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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 594

Jump right into the comedy, The Wonderful World of Food, Kiefer Sutherland's band, getting into Brad Paisley, USA Today Snapshots, TV Buddy Bro, Motivational Football Quotes, Best Looking Trooper Cruisers, Carbon Monoxide Cruisers, Aquaball, kids and the garbage they eat, God lied to Jayestin Trevon Boston, Planetary Protection Officer, killing 7 billion for love, Oprah shows up for life, who owns Jones?, checking in on Tessa, UYD LIVE shows, updating the codes of responsible gambling, and scratching life until it's a gaping hole.

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Episode 593

Podcasting in your 40s, a watered down Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Vincent "Brando" Vaughn, Boots In The Sky, UYD LIVE takes stage, National "Feeding Pets of the Homeless" Week, a cycle of suffering, the month of Obama, a generation of fucked grandparents, splicing diseases out of genetically modified babies, life ends at 50, getting burned on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Dax Shephard and Papa John, divorce is good for podcast ratings, Elon Musk's jeans, brain - dick- bank account, USA Today Snapshots, getting cocaine in Miami, tripping Na'vi's, Star Wars step kids, Tat-Bod-Mod, disbelief - Dinklage - dragons, who gets LAFF TV?, lowering the stakes of WWYD?, the serial cattle killer, LIVE-YD, and what's your B.A.W.D.Y. Score?

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Episode 592

The first 3 minutes of The Lowe Files, getting your hands in the soil of Tatooine, J-Dawg Sr.'s 40th birthday party, The Top Party School in the US, hacked voting machines, the world didn't start until Faces of Meth, The Summer of Funboy, National "Psychic" Week, UYD Life Consultations, sperm slumps, high end dick hats, Clit Caps LLC, California's almond boom, Holographic Robot Mind Football, Germs-day Cakes, USA Today Snapshots, upping the smoking age, hot tix available for UYD LIVE shows, and birthday earthquakes on the Sunset Strip.

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Episode 591

Happy Birthday to Jerry Garcia, coming alive at 40, being burned by your glitterphone, performing a world exclusive live song in San Fran, getting the pops twisted, bogus solar eclipse glasses, the gut is the brain of the body, shame tears, everyday is a startup, the first podcast done in the nude, The 2028 Olympics, not stalking Matt Bomer, there's no celebratory nature in The Holocaust Museum, bro-ing out with Nick, all the great 88's, Switzer Sweets, Extreme Eating Awards, fruit punch pickles, a sub... a stance, tuna and honey, Native American restaurants, it's never too early for rabbit, 6 second linear ads, Naked SNCTM, National "Stop On Red" Week, 1000 episodes of COPS, USA Today Snapshots, Street Punk Jeez, The OJ Pop Up Museum, and being born on the Sunset Strip.

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Episode 590

Uhh Yeah Marcia, hanging out with Matt Bomer, microchipped employees, National "Assistance Dog" Week, nursery room injuries, a box of rainies, anxiety phones, the countries most stolen vehicles, 7000 insane corpses, Pepsi Zero Sugar vs Coke Zero Sugar, sober podcasting, treating bullying as a public health problem, Ask Marcia, amputee clown or topless dagger lady?, Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos?, USA Today Snapshots, turns out that money does buy happiness, an overdoes of antibiotics, broken toes and hives, getting your fingers caught in car doors, $5 porchetta sandwiches, new requirements for bus drivers, Podcasting For Dummies, and cars with clocks.

UYD: Stealing from TV.

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Episode 588

Going back to go forward, if these stories could talk, mini doctors and special medicine, running out of weed in Nevada, selfing cichlids, harnessing energy balls, the surge of loneliness, secret enemas and gateway groin grips, the doctor will spank you now, can't be in a building with James, The Butt Slapping Jogger, every bad thing throughout the history of time was caused by a dude, counting trees, whites only cemeteries, The Butt Lady of Auburn, 3D printed cars, getting hacked from Hickenloop, South Dakota's new Rabbi, The Afterlife Condo, and is there HBO in heaven?

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Episode 587

Kicking the party off, UYD LIVE returns to DC, UYD LIVE returns to San Francisco, UYD LIVE returns to Brooklyn, shows where Seth sits, dipping back to 2013, The Hyper-Connected Couch Potato, Gleaming The Cube/A Brother's Vengence, huffing and driving, hands free is not risk free, you'll never forget the first time you make love or let your car drive you home, Dr. 90210 in Dubai, pollo chests and huge shoulders, a message from Brace, a rise in TV assassinations, resetting your internal clock with camping, moon bros, racist K9 cops, the brothers of Johnny Depp, and going down a Corey Feldman K-Grave.

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Episode 586

Revenge porn laws, Live PD, Bosch and Flex, prison drones, Oprah lets it go, Hoarders or Intervention?, the return of Mr. Witherspoon, UYD LIVE shows coming to a city near you, sitting in Lincoln's lap, The Dead in Boston, The Goodyear Zeppelin, National Scrabble Week, Seth's New Orleans list, hanging up the landline, communicating with cops of the opposite gender, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Jonathan, tipping your flight attendant, having to bring up Shark Week, songs to make love / do drugs to, and rhythms from Enya.

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Episode 585

It's only getting hotter, swamp coolers, who is Magic Johnson?, The National Baby Food Festival, National "Baby Food" Week, digital athletes, virtual assault, UYD LIVE tickets on sale now, Sugar Ray Larroquette, a passion for live shows, reviewing Vespertine, USA Today Snapshots, the return of Hollywood Game Night, the return of What Would You Do?, The NY Times circa '84, who killed the USFL?, QVC+HSN, now who's the VJ?, The Mexican Museum scam, airport gate delivery, getting Levi's grifted, 666 at 7-Eleven, Ghost Adventures, The Christmas Creep is here, and staying camera ready 24/7/365.

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Episode 584

Still Jonathan and still Seth, Van's style #48, 3 decades of podcasting, family owned animal testing, saying goodbye to The Oxwood Inn, grandmothered liquor licenses, America's best drivers, National "Nude Recreation" Week, CMEN brunch, The Org that won, Sam Elliott goes to China, UYD LIVE show announcements, watching people playing cards, The World Series of Darts, sports for unhealthy people, bootleg laserdiscs, the world's busiest airport, The Playboy Advisor, OLED TVs, stop DJ Khaled, questions about The Hunt, loaded with cadmium, and USA Today Snapshots.

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Episode 583

Vespertine, digital taxis, UYD in DC, UYD in San Fran, UYD in Brooklyn, the return of Battle of the Network Stars, Jay Leno's Denim Garage, post season behind the scenes football, eclipse stamps, Spectrum's overkill, Jonathan's "new" phone, interactive porn, sex toys on amazon, Fred Bear: Bowhunter, crying for Okja, the return of River Phoenix, new Academy voters, 3 strikes for ODers, Seth's precious junkie, getting ticket grifted, USA Today Snapshots, and National "Farriers" Week.

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Episode 582

Live from The Aladdin Theater in Portland, USA Today Snapshots, what's in Seth's fridge?, South Korean postcards, The Sandler Syllabus, having children makes you live longer, National "Unassisted Home Birth" Week, Jane-athan, Jonathan creates Tinder, no movie theaters in Saudi Arabia, Seth watches All Eyez On Me, 4 out of 5 unusable public pools, needles and diapers, orthodox punkers, preparing for 11 billion people, looking at land, Mark's son is my son's father, snow strawberries, free clams, UYD's past summer jams, stumbling into Paisley, Menards-a-trois, Papa Jah joins the stage, eating roadkill, slang terms for cocaine, hard liquor and football, Mia Sara and sons, The Great American Camp Out, and Ask Jonathan.

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Episode 581

More drug slang code words, 500,000,000 photos a day, get your weapons now, Resort World Las Vegas, preparing for the Chinese cinema takeover, direct deposit with SAG, 6 seconds of Hyperion Bay, USA Today Snapshots, tiny body/huge ego, lucky Hollywood street rats, Ask The Captain, being born on a submarine, recreating Playboy covers, going through the marijuana archives, don't break the law when you're breaking the law, National "Lightning Safety Awareness" Week, wood stove rebates, near death mishaps on Christmas Day, turning proverbs into songs, transgender cadets, you either respect people or you are a garbage person, and UYD's first mixtape.

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Episode 580

Ask Marilyn, National Week of Making, The 2017 XXL Freshmen Class, drug slang codewords, upcoming UYD LIVE shows, Kodak smartphones, taking the lap out of laptop, how to teach global warming to your kids, USA Today Snapshots, selling fireworks in Iowa, Ken Burns' Vietnam War, guessing VO Artists, exploring fetal vision, Jonathan's Movie Reviews, Hollywood Wonder Women, Dallas Cowboys street art, Seth's mails his headshot to Leonor's, making podcasts and babies, and upcoming Patreon Perks.

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