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Episode 410

Live in 3D from The Gramercy Theatre in New York, missing the LA Marathon, The Well Being Index, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, touching men's boxer shorts, the ultimate reward, LIB Dreams, Bands / Bulls / Mind's Eye, Scam of the Year, The Playboy Advisor, Breaking Boston, Hip Hop and Country, more crazy answers on Hollywood Game Night, The Upskirt Sting, no filming COPS in New Mexico, NY skin infections, all the greats us guitar tuning apps, sexist Wi-Fi grills, high-tech toothbrushes, circling back to Miley, Jonathan VS The AccuPop Microwave, no more bathtubs, National Caffeine Awareness Month, saving your television from a burning building, three parent babies, 120,000 letters destroyed, bouncing a check to George, who's eligible for bereavement fares, learning how to huff in school, USA Today Snapshots, and some light snake handling.

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Episode 409

Live at Largo in Los Angeles, National Umbrella Month, the dirt of Verde Valley, converting students from stoners to trippers, USA Today Snapshots, Minnie Driver in Parade Magazine, the continuing career of David Walton, being too old to date older women, the best jobs for 2014, Adultropology, the top Zodiac signs for cheaters, a daily dirty purge, sticking to your rigid schedge, returning to Craigslist, "You had me at 'clouds'", a twink with attitude, online dating jargon, Shamrock Shake concentrate, Jonathan goes to McDonalds, The Playboy Advisor, Chinese Product Recalls, sleeping Seth, Jonathan hits the pavement, Weed/Bowling Ball/Mind's Eye, Casket Kiosks, crowd funded science, beautiful (but sad) music, cray cray for Liam Neeson, stinky little boy feet, Jonathan goes to Dominos, Seth tries to get guacamole, spiking Whole Foods soups, on-the-go legal apps, Jonathan: The Notary, eating Cinnabon air, 8 years of podcasting breaks the internet, and preparing for UYD's east coast road trip,

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Episode 408

The nation is my studio, Seinfeld still can't figure out cellphones, USA Today Snapshots, The Top Selling Vehicles, VO Battles, spanking children in schools, keeping up on your app game, anonymous cutting, plotting out meals, $100 fine for vehicular manslaughter, Senator Grandma, preparing for Barb Wire, the first male students of Chatham University, Unmanned Vehicle University, Jonathan goes to the pawn shop, Ask Jonathan, CTV: Cute Trim and Vivacious, The Reminiscence Bump, Bi-bi Annual Steve Brule, The Dinah, viewing The White Party from a distance, National "An Affair To Remember" Month, no one has seen RoboCop, packs of wild Chihuahuas, being lonely will kill you, hospital bats, World Rabies Day, melting the snow for UYD on the east coast, and snatching up hot domain names.

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Episode 407

Palpable energy, "I fucking murdered Havasu!", traveling abroad for Spring Break, bigger tits for the Morton Salt Girl, The Death Master File, poaching weird shit off of dead relatives, math nerd Kelly Norton's Most Pleasant Places To Live, no more Polaroiding outfits, The Cuddle Crew, The Kidnap Crew, Operation: Be Mine, Channel Chi-Mo, National Nutrition Month, you make it - we eat it, Cart Life and other alternative games, Grand Theft Rapist, Nightlight Toilets and Pee Glory Holes, USA Today Snapshots, The Top pays, Ask Jonathan, "What's your experience with MILFs?", the stress levels of today's teens, PillCam, The Colonoscopy Narc, depriving shit to pop off the senses, you're not allowed to say San Fran, and transitioning into the 9th year.

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Episode 406

Speech classes at Emerson College, more amazing answers on Hollywood Game Night, The Kitten Bowl, USA Today Snapshots, Marky LaBeouf and his funky Transformers, sweet dog/bad cop, too weak to laugh, uyd.sexy.guru.us.us , The NAMM Show, Ask Jonathan, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Day, turquoise makes people horny, Qua Water, Blood Avocados, hot water waste, taping your garbage to the walls, gays on steroids, gynecologists for men, The New Porn Capital of the World, back to school with Franco, drug related injuries on the rise, the Europe of the Northeast, The Magic Man, and Happy 8 Years of UYD.

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Episode 405

High frequencies dying in your ear, a blessing for the internet, a tranny and Dan Fielding, USA Today Snapshots, photoshopping Rasta belts, you can't burn the internet, National Pet Dental Health Month, chocolate toothpaste, firefighters with firearms, semi-automatic non-lethal taser rifles, Class Action Rebates, Potato Chip Millionaires, lobster chips, pesto chipotle, Healthy Pharms in Haverhill, amazing answers on Hollywood Game Night, I'm a Bowl Man, 12 year olds with guns, the cars that sexy people drive, defensive acceleration, banning mystics and soothsayers, The Male Psychic Hotline, a shortage of saline bags, Farmer's Fridge, virtual hotel keys, Ask Jonathan, shooting guns and eating popcorn, a handful of tickets still left for select UYD shows, and turning the corner on Fitty,

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Episode 404

Formula 404, The Eagles close out the re-opening of The Forum, unlocking your life force with reflexology, we need more readings and healings, USA Today Snapshots, taking dick-pics of your balls, The Best Screenplays of The Hollywood Blacklist, Jonathan watches New Jack City, anti-snooze movies, National Black History Month, remembering Flo-Jo, 12-1/2 years to build The One World Trade Center, The Silverado Hate Crime, Meth Lab Cleanup LLC, John Wayne did it right here, Jelly Belly Beer, saying goodbye to Bushwacker, the Cody's of PBR, digitally removed condoms, The White Girl Twerk Cypher, studying the social skills of cocaine addicts, The 85 Richest People in the World, putting an end to conjugal visits, UYD Prison Totes, sex offender notifications on Facebook, Ask Jonathan, The Domestic Health Department, tickets are still available for UYD Live, TSA/USPS loves to steal, medical research cock fighting, and using UYD for your one prison call.

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Episode 403

Rainbow crosswalks, WeHo for straights, the final days of Leno, not that brown recluse, USA Today Snapshots, The Alcoholic Parent's Podcast, Sleep IQ Technology, partying down south, Racist Broadway, wart removal fires, DH in HD, US Ginseng, National Braille Literacy Month, Yakima Washington doesn't keep it real, mixing up your children's names, is Taylor Kinney a dumb hunk?, cheating on your Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Tests, thank you for your honorability, SoCal Theme Park Injuries, going whale watching on your birthday, 23 lightning deaths, Ask Jonathan, tickets going fast for UYD Live, and passing along your 401k.

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Episode 402

Ask Jonathan, forgotten birthdays leads to gayness, National Soup Month, 3 billion new babies, The Burrito Box, The Tarot Truck, Happy B-Day UYD, what's up with juice?, USA Today Snapshots, Seth's Salmon, Thank You Paste Magazine, Thank You This Year Collection, get your tickets for UYD LIVE, Sandler will eventually come to an end, The Springfield Party Shelter, basketball sensors, stick to the fundamentals, subtle racism, cheeky racism, airline tranquilizers, steam liners to Europe, no more birth announcements in newspapers, The Montessori-Romatelli Home School Program, The Fluoridated Water of Kentucky, delivering good news vs. bad news, circulating the existence of this podcast, laughing is so much better than being dead, The City of Brotherly Shove, The MC Serch Talk Show, and two strange men sharing a drink.

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Episode 401

Everything is legal, UYD Live in the New Year, 11 issues of Playboy, gauging the gait of her gams, your daughters need Neeson Training, New California Laws for 2014, trusting your spirit, Page 93 of Tax Form 1040, performing sexual favors for other countries, National Hobby Month, whittling wizards and puzzle putting, The 6 Worst States To Drive In, Brain Tricks, losing the first day of the year, Narcan Nasal Spray, the taser has replaced the club, "I traveled too much…", The Biggest Home Television, The Biggest Price Is Right Winner, USA Today Snapshots, backing up your dick pics, getting angry at iTunes, Desi Loves Smoking (IN COLOR), X-Rated Hypnotism, on the cusp of lunacy, feeling bad for the wings, no J's on the mountain, gift card landfills, The Seed Paste Code of 2014, stop recycling, Dirty Water TV, real life Ladybugs, finding out what Juwanna Mann is all about, and a week of breathing.

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Episode 400

Bump it every hundred, the bi-annual sex of the year, three sequels to Titanic, going to movie theaters in 2018, identity theft for all, thieving yourself, no insurance for tender lungs, phasing out the light bulb, Macklemore & Sons, never go back to bells, USA Today Snapshots, driving is for driving, a Sunday with Mark Wahlberg, you can't judge a book by it's hard green cover, snorting your dog's pain meds, thanking the UYD Moms, reformulating antibacterial soaps, Dear Jonathan, NA: Nice Augmentation, preparing for 8 years of UYD, UYD Live at LA, UYD Live in NY, UYD Live in Philly, UYD Live in DC, Helmet Tech, hot water hand washing, a fivefold extension of the nematode, National Food Service Safety Month, who needs to moonwalk?, hearing heights and ear witnesses, and 2014 for life.

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Episode 399

Thursday The 12th, renting a black cat, good bye 300's, top nicknames for Pep Pep, Glam-ma, Uhh Yeah Grand-Dude, National Stress Free Family Holiday Month, USA Today Snapshots, the trickiest tongue twister, Sci-Ti Christmas Parade, sleep related athletic advantage, Exploding Head Syndrome, causing a shit show in Kramer's house, The 2014 AVN Awards, being aware of your tranny surroundings, police not wearing their seatbelt, To Creep and To Bang, preparing for reefer madness in Colorado, WARNING: You might become ODB, Ask Jonathan, Bare Bottom Discipline Support, wheel chair deer hunting, gut level marriage studies, 2014 calendar theft, glory-cast, Vegan Junkies, and preparing of the best year ever. Happy The One.

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Episode 398

The final days of Sam Champion, coining Cyber-Monday, Egg Wars, National Tie Month, Gift Guide Season, disposing of e-cigs, venti-garbage, zombie blue bots, the scent of happiness, 1985 prices in East Hollywood, Bait Dogs, The Playboy Advisor, gays love smokes, straight poppers, 100 Austin actors slicing the pie, recreational opioid users, everyone's a junkie, decreased in-home vision, "My dad started Acuvue contacts…", getting Martianed out, declining Dreyfuss, points on Chaka, the best of both lucks, the astonishing 80's, Avicii peaks at #4, stolen cars in Sioux Falls, more stuff means less, a lot of cheatin' and a lot of M&M's, grown men giving up video games, the pre-Christmas death toll, getting raunchy on the deep-web, preparing for 400, the difference between excellence and everything else, and get off of my journey.

UYD: On the precipice of stardust.

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Episode 397

Drag Stars At Sea, USA Today Snapshots, the sliding scale of hotness of auto show girls, Ask Jonathan, you're dead to us David, The Laureate Cypher, The Hard Rock Park, KISS everything, visiting the slaughterhouse, thirsty deer chasing tail across the road, Michael Jackson at Dave's Laser, the future of airport congestion, I need a Nam pilot, RV vs. flying, crying flight attendants, The Pop Warner Superbowl, The Shrimpkin League, The First Concussion League, National Football Laureate, a bountiful crop of Christmas trees, National Healthy Skin and Skin Care Month, they're harving you, Skype it to my stomach box, The Parent Chat App, a culture of honor, school bus tech be slippin', and hot overtime gun talk.

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Episode 396

Coreyography doesn't rock the nation, National Runaway Prevention and Homeless Youth Awareness Month, Flapjack Monty, the nudes of Greg Lauren, USA Today Snapshots, giving up the ghost, internet on the road, the best driver by default, The 2014 People's Choice Awards, January 8th birthdays, when the aliens come for Channing Tatum, Honda's Mean Mower, staying at the Chateau Marmont, bread for millennials, never eating at Arby's, racist hamburger buns, VINEMobile, funding and friendship, Jeff Bezos's deadbeat bike dad, The Church of UYD, The Gaze Monster, Demons In the Infield, ATFE, Christina Aguilera's bigger body, misplaced stolen cars, keeping lice in our schools, we need more domestic spies, degenerate gambling in the comfort of your own home, the exorcism of the shame box, and every kiss begins with Kay...

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