a double dip of UYD's Junk Food of the Week, the legal limit of DEET, Ask Jonathan, The First Legal Commercial Drone Flight, fake Kickstarters, Car Jack City, broken service dogs, vapor candy, the first day of summer, and Pimp Your Page.

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Episode 421

Will humans ever be able to ride the world's tallest waterslide?, Hell's Potato, the return of What Would You Do?, don't bet against your baby, USA Today Snapshots, Jonathan assists his father, Candle Store Fuck Palace, National Rivers Month, Seth's addiction to Hollywood Game Night, ATV's for Anglers Killers and Lovers, The Gambler's Fallacy, The Loser Larroquette Fallacy, Cirque du Soleil and Avatar, nothing good happened in 2008, The Last Great Decade, Ask Jonathan, Ask Amy Live, alcoholic mice, UYD's Junk Food of the Week, a lifetime of solvent fumes, the binding arbitration of Cheerios, net neutrality gone mad, the end of Facebook, people's illegible handwriting, Harry Caray's expense reports, Jonathan's cursive doodles, and homeless graphomania.

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Episode 420

A 420 Edition of Horse / Weed / Mind's Eye, 20,000 times sweeter than sugar, Leg Up - Blast Your Shit, the legality of the world's tallest waterside, blindfolded skydiving, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Jonathan, Amy's gotta go, Jonathan and The Hot Doctor, infant sleep machines, Mekhi Phifer on Hollywood Game Night, National Burger Month, states with the highest smoking rates, our crops are crap, EDM and Jam collides, Kandi Ravers, Mustache Mondays, Gay Arrested, 7 Million artificial knees, pre-crastinate doesn't exist, old enough to kill but not to drink, Best Selling Beers of 2013, predictions for the future, UYD' Junk Food of the Week, The Playboy Advisor, trapped in the world of Skinamax, high school yearbook photos with your baby, and getting drunk for 421.

UYD: Weak heart, big dick.

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