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Episode 504

The Zika comes for Jonathan, bitch-voiced impostors, penicillin and mom, psycho tropical, Ask Jonathan, how do you leave a note on a family?, night plates, The Sex Factor, the oldest living woman in crotchless panties, riding nitro coffee, Deez Celebrity Name Games, Ask The Captain, the power of moms, courthouse dogs, LA Ragamuffins, LGBTQQIPOFGNBBA, two-spirit, Walmart Jump, UYD Fast Casuals, Derma-bag, The New Hampshire Moose Hunt Lottery, Louisville Vegan Jerky, saying goodbye to the Campbell's Diner, National Bathroom Reading Month, The Waterpark Capital of the World, millions of gallons of waste water, USA Today Snapshots, Buff Bake, UYD LIVE in Toronto, and stay tuned for "Talking Uhh Yeah Dude".

UYD: Bring us on, then break us off.

Episode 503

Happy Cinco De Mayo, virgin micheladas, Captain D's, slow serious, gathering marijuana usage data, Emmy Award Winner Craig Ferguson, Rick Fox on Celebrity Name Game, Bob Marley's "Don't Worry, Be Happy", roided up Mexican meat, The League comes to LA, all the best Seth's, Mr. Leather International, USA Today Snapshots, UYD still kickin' on Reddit, Harris Wofford gets out there, disrupting gas stations, ScooperMan, preparing for the really big one, the crumbling buildings of Hobart Blvd, Seth's Makeshift Earthquake Kit, kill 'em dead at the hospital, National Building Safety Month, a computer smarter than all humans, seeing yourself from 4 feet away, and the 504 turning point.

Episode 502

American Hombres, guessing Canadians on Celebrity Name Game, the beat scats of Matisyahu, Cheeseburger Bobby's, fuck you Steak 'n Shake, Roma The Rooster, voting on your birthday, Seth's first election, Clutter Inc., Jonathan gets magazine grifted, scam trackers, circling back to some apps, Jonathan goes corporate, saying goodbye to Sport Chalet, saying goodbye to Ben Franklin's, Shakti Fest, Mayor of the Ren Faire, USA Today Snapshots, National Photo Month, praying and polishing, the emotional connection of cash, a fast nickel beats a slow dime, Ask Jonathan, and you gotta wear clothes.

UYD: Coagulated Energy.

Episode 501

The Levi's Episode, Jonathan's new whip, Doc Popcorn, Seth's 23 and Me results, Neanderthal variants, legacy landlines, even more skits on SNL, Guide to Joy, vapor wake dogs, Soberchella, skid row's drug kingpin, sodas over sex, America loves to party, saying good bye to The Colonial Bowling Center, smokehouse BBQ cat food, burner homes, WWTKD?, don't sleep on Mother's Day, Down To Lunch, The Real Ones, casual caveman rape talk, from Clooney to Steve-O, Ask Jonathan, "The servers in the cloud!", National Meditation Month, USA Today Snapshots, UYD Live in Toronto, and the history of Yukon Gold Potatoes.

Episode 500

Episode 500 Live from The Regent Theater in Los Angeles CA, hot cold soup talk, dipping back into Craigslist, Joel Osteen tweets, two actors in a jail cell, 14 years of Seth sobriety, a pre 9-11 couch, the world's oldest living person, remembering Gertrude Baines, Couples Appreciation Month, cyber man-wife, the many movies of Robert O'Neill, #getfried, Chinese Product Recalls, postcards from Korea, Seth's genealogy report, the world's biggest roller coaster, a unique ongoing connect, plumbing is coming to Bonnaroo, Jonathan's pee break, Hip Hop/Country Song of the Week, Ask Jonathan, rouge Dr. Hansen's, USA Today Snapshots, Weed/Horse/Mind's Eye, happy birthday LSD, stolen shoe fetish, JAH!-nathan's Poetry, This Week In Florida, expansive gestures, getting aroused when touching a robot, a special thanks to the mom's and dad's, and UYD live in Toronto.

Episode 499

Preparing for the primero episode, Seth Tomatellim, the best state for retirement, acquiring more states, the limited vision of Jake Gyllenhaal, Seth shoots Michael Jordan, Only In Your State, just the right amount of burn with edible candles, Jonathan's chop stick skills, The World Championship Cheese Contest, trusting in the government, the most popular dog, the late fees of The San Jose Public Library, congrats Craig Ferguson. mama mia that's a lot of Star Wars, the deadly speed of the Texas Rat Snake, digital doorbells, saying good bye to Les Bois Park, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Jonathan, Silicon Beach, and stranger things have happened.

Episode 498

Crunching numbers, inventing the baby carrot, USA Today Snapshots, tiny little pies on Gigolos, the internet makes up some great stories, co-living is the realist world, The Wavy Gravy Movie, America's favorite non-Californian quick service restaurants, Chipotle burgers, more plastic than fish, switching identities in jail, who invented Brunswick stew?, Jonathan's survival stories, Jim Nantz eats burnt toast, "LIVE! with Blondes and Michael", my angel is a Twitter Bot, Contact In The Desert, the Obama face peel, share your Stihl story, saying good bye to El Paso Blockbusters, not your mama's flower delivery services, befriending someone in their 20's, and we are on the road to 1000.

Episode 497

Seth's Mom on the mic for St. Patrick's Day, wine/tissues/band-aids, going behind the curtain on The Young and The Restless, Play-My-Way at the Massachusetts casino, P22 eats a koala, The Great Backyard Bird Count, is there a Bradford in every state?, no more Mouth Dance's, stealing a pregnant woman's car, loose lug nuts and short shorts, twin aunts and twin uncles, Ellen loves to dance/scare, male mosquito traps, #momstrong, Wearables: OUT, Internables: IN, iodine in the baby oil, glasses cases and bibles, USA Today Snapshots, Asparagus Night, toiletries at The Knickerbocker Hotel, visiting Venice Beach, the Hollywood lot life, grand theft arson, fuck Swingers, Blanket just got laced, robots are taking over, Seth's Poetry Corner, and Marcia's music picks.

Episode 496

Born ready, smell the way Rob Lowe feels, 2 bros and a kid, HGH Extractions and Twitter Bots, E.W. done it again, Mike Jones wants his number back, Uhh Yeah Dude Studios, National Holy Humor Month, Sandler killing all games, USA Today Snapshots, the glove-to-face contact of Hoarders, going to see the stairs of The Untouchables, the wigs of Sean Connery, on call masseuses, Generation Z behind the wheel, blame the parking in Portland, 60 Days In, everyday pilots, fire hydrant baby, a super computer for your ears, do-lo nanny, Break-Up Nightmare, shout out to Joel Berti, saying good bye to The Old Town Coffee Tea & Spice, and people need volumes.

Episode 495

DMD vs DDP, Broken Wand Ceremonies, National Social Work Month, Bro-Science, imagining a hot nurse, vulgar tees and tats, The Cray Supercomputer, Singularity Smart Toilets, real dogs for real people, no more Hawaiian student/teacher bone-downs, Straight Outta Central Casting, scorpion colanders, USA Today Snapshots, remembering The Red Hot Chili Peppers, saying goodbye to Belmont Iceland, getting into hockey, INs and OUTs, becoming one with your office chair, Universal's best parking spots, live and alive for 500, and where has 2016 gone?

UYD: A work in progress.

Episode 494

What do you have in common with Katt Williams?, things pop off at the Fort Collins Walmart's, male on male drugging at The Yeti, Jonathan on Yelp, Pick Me Up So I Can See Jesus, the sexual proclivities of female fruit flies, saying goodbye to Humphrey Yogart, mercury poisoning at The Kiddie Kollege, The Global Poker League, The $1,000,000 Hump, gay dating sites, INs and OUTs, once a Rasta always a Rasta, Seth visits The Wizarding World, the pervert dupe house, Trejo's Gay Ghetto Tacos, National Workplace Eye Wellness Month, USA Today Snapshots, a giant leap for meth, UYD LIVE for 500, and what's that track, Seth?.

Episode 493

2016 for life, live and alive, Slice Intelligence, illegal pesticides in all the food Seth eats, no vegan slices, USA Today Snapshots, enthusiastic about pizza, a fine bronze stache, National Adopt A Guinea Pig Month, aiming lasers at airplanes, factoring in all airline accidents, how old is Chris Brown?, saying good bye to The Sub & Pub, the hidden sex offenders of Kansas schools, a rise in firearms on planes, the world's largest ballooning and music festival, truer than a dream, taking the brain games out of football, the first accident with a self driving car, hospital hackers, the sexy B.O. of garlic eaters, The Aetherius Society, and one step closer on the road to 500.

Episode 492

10 years of being off mic, the cost of parking in Lawrence KS, a darker side of hyper-mobility, first time vids, what's chipotle?, audibly observing, Celebrity Name Game, Superman Memory Crystals, The 75th Annual Daytona Bike Week, sober hog roasts, Whitey Bulger's bulges, cardboard cops, National Supply Management Month, most popular porn search terms, she's my fuck-mom, USA Today Snapshots, Seth's TV Picks, avocados in the mail, The Museum of Broken Relationships, roll it back 6 hours for daylights saving, everyone's swappin' faces, 12 seasons of Ghost Adventures, there's a demon in the wheatgrass, Ins and Outs, 4 day school weeks, saying goodbye to The Oakland Tribune, no offense for the dead, and storing your podcasts for 13 billion years.

Episode 491

I wanna have some fun, Bait TSA, the return of Gigolos, Judge Brace Land, big data on eBay, numerous fake doctors in Florida, shake out your deja vu, New Orleans street science, teacher misconduct, too many DF's to be DTF, USA Today Snapshots, you're never going to work for NASA, Pepsi Kola House, The Scientology mailing list, watermelon and Bud Light, thumbs down for the southwest Florida eagle cam, everything's coming up 90's for Jay Leno, which que are you?, National "Play The Recorder" Month, what instrument gets you the most laid?, free Chipotle, menu fatigue, Red Lobster tweets, saying goodbye to The Magic Shop, the return of Terry Crosby, Will Smith's black balls, UYD LIVE for ep 500, Ask Jonathan, and Every Lot LA.

Episode 490

Four Hundred and Nine-tee, your wig will split for The Hollywood Vampires, rapping with Mike Muscala, National Low Vision Awareness Month, aliens are into Seth Clips, Celebrity Name Games, seeking Alaskan teachers, #LiveLike88, saying goodbye to Video Paradise, locking dates for Transformers, 55" is too small, robot bellhops, how tall are little people?, KarTent, 60 Days In, Casper Mattresses and Burgerim, the porn choices of virgin mice, creating a gay mega-club, McDonald's vs In-N-Out, MRE-37, the joys of driving, Jonathan almost gets grifted at the dealership, USA Today Snapshots, The Wrong Swipe, and UYD Live for 500.

Episode 489

2006 for life, Happy Birthday UYD, Tom Arnold on coke on Celebrity Name Game, Taran Quantino, baby steps with Pepsi Max, saying good bye/hello to Black Sabbath, vaginal microbiomes, Fexofenadine helps you party right, vaginal seeding parties, Playboy moved to the bottom rack, Uhh Yeah Tween Girl, Manson's Lost Girls, singer submissions for STP, a lot of food information, The Shrimp Lover, Burger King hot dogs, Opioid-Induced Constipation, space is way smaller than you think, Lay's Flavor Swap, USA Today Snapshots, surrounded by dead dogs and crying families, Seth goes to Hawaiian Gardens Casino, quirky weddings for 2016, Extreme Master Barbers, make weed illegal again, Waive Car, app base the idea to the cloud, saying goodbye to My Brother's BBQ, "Sayo', Kemosabe", banning all pornography, boning down in the 80's, take charge of your frown lines, and thank you for 10 years. 2026 for life.

Episode 488

A supplement party, buff and smiling, abandoning all rules on Celebrity Name Game, getting dirty with Dov Charney, the rush to 500, UYD's Birthday Month, too manly to go paleo, mites eating our eyebrow dander, The Navajo Nation Fire Department, what does it mean to be "Made in the USA"?, ain't too proud to beg, The Stop Light of Madison County, The Official State Soup, Chi-coli, Ben & Jerry's Vegan frozen non-dairy dessert, Jonathan's cashless trip to Italy, it's always Earth Day with UYD, Seth's TV Picks, kids doing taxes, Baby Mechanic, USA Today Snapshots, underwear splinters, Opie Larroquette, are you ready for some Potter?, National Therapeutic Recreation Month, Tat Chat, saying good bye to The Peter Pank Diner, smaller iPhone's, Dirty Grambo, sponsoring Matthew Perry, upcoming movie based TV shows, check out Seth's posts on Twitter, and unfocus your eyes to focus your lives.

Episode 487

Seth's in love with a bot, China's clean air cinemas, White Men Can't Air, Two Colors Of The Year, giants playing giants, the most "moved-to" state in 2015, saying good bye to Alfredo's, Seth watches 10 hours of Godfather, life's too short to not know who you are, EDM's Oscars, talkin' bout that Kitten Bowl, smoking coaches, flight attendant's bomb threats, Quilt-chella, I am Zildjian, South of Wilshire, dipping back into The Personality Parade, National "Return Shopping Carts To The Supermarket" Month, Seth gets a new can opener, do you align?, saying good bye to Charles Osgood, making conference calls cool, the warning signs of memory loss, the warning signs of memory loss, Adult ADHD, Shaun White buys a volcano, are your winter gloves making you sick?, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, X-Files looked cool, and a decade of decadence.

Episode 486

Don't get caught up in the numbers, master actor Paul Giamatti, 7 hours of The Godfather, rewatching all Super Bowls, the NFL's first female assistant coach, National "Be On Purpose" Month, Penthouse still exists, the largest prime number, The Friendliest LGBT Colleges, USA Today Snapshots, the exact location of the Salem Witch Trials, Operation Frost Bite, drinking in the cold, saying good bye to Hawaiian sugar, saying good bye to Sweet N Low, What's The Haps With These Apps?, Hollywood's go-to medium, Cinnamon Bun Oreos, The Best Countries Report, Hollywood The Elk, the return of Celebrity Name Game, getting whipped up by manipulative TV shows, Seth and Kathryn Bigelow go to jury duty, and real talk IRL.

Episode 485

No interviews for substitute teachers, fudging the numbs with lot lizards, do people visit Twitter on their desktop?, digital adult coloring books, Seth's Super Bowl commercials, Hooch doesn't expect tipping, 101 Little Known Facts About Michael Jordan, no advice from online vets, JW's worked it out, Chinese Grindr, rooming with Hugh Hefner, more Korean Postcards, there's always parties in the USA, 2016 Flavor Trends, the return of Hollywood Game Night, The Guiding Principles of Verde Valley, saying goodbye to Bel Air Camera, saying good bye to Aadlen Brothers Auto Wrecking, Season's Over!!!, The Mark Cuban of Cubans, the dumbest things you can do with Powerball money, National Radon Action Month, USA Today Snapshots, and having your car towed from the airport.

Episode 484

Live from Cobb's Comedy Club in San Francisco CA, the lights are bright and the volume is quiet, dedicated to Shrimp Boy, postcards from South Korea, pet hedgehogs, California Dried Plum Digestive Health Month, lying about your gains, USA Today Snapshots, UYD goes back to school, you can't hide Guy Fieri, practicing your "quick draw", Batman Fans v Superman Fans, Seth dips on Star Wars, do you actually like your car?, getting grifted by jelly beans, share your hotel room with a stranger, Ask Jonathan, taking it back to 2006, the return of Sam Champion, Seth on the slopes, The Superbowl en espanol, saying goodbye to The Roosevelt Tamale Parlor, thieving teenage boys, the cost of being wrongly imprisoned, Shazaming micro quakes, Jonathan watches Making A Murderer, 2016 AVN Awards, The Tranny Bunch, Who's Mommin' Harder?, The Dinosaur Dance Floor, Jonathan on a hoverboard, Whoopi to the rescue, and terminated gyroscopics.

Episode 483

The last episode of 2015, just look up "anal prolapse", saying goodbye to The Top Spot Drive Inn, The B-Dubs Sauce Lab, RIP KPH, living the Twitter dream, Hot Dog Pringles, Spike's Leather Club, Linen Daddies, Eternal Summer, Dr. Hunches looks in your holes, The Chaturbate Battlefield, UYD LIVE at SF Sketchfest, don't stumble your sex words, National Get A Balanced Life Month, it's time to start planning for Valentine's Day, USA Today Snapshots, The Greatest Sutter, the coolest person to win the lottery, obstruction of marriage business, an extended tax deadline, Christmas Eve fireworks, Layaway Angels, lobsterless lobster rolls, coffee that works, Cherokee Bibles, Seth in a sweat lodge, the definition of "Minx", and is Twitter still cool?

#HollywoodMoring #Blessed #Sweat #Electrolytes

Episode 482

What more can you say... it's the holidays, The 84th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, harvesting the organs of The Falun Dafa, the understaffed highway patrol, a year end weigh up, The Screenplay Blacklist, The Gopher Tail Bounty, The Uhh Yeah Dude Ranch, Ridiculous 6 vs Hateful 8, how do you buy light bulbs?, Seth's Red Stool, Bait Packages, The Cocaine Trade, field trip to the post office, celebrating every religious holiday, The Death Clock, A$AP Roma, Ride Amigos, UYD LIVE at SF Sketchfest, Seth helms the UYD Twitter, The Jim Twins, National Bingo Birthday Month, USA Today Snapshots, Ask The Captain, keeping an eye on PSY, Coldstone buys Pinkberry, A Rubbermaid/Coleman/Sunbeam Combo, saying goodbye to Santa Monica Radiator, Jonathan and The Aoki's, and your first set of non-familial boobs.

#Holllywood #Blessed #Bella

Episode 481

Not scared for 2016, remembering your first Starbucks, locally sourced Spike Lee burgers, 25 years of Lollapalooza, Brokeback Fountain, meeting Scott Weiland, stay clean babe, parents talking shit about their fucked up kids, saying goodbye to Bove's, support your shitty local businesses, Pimp My Sundance, UYD Live in San Fran, lost weekends in The Castro, double pissing before Spotlight, hermaphrodite deers, Transgender Modeling Agencies, USA Today Snapshots, Hollywood street coyotes, The Montreal Steak Burger, Vegan Bashing, getting cold reads from John Edwards, Informed Delivery, UYD Greeting Card Co., man has intervened in your salmon, THC Breathalyzers, The Founders, phasing out the office Christmas party, Jonathan tries to shoot guns, National Youngsters On The Air Month, and Uhh Yeah Fuck Off.

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Merch. Website. Patreon. Tell a friend. Voicemail.

Episode 480

Stateside UYD, National Hand Washing Awareness Week, first time diners, The Largest Costco on the Planet, The Whiskey Barrel Bar, Voice Portals, The Jitterbug Smartphone, Seth gets his Star Wars tickets, The Rain Room, UYD at SF Sketchfest, Seth's celebrity friends, Hadean Zircons are a waste of time, motorcycle caskets, saying goodbye to Straus Clothing, Seth: The Gossiping Hairdresser, Tinder for Seniors, Super Likes, Seth's Jitterbug email, school trips ruined by terrorism, Rent Watch with Anky Van Deursen, Psychic Love Grifts, counting sheep with your car, Xiaflex for celtic hands and curved penises, Chipotle-coli, keep your cilantro out my guac, USA Today Snapshots, analyzing relationships tones, screaming at your significant other, and new UYD Holiday Merch is on the way.

Episode 479

The 2nd Skypisode, Man plans: God laughs, Jonathan's English accent, calling the Butterball Hotline, reflecting on Thanksgiving, you just win, hotels become one, the all new Mapquest, delivery man Seth, Paint-Shield, 406 4 Life, crafty on the 808's, Seth's TV Picks, delivery doctors, Celebrity Name Game, a somber time for comedy, library treadmills, The Windiest Cities in America, TV dicks everywhere, crying for autistic kids, saying goodbye to Braslau's, Facebook TV, The Internet Dollar Store, Self Defense Spears, The Fichera Hustle, Ask Jonathan, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Seth watches the second Purge, "I love to play with dead bodies", USA Today Snapshots, Seth's App's of the Week, is Rob Morrow a star?, The International Big Mac, and prepping is a healthy hobby.

Episode 478

UYD's first ever Skypisode, Jonathan's world travels, UYD's first international episode, shutting down American institutions, Walgreens buys Rite Aid, getting jumped in Honolulu, old fashioned pain killers, NOx-rocks, a nation of ravers, John Mayer and The Grateful Dead, The Playboy Advisor, amateur porn rates, kale smoothies in high school cafeterias, a lot of new Celebrity Name Game, 25 years of Jerry Springer, USA Today Snapshots, Seth's earbuds, 2015 interview questions, what races use Redbox?, coffee and politics, pre pro for storms, depressed interns, #hollywoodblessed, doctors on probation, sensual Skype, there is no substitute for a good trail map, poisoning your teacher, new aged pranks, slow motion butts, Seth Clips Vol. 23, 17 new christmas movies, a stabber's slip and slide, pickled fish/simple pranks, and UYD flash drives/new UYD merch is on it's way.

Episode 477

Jonathan visits his friend Europe, Be Ready Magazine, sex in the apocalypse, Detroit's panhandling laws, Ask AAA-Amy, The GoPro Sombrero, Ragnar The Viking, USA Today Snapshots, selling fake Babe Ruth baseballs, missing teeth hurts your employability, small smiles, rocking the mall, snake bites at the zoo, hot day for a hippo, shutting down Toby Keith's Bar and Grill, shutting down Santa Fe's last gay bar, National Pet Diabetes Awareness Month, the Hollywood Hills party house, tweens are hungry for Wishbone, Ask Yotta-than, bear fisting, smelling death, shortest flirt, Steven Soderbergh's Choose Your Own Adventure, housing age discrimination, partying in nature, and force a friend to listen this week.

Episode 476

Are American Spirits natural?, gazing your eyes at baseball, cigarette experts, Bill Fixers, getting grifted by credit companies, The Ultimate Women's Expo, Pre-yonce, Canadian caterpillars, Muscle Monsters, bury me with a Four Loko, LA's champion water hog, Reese Witherspoon's overpriced totes, Rick Owens' dick pants, reliving the life of Muggsy Bouges, profiling Highland Park, stealing from the elderly, stealing from sacred burial grounds, Jonathan smokes with Native Americans, saying goodbye to The Maple Street Book Shop, Breakfast Battles, USA Today Snapshots, saying goodbye to Playboy, The National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art, remaking Black Rain, tattoo removal stats, and preparing for 1 Billion websites.

Episode 475

Working on your David Lee Roth kicks, is Matt Damon interested in exploring space?, the deers come out at dusk, National Class Reunion Month, swingers and widowers, highly sexual superlatives, killing a meter maid, the best restaurant names in America, Jonathan's European travels, Seth thinking of travel/murder, October heat, Seth's TV Picks, Detroit Halloween, The Great Arizona Shakeout, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Finale, credit card chips, paying for a car with cash, how do you celebrate 10 years?, no time for ice cream, shipping foliage, Amazon's Etsy, selling snow, Demi Lovato has everything, Ask Jonathan, easy oil changes, Ghost Truck, USA Today Snapshots, the world doomed Brad and Jen, and being sold into sex slavery.

Episode 474

What are your holiday plans?, PSL come and gone, Seth meets Mesereau, the mispronunciations of Peter Facinelli, Hollywood gutter germs, drinking more than a German, is Super Troopers funny?, scaring your kids with Snapchat, the return of Celebrity Name Game, in-studio dog gazing, Bilingual Child Month, Seth's TV Picks, Songs of Experience, Edge's drops, Tony Romo's bones will heal, leave my Country Crock broken, fish full of fibers, Bruce Jenner steals his son's girlfriend's name, "You can't kill yourself in Kim's bedroom.", Tacopocalypse is anti-brittle bone disease, jam sessions with The Pope, tarantula mating season, Bradley Cooper speaks French, maize maze, Steve McQueen is my favorite Gambit, The Ellis Act, The Playboy Advisor, Yelp for people, respect my pronouns, Patreon has been compromised, don't show up in a "dick car", a crazy week in O'Fallon MO, killing Watson, does the Clara app have boobs?, UYD Flash Drives are on their way, and did Fargo get True Detectived?

UYD: The elder statesman of podcasting.

Episode 473

Live from The Gramercy Theatre in New York City, Happy Birthday Roma, 3 days without weed, The 2016 Ford Police Interceptor, the average age of US bridges, naked New Jersey, Hip Hop/Country Song of the Week, having the same phone number for life, diagnose this dick, The Country's Best License Plates, no longer selling recalled cars, USA Today Snapshots, people that Seth is older than, no more Halloween Horror Nights for the deaf, the country's first live exorcism, banned self-serve gas stations, The "Live More" Mentalities, racist Chicken and Waffles, Icon Academy, falling back in love with Ashton, does a termite have a mother?, Ask Jonathan, Seth meets Jonathan's dogs, the worst things you do whilst on the road, a non-religious repent, getting harassed by Illinois vaccinators, there's no black SEALs, The Hipster Project, National Passport Awareness Month, The World's Best Stenographer, using half your income to pay rent, and who is Rodney Bingenheimer?

Episode 472

Live from The Gramercy Theatre in New York City, the lost episode, nothing but fruits, introducing your Miss America's, rich monster Elon Musk prepares to nuke Mars, pickpocketing Heyzuz, the average payout from The Tooth Fairy, the most accurate clocks in the world, getting cockblocked by the FDA, The Finders of Grindr, meeting strangers, Ask Jonathan, needing Seth's email and cell phone number, the country's oldest bowling alley, philosophy for children, bendable 14 year olds, National Fall Hat Month, Money Talk, NFL player names, spotting Moby in the wild, you lost me at Rahu, Season 2 of Celebrity Name Game, September Travel Warnings, Norsk Høstfest, canceling Sam Champion, USA Today Snapshots, OUT: Kale, IN: Moringa, bribing your mailman, getting ready for a midlife crisis, and Uhh Yeah Elijah.

Episode 471

The ON AIR Countdown, The Beloit College Mindset List, my dad's older friend, UYD's new P.O. BOX, America's Best/Worst Pun Business Names, National Backpack Awareness Month, remembering Mark Sheeler, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, Google Searches by state, OKSlipknot, inappropriate doctor stories, stealing shit from dead people, when to talk to your kids about alcohol, smoking sherm with your mom, exploring new themes on Bella and The Bulldogs, car accidents on game days, car accidents with self driving cars, The Great All Car Crash, a BFA in YouTube, UYD's NY plans, examining the water at Camp Lejeune, the side effects of Belsomra, and tripping on a runner's high.

Episode 470

Live from The Royale in Boston MA, comedy at dusk, the 3rd member of UYD, Jonathan walks 20 miles, The Playboy Advisor, doming one's self, the most common used emojis in Massachusetts, no definitive summer jam, Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders are not in real time, National "Get Ready For Kindergarten" Month, get back in the sandbox, the price you pay for shredded lats, another tier of dog obedience, 18 year old truck drivers, too early for Dirty Water, 1500 people a day at The Goonies House, falling short of the world's underwear record, fudging your cyber vitals, smart police belts, thermal imaging food trucks, USA Today Snapshots, splitting your pants on the dance floor, Who's Mommin' Harder?, psychopaths don't sympathy yawn, send Jesus to the door, preparing for killer robots, Hollywood Game Night, deep voiced politicians, hunting licenses for newborns, pigs : OUT, goats : IN, Home Depot prepares for Burning Man, stepping in stage gum, we need more tolls, snow storm babies, and a 2nd batch of USA Today Snapshots.

Episode 469

Exploring the long form, tattooed confessions, Jonathan's prison photos, prisoners collecting unemployment, Ray Hagen will read you a book, saying goodbye to Mitzi Friedlander, the power of Brad Pitt's voice, mother / daughter phone usage, the juggling of families, the power of a shaved head, sequencing online genomes, aspergers sperm, autographed Sports Illustrateds, "That's Fucking Incredible" starring Seth and Jonathan, LIFE takes some liberties, and check out UYD Live in Boston or New York.

UYD: All Day.

Episode 468

Live from The Regent Theater in Los Angeles CA, Zoë Kravitz's dad's dick, Chinese Product Recalls, the return of Hollywood Game Night, The Enchanted Forest Festival, niche bands, how wolf spiders get off, the deep cuts of Counting Crows, congrats to Jen Aniston, Chevy Chase's thoughts on The Daily Show, National Catfish Month, getting honest with the parking attendant, Chef Q vs Chef Justine, Give Me A Reason, upcoming MTV True Life's, Peep's autumn line up, don't get duped by season 2 of True Detective, this is the Cowboy's year, The Dance has seen better days, get your vagina stoned, the pizza police, preparing for the Star Wars takeover, Jonathan goes to Denny's, a shortage of St. Cloud bus driver's, turning voicemails to texts, The Seer Stone is proof, landline only, Ask The Captain, Ask Jonathan, robotic umpires, USA Today Snapshots, Happy 38th Birthday, becoming Facebook official, and a 50 year old's porn habits.

Episode 467

Live from The Aladdin Theatre in Portland OR, it's not easy leaving the house, Seth's blood work gets hacked, your phone knows when you're depressed, Seth Clips Sideways 8, motorcycle pet peeves, saying "I love you" to your dog, how many pies could a bear eat?, USA Today Snapshots, the streets are real in Vegas, South Korean Postcards, cracking down on talent scams, a Sci-Ti Takeover, thank you for your Patreon support, National Hair Loss Awareness Month, Ask Jonathan, booze root beer, carrying an umbrella in Seattle, the sleep deprived brain, crazy people like to smoke, don't do zip lines, reading the body language of horses / children, Lion's Head Meatballs, masculinity impaired, carrying around a rat in a bag, nothing is illegal anymore, outer space stamps, the mail service in East Hollywood, another Elvis stamp, and all merch problems should be solved shortly.

Episode 466

Live from The Neptune Theater in Seattle WA, National Shop Online For Groceries Month, a single man shouldn't buy 12 bananas, linked brains, a rat themed evening, South Korean postcards, Seth's Sidewalk Poetry, Car Airbnb, AAA Advisor, Ask Jonathan, Enjoy your electronics, USA Today Snapshots, thank goodness for in-house recordings, listening to your chi, 2006 was a sexy year, Seth Clips Vol. 22, stop gun shaming, you can't roll solo in the shooting range, Rodent Casino, Jonathan's new tattoo, redundant twin tattoos, love letter matter, The Heart Attack Grill goes "vegan", Spade Tweets, fake it to you make it in math, reverse midas touch, why haven't you made a will?, James Ellroy gets two generations of Romatelli, Hollywood Locals Only, Jonathan says goodbye to The Dead, a fluid spectrum of bee sex, new dorms, Ibuprofen will kill you, and the UYD Live tour continues.

UYD: Harbingers of Failure.

Episode 465

Thank you for all the kind words and/or gestures, professional comedians, dipping back into the Sunday Funnies, the luxury of bathing, open-air showers, running out of What Would You Do's, Instant Bounty Hunter, Miss America hits a tight spot, Master P's Family Empire, the return of The Monkees, when we lost The Jabbawockeez, prison tweets, millennials with adventurous palates, all people care about is Chipotle, Seth's dad at the flea market, everyone on TV ends up dead, how loud is your neighborhood?, USA Today Snapshots, carrying clean urine, beautiful like her father, Antonio Banderas sells Don Jonnson's homes, National Bioterrorism and Disaster Education Awareness Month, designer bug-out kits, Ask Jonathan, The VibeSquad, live mind fractals, The Backrooms with Jonathan and Seth, Mozayac Konnektiznzz, no more Dick-Sucker Bots, science has become Pepsi Max, get your tickets for UYD Live, and put down the Oculus.

Episode 464

A palindrome episode, saying goodbye to the first half of 2015, The Playboy Advisor, homegrown opioids and artisanal H, saying good bye to The Dukes of Hazzard, cricket milkshakes, protest the protein, hot tix for Jerry Seinfeld live, tinkering in the off season, Malt Shop Oldies, Tyga's breakfast juice, USA Today Snapshots, the gardener always comes on Thursdays, NPR PBS UYD... please help support the show, shutting down Net Clicks, exploring the Sykesville Auxiliary Police Department, Yay!!!, National Dog House Repair Month, how many people can you trust?, the most endangered places, pick up 2 pieces of trash everyday, Seth's brother / son, Utah loves it's candy, spitting out beers, flavor trip your muscles, Jonathan says goodbye to The Dead, UYD LIVE in a city near you, support your local dildo shop, and evolving feelings towards Hollywood Game Night.

Episode 463

Grown ass man things, big changes for Musso and Frank's, Seth gets Fast & Furious, a new transvestite dawn, get your tickets for all of the UYD Live Shows, no Uber for landlines, Seth's Birthday Game, Preaching Bootcamp, taking your guns on vacation, fecal covered swimming holes, hanitizer, The Cabo Cantina takes over LA, Rusty McMullets, Hog Wrestling - Out / Monster Truck Rally - In, a blue cheese / ranch mix up, popping off with fast casuals, noodle burritos, Go Roma, all coaches are creeps, radio spots and blood bracelets, what's up with weird religions?, The Dames n' Games Fight Club, no more Moonshine Task Force, National Share A Sunset With Your Lover Month, man-stresses, high tech old people monitoring, USA Today Snapshots, the length of phone interviews, still no summer jam, the greatest generation must have stunk, and murdered by BLC.

UYD: A passion for simple perfection.

Episode 462

A new soldier in the UYD army, Michigan Detroit, the wildcard of conventions, Seth's new motherboard, nerd germs at E3, What Would You Do - Throwback Thursdays, movie money in Anniston AL, SethCloud gets you half way there, bold choices all around for the Lincoln County Sheriff, people still on that dial up, remembering Pre-FOX TV, no internet at sea, Throttle Policy, Camp Mars, In The Yurt With Jared, my parent is in porn, Dear Jonathan, Holly Madison went down the rabbit hole, vaccinate your grandparents, ripped babies, behind closed lab doors, free small coffee for all military personnel, 8600 deadly elevators in Boston, the science of left to right, a BFA in Comedy, muster up the strength to come see UYD Live, and be kind this week.

Episode 461

The return of the late night episode, a DVR for internet browsing, the audience is half of the poem, new Olympic sports, Dallas Cowboys Tech, Shanty Music, Camaro research, paparazzi proof airport lounges, alcohol smugglers, Bella and The Bulldogs Jewish Cuckolding, get your UYD Summer Tour tickets now, The 2015 Xtreme Eating Awards, catfished by sweet tea, USA Today Snapshots, the immune kill list, no more body testing, my American drinking problem, dependent cheaters, don't sleep on Father's Day, National Skyscraper Month, blaze on the boats, a special thanks to Sheriff Matt Gentry, only incompetent men ask for help, starting a school lunch tab, Seth returns to television, and The Haverhill High Class of 2014.

Episode 460

Multiple technicalities, The Lying Bludys, National Audio Book Appreciation Month, fresh balls for the NFL, Damon Spader stars in Joe Dirt 2, still loving E, Seth as Internet Repair Man #01, Bill Burr rides The Dance, cosmic rays for Mars travelers, an introduction by Fall Out Boy, all offense to Green Day, renting the Three's Company apartment today, online boating licenses, EDM-7UP, Fanpics is watching, more Hollywood street poetry, Jake Gyllenhaal transfers his molecules, bi-coastal bisexual B-day shows, Danny DeVito gets some festival strange, coffee keeps your boners right, the controversy on RuPaul's Drag Race, purchasing unplanned items, the return of What Would You Do?, we're on to Georgia's teacher of the year, and thank you Eleanor.

Episode 459

Lost French Easel, a bevy of UYD Live shows, drivers wanted in Missoula MT, what's up with the Sheff-machine?, stop this seismology, The Summer '15 Pride Schedule, reverse cowgirl causality, The Aesthetic Show, The Aging Male Face, Seth's Medical Breast Tumblr, The Playboy Advisor, psychic vampires, The Puerto Rican Shower, saying goodbye to Crazy Mike, The "Made In The USA" Open Call, fake French can openers, more regulations for pornography, world's collide in a Pepsi Max commercial, Maddison AL's first movie theater, you can trace all wrongs back to the white man, National Potty Training Awareness Month, USA Today Snapshots, republican pizzerias, the worst mosquitos in america, Me & Reiser, and ordained by Tartikoff.

Episode 458

Still on Denver Time, is Summer here?, Seth's Summer Jams, hot UYD tix available now, down trending baby names, S'moreos, no more Hit-coms, National Teen CEO Month, a Stripes / Richie Rich double bill at The New Beverly, last meal vegetable ratios, Shane Ray to play in Colorado, ethnic football leagues, smart piggy banks, CHNGSCRPPR, tagging bears, is autumn real?, scanning for kids trapped in cars, Cum Fund Me, olds and pop music, SPF 50 and up, where your D's at?, Pizza Hut Nav, Young Drone, Defensive Linewomen, Old Jail, Celebrity Name Game, we should all know who Susan Sarandon is, don't sleep on The Coke Museum, and introducing Intruder Spray.

Episode 457

Live from Terminal West in Atlanta GA, the most valuable fruit crop in Georgia, eating at Cracker Barrel, SEAL Team Seth, big baboon butts, Weed / Horse / Mind's Eye, Floyd Mayweather's Drago-Balboa workout, super strong robots, space junk, LA's only yoga festival, celebration of the divine feminine, Atlanta based Craigslist, Wisconsin organ donors, the best outings to bond with mom, the scent of twins, reliving the rat's death, The SunFest Music Festival, Jonathan meets Eddie Money, the healthy people of Cumming GA, Hawaiian food delivery, Verde Valley hits up the voice mail, National Home Schooling Awareness Month, renting Kurt Cobain's apartment, The Award Winning Celebrity Name Game, Chinese Product Recalls, Seth buys fireworks, false cannabis memories, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, the return of The Dangerous Meth Addict, pouring beer on Poor Bear, social media arrests, Thug Waffle, Air Hollywood, the return of The Clock, and white palm trees.

Episode 456

Live from the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville TN, everywhere a bachelorette party, Tennessee Titans Cheerleader auditions, open carry guns, visiting the East Nasty, RIP Dimebag tattoos, babies on phones, breakfast defectors, the senile rants of Larry King, chimp spines, Seinfeld's last appearance on Letterman, Jonathan's shorts, violent people with guns, free sunscreen dispensers, screen names on OkSeatbelts, getting carded in Tennessee, Ask Jonathan, Hip Hop / Country Song of the Week, Merle Haggard graduates high school, stolen mini bottles of booze, fruit shisha, National Moving Month, courthouse arrests, USA Today Snapshots, sharp biscuits, cleaning your brain cache, the pitfalls of The Apple Watch, saving the last Edith, preparing for the 2018 Academy Awards, knob-slobbing dads and wiped out moms, Uhh Yeah Train, and your praise is overwhelming / overdue. Cocksucker-belts.

Episode 455

Live from Club 50 West in Salt Lake City UT, traveling Chuck, Bloods & Crips / Ketchup & Mustard, mid-race pizza, entrusting your life story to Lifetime, your monologue ruined our wedding, USA Today Snapshots, The Stop Senior Scams Acting Troupe, The Self Storage Boom, 2 Chainz at the airport, No Lunks, distracted teen drivers, car buying apps, Teavana, 54% of people believe in ghosts, National Get Caught Reading Month, Ask Jonathan, doctors on planes, time changing babies, a round of applause for the ladies, giant bull cock restaurant, the pickiest eaters in Los Angeles, Celebrity Name Games, bringing back the Depp-Charger, Medibid, Dr. Pokeit, 2015 Arkansas Bigfoot Conference, New LA Skin Care, the voting lottery, $1000 septic fines, new slogans for Massachusetts, Michael Jackson's Children's Hospital, optimistic bias, Jonathan gets narced on Facebook, legal weed is cool, binge watching is king, and personal drinking shades.

Episode 454

Live from The Gothic Theatre in Englewood CO, Seth buys legal weed, Dabs toothbrush, Portuguese Sausage SPAM, canceling 40 weddings, hollaback for a dope SSRI, Stare Bugs, working with Adam Gadahn's cousin, texting while sexing, trans-shaming on Celebrity Name Games, USA Today Snapshots, The World's Biggest Surfboard, toxic oil cleansers, The Playboy Advisor, topless LA beaches, Mr. Ghetto is back, Wild Child at The Whisky A Go Go, Vinnie D's giant head in IMAX Laser, cutting LA's water consumption, Vichy Catalan, walking in a tsunami, National Smile Month, deceptive children, male nurses making bank, arrested over Jordan/Kobe iPhone/Android, an asian lady breaks Jonathan's phone, saying goodbye to Booth Babes, Prom Season on Pinterest, small bodied homo erectus, selling the Segway, grandpa abducts the wrong kid, Jonathan's dream state, indigo days turn into astral nights.

UYD: Stop staring. Stop comparing.

Episode 453

Life takes it out of you, Afro-futurism, Soul Bridging, Spiritual Adultery, attempt the amazing at a UYD Live show, aging baby miracles, court-side couch-side, men's bitch voices, Happy Birthday Earth, The Lovetuner, Happy Birthday Hef, living in Furious 7, National Pest Management Month, Jonathan vs the rat, 1/1000th Pamunkey, The Biggest Hooters in the World, 650 lb life beyond Earth, USA Today Snapshots, peeing on rattlesnake wounds, hornless cows, West Virginians on Oxys, cancer gets real, The Keene Pumpkin Festival, reasons to not donate to The Verde Valley School, the history of ancestry.com, and apologizes to Paton Oswalt.

Episode 452

Wow... It's Seth, Congratulations to Patrick Smith: Mr. LA Leather, The Google Fiber Tour, Fury 325, 10,000 people turning 65 everyday, NMG, Robo-Jaws, the mouth is the hole to the soul, rocking a Chevrolet, drive like your kids live here, social pork, brain cheese, dank ribs, The US has opioids on lock, South Jersey Mom, National Confederate History Month, The Playboy Advisor, The RattleSkate Gang, USA Today Snapshots, Cletus's Lawn Service, The Native Americans of Oz, going down an MJ Rabbit Hole, drone drop off, and watch what you say in your 50 dB conversations.

Episode 451

Officially on the road to 500, Things Seth Learned on the Monster-web, Sunday's a day for buying cars and buying booze, back to back to back to back LIVE UYD Shows, Conscience Letters, Life Scents, toppled gravestones, a little late for tornado clean-up, a club for scumbags, bears and chocolate don't mix, the cornerstone of the New Hampshire film circuit, dominating the next new app, excessive hotel charges and free hotel booze, Stalked By My Neighbor and Killer Crush, Challenger wanted / nerd needed, what that mouth do?, USA Today Snapshots, a tooth should be worth a gallon of gas, JNCO's are making a comeback, who will be the new Queen of Coachella?, National Workplace Conflict Awareness Month, manhole explosions, Ask Jonathan, uphold your agreements. and re-emerging as Joh-nas.

Episode 450

Technology runs amuck, the return of Dr. Hansen, get your tickets now for the mini-UYD tour, Floyd Mayweather's time in jail, sexting in surgery, scrubs are designed for thigh boners, whipping a bitch on Beyonce, Jonathan snubs Nicholson, 25 years of Seth behind the wheel, USA Today Snapshots, Ask The Captain, eliminating turbulence injuries, road rage on a driverless car, Shooter: The Series, so much TV to live for, Bosch Cooter, binge eating on broccoli, National Humorist Are Artists Month, only the A-Game at LIB, the top Spring Break destination, geo-locating your videos, birthing in the wild, vape your baby's placenta, snitching on the bus driver, The Junior Diarrhea Pig Show, and breaking the internet on purpose.

Episode 449

In the lab with Biebs, Caterpillar Inc. doesn't pay taxes, H&R Pop Up, Seth and Jonathan will be attending all 4 UYD Live Shows, a bats and pipes brawl, USA Today Snapshots, high tech tennis rackets, deteriorating gameplay, delivering juice to your bushes, 24/7 Pilot Season, banning chewing tobacco in baseball, Which Wich brings back The Black Bean Patty, Seth is the ultimate Celebrity Name Game Coach, step aside Tetris, Tinder Plus, 1990's encryptions lead to your shit getting taken, turning your J's into beans, Jah's digi-come up, no work emails after hours, how much are towels?, Ask Jonathan, the solar eclipse cruise, National Color Therapy Month, Jonathan's deep pocket, and Seth begins plans for 500.

Episode 448

Fear not Ep 448, the correct line up for the UYD Spring Tour, fuck Wise Guys, the ultimate Michael Jordan tribute band, the 2 podcasts of Pauly Shore, learning to ride/die on a motorcycle, river rat fail compilations, gypsy scratchers, fast approaching St. Patrick's Day, preparing to break Celebrity Name Game, National Ethics Awareness Month, a recap of Oscar highlights, drug use at The Ultra Music Festival, Designer DJ CNG, Seth Clips Vol. 21, a gold tooth for J-Dawg Sr., don't smoke/do floss, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Jonathan, finding facts about weed, kidding about kidnapping, ski jumping high schoolers, the crime of hair dying, Kid Rock sings about better songs, saying goodbye to Man Men, and writing a song about your lost G N' R tape.

Episode 447

Happy Birth-UYDay, UYD coming to a town near you, the first talkies in Denver, read your comedian's bio beforehand, The Land of Dumb Italians, USA Today Snapshots, the return of Intervention, National Spunky Old Broads Month, the last Friend alive, thoughts on Celebrity Name Game, an addiction to tanning, how's your winter?, police on herb, CSI Sapulpa, UberPool, Uber for Kids, red light pollution, Blade air freshener, Ask Jonathan, Seth steals paint cans, baby kale is not kale, waking up aliens, Little Fined Libraries, are chokers back?, butter and coffee, living amongst the alien elite, Grey Coupon, raw meat and fruit salads, there's only one Sully Sullenberger, Mountain Dew is not the internet, and stealing a plane of J's.

Episode 446

Happy Anniversary to The Pod Don's, Happy Birthday Jennifer Aniston, not living up to the mailman's creed, stolen tow trucks, under the bright lights of The Miss Universe Pagent / Celebrity Name Game, you can't pass on Bey, National Pull Your Sofa Off The Wall Month, Mario Lopez: Ninja Warrior, The Enfagrow Toddler Bowl, faces are up for grabs, USA Today Snapshots, Bella and The Bulldogs, Herda-hada net, if Riff Raff goes Sci-Ti, the mid-February April Fool's watch, a back to back mini UYD Live tour, overalls and backslapping, making tanks in our public libraries, AQUAhydrate and Moonshine, sexual subconscious caveman risks vs rewards, UYD Magazine, Steal / Rinse / Repeat, and if you love The Cowboys set them free.

UYD: Using Your Differences.

Episode 445

Live from The SF Sketchfest, the bad boys of the fluorescent game, party like America's favorite crime boss, Shit Seth Learned On The MonsterWeb, taking psych meds for your headache, Ask Amy Larroquette, extreme GoPro podcasting, screaming over Star Wars, famous robots on Celebrity Name Games, remembering better with your eyes closed, putting Dez Bryant to rest, truest lawsuit of all time, Bug-Out Beans, USA Today Snapshots, Arby's fish, The Sad Musician's Convention, pillow speakers, vinyl sleep records, The Winter Fancy Food Show, 11111011111, Alt Comedy Goes Rock and Roll, Zig Zag Cigarettes / Fax Line, The Champs Trade Show, Operation Blowback, Sci-Ti's all up in the papers, trading tips with Travolta, National Codependency Awareness Month, National CRNA Week, Ask Jonathan, germ zapping robots, Disneyland on mushrooms, musician Eddie Murphy, Measles Jah Jah, face melting ice art, Chinese Product Recalls, a thing or two about whippits, no kids in cars, how old is your blood?, Night Rain, getting to The Grateful Dead in Chicago, sunglasses for your ears, UYD: sponsored by Jungle Rot, booing gluten and Pizza Hut, and no cause of death for The Marlboro Man.

Episode 444

Dreaming of 444, New Year / New Celebrity Name Games, get your tickets now for SF Sketchfest, The East Bay Redwoods, The Ultras Yellow Dragons, USA Today Snapshots, National Mentor Month, The Wachowski's space opera, The Worst Vehicles of 2014, preparing for Entourage / Rambo / Rocky, 100 years of Miami Beach, 60 years of Disneyland, gender neutral urinals, Sci-Ti's all over USA Today, pig headed nativity, renaming Star Wars, Finding Navajo Nemo, no noms for Jake Gyllenhaal, Dez Bryant's uncommon catch, Seth abandons football, tow truck bandits, everyone's on that Trivia Crack, diaper technology isn't ready for Avatar 2, finding uses for medical marijuana in IL, Jason Bateman or Dennis Miller, an extra second for 2015, and there are over 1 billion birds to commune with.

Episode 443

Happy Birthday Elvis, hit that Max Blast, UYD gets the best time slot at The SF Sketchfest, Adam Sandler illegally wins The People's Choice Awards, new haircuts for 2015, Talking Tech with Jason Mraz, new laws for 2015, Seth goes to Home Depot, Micro-Living, getting back to television, National Learn To Ski or Snowboard Month, 375 days of LA Weather, "Jelly much, Birdman?!?", Child Heroes Attached to Military Personnel, USA Today Snapshots, math goes out the window on wearables, heightened dining experiences for Generation Z, AXE White Label, Top 10 Physics Breakthroughs for 2014, The Battery Ingestion Hotline, The Internet of Everything, post-game group showers, Ask Jonathan, The Dark Side of Marijuana, altering your sleep schedule for San Fran, and we are becoming machine for The Year of The Idiot.

Episode 442

Live from The Hollywood Improv, a medley of jeweler jingles, Seth's Music Reviews, average people look trustworthy, the end of Thursday Night Comedies, The Best Unproduced Screenplays, Jonathan watches The Hobbit, the allure of high heel shoes, The 2015 AVN Awards, The Playboy Advisor, Ask Jonathan, National Clean Up Your Computer Month, Alien Hand Syndrome, Phantom Limb Syndrome, South Korean Postcards, Jonathan drives for Uber, laughing gas cures depression, LGBT Party Prisons, The Sedona Yoga Festival, flamingo fucking frat bros, prison drug smuggling is on the rise, Manute Bol's son, assaulting the elderly, Old Man Winter vs Jack Frost, "Call me home, Helen", USA Today Snapshots, Grey's Anatomy vs Bones vs Criminal Minds, finding $100,000 at Burger King, The Mega Cavern, and Go Cowboys.

Episode 441

Talking to Jonathan's stomach, UYD Live this Saturday, UYD Live at SF Sketchfest, saying goodbye to The Colbert Report, The Baryshnikov of Molly Users, USA Today Snapshots, The Hollywood Christmas Parade, getting serious about meaningless shit, sleeving your Starbucks, getting steak knives in the airport, real tobacco E-Cigs, Kevin Nealon does stand up, making bold eating steps, National Safe Toy and Gift Month, The TSA on Instagram, gross twin burglars, 24-Hour Libraries, Jonathan Talkin' Sports, taking your debt to the grave, Muslims in Detroit, upping your ancient grain game, Culinary In's and Out's of 2015, Heinz is King, Seth's Super Group, hating your "cool dad", Romontessori Schools, and don't get beheaded whilst Christmas shopping.

Episode 440

An un-ending audiofile, a season for forgiving and forgetting, Crossroads is now on Netflix, you will shit yourself while watching Avatar 2, wrapping up a season of Celebrity Name Game, USA Today Snapshots, The Teen Whisperer, Jesus was raw, National Egg Nog Month, robbing Jitterz Java, "Vigilante Justice" by Jonathan Larroquette, The Playboy Advisor, Cola de Mono, illegal angling, affairs and suicides in ages ending in 9's, how many times can a man ask himself "Is this it?", we're the frogs, the most popular toys by state, programming prisoners, Steve Jobs and Walt Disney's last words, a 3 tiered tipping system, getting sick at Bossa Nova on Sunset, sex therapy, preparing for the Hysingla epidemic, screaming for your scripts, Obama keeps his mouth shut, and our arms are wide open for 2015.

UYD: The window's now the door.

Episode 439

On that Tech Life, The Legendary First Ever Annual All-Inclusive UYD Holiday Party Live at The Improv, UYD Merch available for all your holiday needs, The National Geographic Holiday Catalog, elite injectors, Biter-naise, National Family Stories Month, Brand New Grandpa, outing Tyler Ritter, if it don't scintillize it ain't gossip, hot new campus slang, on-body cameras for the LAPD, getting from police to cop, USA Today Snapshots, The Wooly Worm Festival, no tobacco in Westminster MA, getting CryptoWall'ed for $572, more Celebrity Name Games, Nick Jonas hasn't seen The Godfather, Arkansas's new mounted police force, Ask Jonathan, UYD's Colonoscopy Bus / Jah's Private Mammogram Testing, Uhh Yeah Old's, aggressive wide faces, we're closer to dogs than chimps, Elevation Training 2.0, and could Hulk Hogan take a chimp?

Episode 438

35 stupid albums from Neil Young, Seth Clips Vol. 20 blows the doors off the internet, 50% off UYD Merch Sale, National Memoir Writing Month, mixing in personal vibrations with your restaurant reservations, Jonathan doesn't leave a tip, The Countdown To Christmas, FiberOptics in Yellowstone, exercising during meth withdrawal, SpinCycle Laundry / Exercise Bikes, Sandler tops The 2015 People's Choice Awards once again, getting creepy on the Butterball Turkey Hotline, bulletproof white boards, Celebrity Name Games, an unattainable Utopia, New Earth Nation, USA Today Snapshots, travel warnings for the Horn of Africa, the ditched wheelchairs of Med-CIty, no chocolate pudding at The Veggie Grill, engrained beliefs about souls, Money Talk, blowing dudes in the public storage locker, America's official timekeeper, and recycle something for your Thanksgiving prep.

Episode 437

Quad-dub, feeling safe on All Hallows' Eve, UYD Merch Blowout, Project Runway: Threads, Indigo Adults, Seth drives to Dallas, preparing for August 2nd 2027, Autos with Attitude, Baby Beamers, Seth Clips Vol. 20, National Inspirational Role Models Month, Mario Lopez is The Celebrity Name Game Champ, these ain't your daddy's e-vites, Oculus Seth, deadly coconuts, Ask Jonathan, daggers and Benz's, Hide and Go Sikh, yearbooks and guns, America's Best Restroom, The Vietnam Experience, updating our icons, USA Today Snapshots, everyone wants to be Franco at Zion National Park, cloaked out elderly liars, a 13 1/2 day window of death, so much R&D in huge cocks, lookin' out for the olds, Thanks for the Mailbox Money, and save a life / chew your food this week.

Episode 436

Live from Austin TX, a class action suit against Cobra Sexual Energy, Sept. 11th as it happened, "Ain't nobody can fly a car like Hooper!", Annabelle starring Annabelle, diarrhea and murder, Starbucks Mobile Ordering, Corey Charron has a whack name, marijuana laced Halloween candy, more from Celebrity Name Game, successful pupils, losing smell is a harbinger of death, new additions to The Toy Hall of Fame, the valuable lessons of white washing, Jonathan watches What Would You Do?, Weed / Horse / Andy Forrest's Mind's Eye, The "No Food For Birthdays" Rule, National Organize Your Medical Information Month, dying of Ebola with Chace Crawford, USA Today Snapshots, Pee-cycling, Ask Jonathan, reminiscing on awesome magician videos, keeping an eye on the Teacher of the Year, Monopoly Millionaires Club, harassing seals, Liam Neeson uses IMDb, Mark Wahlberg is an English Professor, how to make a citizen's arrest, and Seth gets recognized in Whole Foods.

Episode 435

Smooth vibes and late nights, Welcome to Fairfax, a countdown to destiny with UYD in Austin, Skype it to my Slingbox, the Airbnb of home-cooked meals, eating with Taran Noah Smith, the future bookings of Don Rickles, National Chiropractic Health Month, USA Today Snapshots, the highlights of Celebrity Name Game, gateway hosting gigs, Jonathan scares Will Sasso, Seth was wrong about True Detective, Deadly Diarrhea, watching Interstellar with the Oculus Rift, weed doesn't make you creative, Ask Jonathan, Crackle keeps it real, Comfort Food is a myth, The New Mayor of Amphibiville, Vor-mag Water, we're done with Dalai Lama's, Chateau Pedophile, Joshua Slendermen, Seth gets a massage from Shia LaBeouf's stalker, and Deep Fried Sweet Tea.

Episode 434

Welcome back to the pod, get your plugs in early, The Dirty Sixth, throwback internet experiences, Grounded In Seattle, USA Today Snapshots, Caramel Marshmallow Coffee Creamer, an oral history of The Eagles, Bayou Drivin', 1998 is the worst year, National Italian-American Heritage Month, falcon cataracts, don't underestimate your mind's eye, no vanity on the rope, Unfeelability Cloak, more Celebrity Name Games, Seinfeld on Letterman, OKSeatbelts is up and running, Tak3n, pre alien earth water, a second chance for Sisqo, a Central Perk knockoff, no smoking at a Little League game, The Princess Di of Moose, all out of mulligans, and be more active in your friendships.

Episode 433

Happy Birthday Joe Romatelli, new astrological signs, Starseeds, middle schoolers with a 3D printer, Seth's fall foliage, GNR UYD, Up For Whatever, Seth sings Utopia, National Passport Awareness Month, Seth on TOFOP, the different incarnations of Seth's Corner, 100 year old dudes with stripper girlfriends, UYD is coming to Austin, scented duct tape, stealing from children with app based social networks, UYD emojis, The Playboy Advisor, USA Today Snapshots, Trapped at Sea with Riff Raff, a 4-hour Manson tour, 3 screen movie theaters, Seth watches The Maze Runner, inserting you face into the movies, Jason Biggs has a $3,000,000 house, there's no facial recognition up a skirt, Celebrity Name Game consumes Seth's life, over 1 Billion websites, medical errata, reporting crimes via Facebook, all the points are scored by Kowski's, and Ask Jeeves about Seth's Corner.

UYD: Andromeda Delta through the eyes of two Andromedan Andromedan's.

Episode 432

Live from The Hollywood Improv, Jonathan steals a quesadilla, real life Central Perk, preparing for a CHiPS reboot, National Update Your Resume Month, double Chevron's, more OkCupid names, USA Today Snapshots, OkSeatbelts, parents shouldn't play favorites, John Larroquette is an alien, ventriloquism at the Miss America Pageant, Ask Jonathan, shockingly graphic and in real time, League of Legends University, Seth's Subs, Hip Hop / Country Song of the Week, race car ambulance drivers, the scent of national parks, Seth's 7-11, what makes you a "heavy drinker", giving props to Swayze, UYD Live in Austin, unblocking bisexual, retiring the singlet, Parkour Postal Service, HAPIfork, United Stuff of America, Michael Jordon, Chinese Product Recalls, 3 feet for safety, stealing $1,000,000 from work, and comedy club psychologists.

Episode 431

12:12 Podcast Codes, a fall into winter depression, Dr. Low Dog, making videos for Goucher College, a $9 Billion Dollar Store Battle, political peanut butter, Judge Judy's Hot Bench, My Little Foot, National Library Card Sign Up Month, The Most Stolen Cars of 2014, baby teeth cavities, kids on Panax, Tyga and Wiz Khalifa's play date, USA Today Snapshots, Mexicali - Out : Godzilla - In, clothing for tween girls and German tourist, S M L XL JL, the search for the perfect T-Shirt, The 2014 Elk Hunt, The Eager Beaver Bar ends it's "Lingerie Night", disgruntled surgeons and relief stitchers, Ask Jonathan, UYD Live at The Improv, and double birds gets double tickets.

Episode 430

A rare morning episode of UYD, The Squirrel Purge, The National Interscholastic Cycling Association, National All American Breakfast Month, caught in the crossfire on COPS, USA Today Snapshots, a class action settlement against the Bass Pro Shop, The Mobile Aircraft Inspection System, Shakira's tit meat, The Pumpkin Creep, rockets go all the way to heaven, LA's Hottest Trainer, stalking Jennie Garth, The Farmer Army, you should be allowed to grave-dig your own kin, Raspberry Lemonade Grapes, the power of "Thank You", novelty artisanal food / no manners, Ask Jonathan, onomatopoeia vs mnemonic device, Jim Metheney was NOT attacked by aliens, Jail Gardens and Criminal Produce, Atlanta Falcons cheerleader memories, UYD Live at The Improv, Teacher of the Year lives a full life, more Mailbox Money, and the return of Reading Something Weird.

UYD: Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve.

Episode 429

Huey Lewis doesn't know shit about drugs, the ultimate super sock, National Traffic Awareness Month, calling The Golf Channel, the trade secrets of strawberries, Seth watches Roller Boogie, saying goodbye to BKS Iyengar, UYD Live at The Improv, who's the current day Yakov Smirnoff?, USA Today Snapshots, preparing for Seth-tember, Business Models, 20 year old Ukrainian lesbians, The Washio Ninja, UYD's Top Football Names, $1500 Bait Bikes, ebola vaccine grifts, Y2K was the one, The Playboy Advisor, Who's Mommin' Harder?, Cholos love Knott's Scary Farm, the return of Tim and Eric, and hecklers will not be tolerated.

Episode 428

Jeff Tweedy's rider, Quality Cabs, the wind in your hair and the bear on your face, USA Today Snapshots, the legality of tipping, Garth Brooks in the 'Bu, bans on snowboarding, Bystander Awareness Month, a heated race of misinformation, an inbox of potential mates, bringing the laughter and love for free, teen driving news, Seth's International Mailbox Money, Scorpion W2, Ask Jonathan, this episode dedicated to Jimmy Mac from the Bronx, if it's on the plate it's in your stomach, new state fair foods, religion and alcohol and violence, unleash the "best" within, Million Dollar Listings: LA, no clear way on how to brush your teeth, The Colgate Street Team, You're Only Young Once, hacking jet planes, it's hard to say "no" to that sweet dough, Seth watches War Games, new-tech popcorn, 5 Stars for this show, and Seth's shredded jeans.

Episode 427

A safe place to bump it, expound and expunge, how to force a person sober with Scientology, USA Today Snapshots, back to school savings, "My dad Seth does it...", The Choking Game, Seth Brother / Breath Brother, from Hot Mama to Evereve, the Halloween Creep has begun, Labor Day costumes, Seth locks eyes with Jerry Jones, Utopia, National Breastfeeding Month, Porn Sniffing Dogs, hyperlocal apps, underpaid handymen, more absurdity from Hollywood Game Night, Playgirl '87, bennies and greenies, Elvis Week, NDG: Natural Drinking Groups, Ask Jonathan, keep your baby off my internet, Small Pox and Danishes, dropping boats out of planes, Uhh Yeah Séance, it's tough to find a DQ, whipping shirts at John Mulaney, and Happy Birthday Jonathan.

Episode 426

Back in the studio, This Is How We Roll / Cruise, sexy and incompetent on FaceBook, keeping up on your Model Mayhem profile, The Nike 360 Glove, the return of football, the return of The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, the end of Kobe / Jeter / Mötley Crüe, Zappa signed Cooper, petty hack crimes, looking back on Woodstock 2, talking about Howard Stern, The Rocky Musical vs The 2pac Musical, Scott Foley on Hollywood Game Night, job stopping hand tattoos, USA Today Snapshots, not knowing your co-worker's names, no docs for Van Halen, National Cord Blood Awareness Month, The Hypnosis Motivation Institute, don't try to boost low self esteem, live greyhound racing, arson rackets, arson registries, SOY Signs, and cruise through to 50.

Episode 425

Live from Chicago, IL, Spam Muscle Milk, Build-Your-Own Potini Bar, sweet young gains, Father-Son Push-Up Contests, Hollywood Game Night, Door-to-Door Dropouts, Jonathan's Jam Band, UYD's Cancelled TV Show of the Week, the heavy hours on Tinder, Transformers 4-D, new episode of True Life, watching your mom take a cumshot, Ask Jonathan, fuck you Brain Games, the cost of weddings, dating website user names, being left alone with your thoughts, free trophies from Powell High School, South Korean UYD Fan Letters, K-Font, the disgusting state of US beaches, stasis motherfucker, 1986 Playboy, Jonathan's first phone sex experience, Seth Clips Vol. 19, Harry Potter turns into Don Draper, apps for schizophrenics, McD Ordering, saying goodbye to Mötley Crüe, National Herbal Prescription Interaction Awareness Month, Malört, and the deafening sounds of summer.

Episode 424

Live from San Francisco CA, Uhh Yeah Dad, Chinese Product Recalls, People Behaving Badly, liking more means doing more, UYD's Junk Food of the Week, Bobble Men, The Wold Championships of Horseshoes, Jonathan joins a bowling league, Ask Jonathan, ant sperm bundles, getting snatched up at the gay pride festival, people only watch 17 channels, the summer movies of 1984, preparing for the NWA Movie, Hip Hop / Country Song of the Week, legal lane splitting, the most stolen motorcycles, Who's Mommin' Harder - Florida Edition, National Home Ownership Month, National Effective Communications Month, throwback diseases, rats running on meth, get there quicker - die at the same time, USA Today Snapshots, new gigantic baseball helmets, The Gay Games, is Seth gay?, the WorldstarHipHop comment section, touchless toilets, Tylenol and prostitutes, Super Lice, Derek Garcia Larroquette, and Jonathan kicks it in the park.

UYD: Eggs on your head.

Episode 423

Live from Portland OR, UYV's, Seth visits Magic Garden, The Summer Concert Report, preparing for The Eagles / Mötley Crüe, Portland Craigslist Posts, 2014 Power Bottoms, in the midst of summer, Sexual Trauma Offense Prevention, National Rose Month and National Dairy Alternatives Month, $4 per hour Parking, Nuisance Species, Jonathan's Alumni Letters, Seth Kokopelli, The Cock-Fighting Princess, no lights for the solstice, Secret Shopper Scams, counting down to COPS, Pogoist / Bull Rider / Gay Porn Actor, $43,000,000 chicken, $13,405.50 DJ school, What The Festival, The American Customer Satisfaction Index, Seth reviews McDonald's Seasoned Fries, USA Today Snapshots, The American Cash Awards, Ask Jonathan, talk to Dom, The Greatest Food-Recognizer of All Time, UYD's Junk Food of the Week, defining Tennessee Whiskey, not paying for the Hot Air Balloon Festival, sleeping whilst driving, and Boobs / Booze / Food.

Episode 422

Volcanic Shock Radio, a countdown to destiny, Miss Louisiana talks terrorism, I've grown to lovin' it, skipping Season 1, The Pool Master, headed back to MySpace, USA Today Snapshots, S.A.D.D., The Junior Firefighter Camp, Bully Victims, A 2nd Tier Civilization of Dupe Life, Harry made it in, don't leave your kids in the whip, National Rebuild Your Life Month, WNBALGBT, the hard come-down of Celebrity Baseball, what a weird dumb life, a double dip of UYD's Junk Food of the Week, the legal limit of DEET, Ask Jonathan, The First Legal Commercial Drone Flight, fake Kickstarters, Car Jack City, broken service dogs, vapor candy, the first day of summer, and Pimp Your Page.

Episode 421

Will humans ever be able to ride the world's tallest waterslide?, Hell's Potato, the return of What Would You Do?, don't bet against your baby, USA Today Snapshots, Jonathan assists his father, Candle Store Fuck Palace, National Rivers Month, Seth's addiction to Hollywood Game Night, ATV's for Anglers Killers and Lovers, The Gambler's Fallacy, The Loser Larroquette Fallacy, Cirque du Soleil and Avatar, nothing good happened in 2008, The Last Great Decade, Ask Jonathan, Ask Amy Live, alcoholic mice, UYD's Junk Food of the Week, a lifetime of solvent fumes, the binding arbitration of Cheerios, net neutrality gone mad, the end of Facebook, people's illegible handwriting, Harry Caray's expense reports, Jonathan's cursive doodles, and homeless graphomania.

Episode 420

A 420 Edition of Horse / Weed / Mind's Eye, 20,000 times sweeter than sugar, Leg Up - Blast Your Shit, the legality of the world's tallest waterside, blindfolded skydiving, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Jonathan, Amy's gotta go, Jonathan and The Hot Doctor, infant sleep machines, Mekhi Phifer on Hollywood Game Night, National Burger Month, states with the highest smoking rates, our crops are crap, EDM and Jam collides, Kandi Ravers, Mustache Mondays, Gay Arrested, 7 Million artificial knees, pre-crastinate doesn't exist, old enough to kill but not to drink, Best Selling Beers of 2013, predictions for the future, UYD' Junk Food of the Week, The Playboy Advisor, trapped in the world of Skinamax, high school yearbook photos with your baby, and getting drunk for 421.

UYD: Weak heart, big dick.

Episode 419

Smoother younger voices, "Fuck Yeah Oprah", the most enviable celebrity couple's hair, more crazy answers from Hollywood Game Night, pilot crashes into his own house, National Arthritis Awareness Month, The Top Baby Names of 2013, Jace/Jase/Jayce, Death Wish or Virgin Megastore?, Deep Math Thomas Larroquette, meth heads and copper theft, Ask Jonathan, "What's up, Tea?", cash is king, debit cards for homeless, pesticide covered produce, The Butt Grabber, being displeased by your campus experience, Dexter dreads for you, pro-boarding school, The Headshot Truck, Spotlight: "Wednesday Again", Seth's Mailbox Money, live tweeting prostitution busts, To Peed or Not To Peed, Dr. Wikipedia, UYD's Junk Food of the Week, UYD's Train Tour, 420 is upon us, and publicly shame someone.

Episode 418

A very special substitute guest, preparing for another mini UYD Live Tour, could you take Willie Nelson in a fight?, Beef Month, Mad Cow and Anthrax are still poppin', The Peanut Butter Landfill, it always comes down to leaky oils, The Pillsbury Bake Off, Boo B. Trap, a grip of 100 year olds, Caught In A Bad Romance, Ask Jonathan, you need to smile more while performing, USA Today Snapshots, Wedding Proposal FAILS, Adam Sandler is above the law, olds lying awake at night, Good Luck Gropes, olds with HIV behind the wheel, a heroin epidemic, the deep web for back in the day, UYD's Junk Food of the Week, on-mic edible eating, preparing for Cheech and/or Chong, WEEEN, and be wary of huggers carrying Bibles.

Episode 417

Essentially May, Seth searches for his Summer Song, Cinco de Mother's Day, extreme embalming, Ask Jonathan, 8 year old hood life, 100 year old high dropout, National Fitness Month, Kevin Sorbo sells his marriage, 40 year old army recruits, UYD's Junk Food of the Week, The Wanderlust Yoga Festival, UYD Live in Portland / San Francisco / Chicago, USA Today Snapshots, brick and mortar bikini car washes, the cost of attending a wedding, Solomon The Healer, fungal manicures, cyber workout coaches, bonding with your depressed dads, mostly straights and their bone density, Seth Clips Vol. 18, and we're on our way.

Episode 416

Early morning A.M. sesh, a Comedic Coast To Coast, Violin Taste Tests, taking your apple game to the next level, a season of music festivals, Uncle Kid and The Joe C Hologram, USA Today Snapshots, a box of socks, UYD's Junkfood of The Week, lizard heads don't hurt, McBusiness Expenses, Ask Jonathan, freak deers, The International Pizza Expo, writing your own obit, grandpa's tribute cookies, malevolent conspiracy theories, National Facial Protection Month, drug addicted doctors, the over involvement of cell phone use in day-to-day activities, National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, August 29th 2021, don't phone it in when I'm stalking you. and restocking baby soft tees.

UYD: 9 out of 10 things suck.

Episode 415

Lil' Compton, National Volunteer Month, Battlefield 4 User Names, frustrating video games, Easter 420, preparing for Earth Day, jumping on the wagon, USA Today Snapshots, Country Music's Best New Artist of the Year, Las Vegas gets all your money, $10 on 18, making eye contact with your cereal box, define your divine feminine, what did the Quaids do to Seth?, UYD's Junk Food of the Week, Josh Elliot: Intolerant Hate-monger, David Strathairn and Michael Strahan, throwing away school lunches, rogue volunteers, The Breakfast Burrito Byway, The John Hancock Tilting Observatory, Dr. Zevia, reconstructing mind faces, 5 years from Blade Runner, The Playboy Advisor, buds with bennies, piss and chlorine don't mix, hyena wolf-dogs, all new UYD cartoon, and #staystrongmyking .

Episode 414

Beggars can't be choosers, a new Faces of Meth, soldiers understand what's legal, Sanjay keeps it real, the world's craziest water slide, Seth rides The Mummy, National STD Awareness Month, The Great New Orleans 1830 Rash Outbreak, being Coachella-ready with your beach body, hetero-friendly pool parties, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Jonathan, unattributed quotes, UYD Junk Food of the Week, calling together your star-family, Sikh Life, digging up Native American bones, Wall Street won, jumping the gun on April Fool's, living perpetually in the middle school principal's office, The Cub's team psychologist, coaches in uniform, the first 4D Movie Theater in the US, predictions on the internet, JPL@AOL.com, the problem with anthropomorphic animals, saying "hey" on the social media sites, you need multiple Jeff's, and don't spread yourself to thin but don't rest on your laurels.

Episode 413

A little quiet in the studio, Vanessa Hudgens prepares for Coachella, Amir prepares for South American heat, Rivers Romo, The Overprotected Kid, 30,000 year old viruses, Earth Coughs, $21,600,000,000 worth of pet food, a drastic decline in bank robberies, USA Today Snapshots, recreating Gravity on an airplane, UYD's Junk Food of the Week, racist genetics, new travel tech, heavy in the toiletry department, cactus laser face-melters, Jonathan visits Doug Stanhope, donating Prom dresses, Purity Balls, no more free bread, Friends With Better Lives, getting your Delfino's in a row, one and done for Breaking Boston, The Half-Lifetime Achievement Award for Mark Wahlberg, seeing Johnny Drama live, National Welding Month, Rent-A-Pussy, a rise in home births, Seth as a young James Woods / John Larroquette / Errol Flynn, relaxing the Target dress code, and becoming poor makes you unhappy forever.

Episode 412

Live from The 9:30 Club in Washington DC, 50 states and a dope ass district, new fitness tech, Weed / Bulls / Bowling Balls, International Women's Day, USA Today Snapshots, Jonathan's outdoor painting class, new food mashups for 2014, USA has always had bananas, suicide text lines, Hip Hop and Country, Ask Jonathan, banning the D, 96 Gallon Super Cans, 40 Years of Kings Dominion, violent felons roaming undetected, The Annual Madness of Daylight Savings, Dr. Huxtable drugs women, talking shit about Seinfeld, National Cheerleading Safety Month, The High School Party Police, talking about RomComs can save your marriage, baby boys prefer girly toys over stoves, Malibu Vagina Barbie, stressful placentas, and UYD rebirthed.

UYD: Humans and dolls. Cars and stoves.

Episode 411

Up close and personal from The World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, the internet is for cats / bots / Albanian teens, nefarious nudes, Rocky: The Musical, silent thermometers, broken baby wrists, local Craigslist ads, frat-tantric, the problems with antacids, Ask Jonathan, walking in on your parents multiple times, women's preferences for mates whilst ovulating, Weed / Bulls / Mind's Eye, the most religious states, Hip Hop and Country, the relationships of texting, the ethics of experiments, females have better brains, shopping cart injuries, Floridian pharmacies, eating in NY, USA Today Snapshots, trapping systems for effective hog control, National Credit Education Month, Global Warming crime sprees, The National Day of Unplugging, Jonathan's vow of silence, and UYD Merch is back and better than ever.

Episode 410

Live in 3D from The Gramercy Theatre in New York, missing the LA Marathon, The Well Being Index, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, touching men's boxer shorts, the ultimate reward, LIB Dreams, Bands / Bulls / Mind's Eye, Scam of the Year, The Playboy Advisor, Breaking Boston, Hip Hop and Country, more crazy answers on Hollywood Game Night, The Upskirt Sting, no filming COPS in New Mexico, NY skin infections, all the greats us guitar tuning apps, sexist Wi-Fi grills, high-tech toothbrushes, circling back to Miley, Jonathan VS The AccuPop Microwave, no more bathtubs, National Caffeine Awareness Month, saving your television from a burning building, three parent babies, 120,000 letters destroyed, bouncing a check to George, who's eligible for bereavement fares, learning how to huff in school, USA Today Snapshots, and some light snake handling.

Episode 409

Live at Largo in Los Angeles, National Umbrella Month, the dirt of Verde Valley, converting students from stoners to trippers, USA Today Snapshots, Minnie Driver in Parade Magazine, the continuing career of David Walton, being too old to date older women, the best jobs for 2014, Adultropology, the top Zodiac signs for cheaters, a daily dirty purge, sticking to your rigid schedge, returning to Craigslist, "You had me at 'clouds'", a twink with attitude, online dating jargon, Shamrock Shake concentrate, Jonathan goes to McDonalds, The Playboy Advisor, Chinese Product Recalls, sleeping Seth, Jonathan hits the pavement, Weed/Bowling Ball/Mind's Eye, Casket Kiosks, crowd funded science, beautiful (but sad) music, cray cray for Liam Neeson, stinky little boy feet, Jonathan goes to Dominos, Seth tries to get guacamole, spiking Whole Foods soups, on-the-go legal apps, Jonathan: The Notary, eating Cinnabon air, 8 years of podcasting breaks the internet, and preparing for UYD's east coast road trip,

Episode 408

The nation is my studio, Seinfeld still can't figure out cellphones, USA Today Snapshots, The Top Selling Vehicles, VO Battles, spanking children in schools, keeping up on your app game, anonymous cutting, plotting out meals, $100 fine for vehicular manslaughter, Senator Grandma, preparing for Barb Wire, the first male students of Chatham University, Unmanned Vehicle University, Jonathan goes to the pawn shop, Ask Jonathan, CTV: Cute Trim and Vivacious, The Reminiscence Bump, Bi-bi Annual Steve Brule, The Dinah, viewing The White Party from a distance, National "An Affair To Remember" Month, no one has seen RoboCop, packs of wild Chihuahuas, being lonely will kill you, hospital bats, World Rabies Day, melting the snow for UYD on the east coast, and snatching up hot domain names.

Episode 407

Palpable energy, "I fucking murdered Havasu!", traveling abroad for Spring Break, bigger tits for the Morton Salt Girl, The Death Master File, poaching weird shit off of dead relatives, math nerd Kelly Norton's Most Pleasant Places To Live, no more Polaroiding outfits, The Cuddle Crew, The Kidnap Crew, Operation: Be Mine, Channel Chi-Mo, National Nutrition Month, you make it - we eat it, Cart Life and other alternative games, Grand Theft Rapist, Nightlight Toilets and Pee Glory Holes, USA Today Snapshots, The Top pays, Ask Jonathan, "What's your experience with MILFs?", the stress levels of today's teens, PillCam, The Colonoscopy Narc, depriving shit to pop off the senses, you're not allowed to say San Fran, and transitioning into the 9th year.

Episode 406

Speech classes at Emerson College, more amazing answers on Hollywood Game Night, The Kitten Bowl, USA Today Snapshots, Marky LaBeouf and his funky Transformers, sweet dog/bad cop, too weak to laugh, uyd.sexy.guru.us.us , The NAMM Show, Ask Jonathan, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Day, turquoise makes people horny, Qua Water, Blood Avocados, hot water waste, taping your garbage to the walls, gays on steroids, gynecologists for men, The New Porn Capital of the World, back to school with Franco, drug related injuries on the rise, the Europe of the Northeast, The Magic Man, and Happy 8 Years of UYD.

Episode 405

High frequencies dying in your ear, a blessing for the internet, a tranny and Dan Fielding, USA Today Snapshots, photoshopping Rasta belts, you can't burn the internet, National Pet Dental Health Month, chocolate toothpaste, firefighters with firearms, semi-automatic non-lethal taser rifles, Class Action Rebates, Potato Chip Millionaires, lobster chips, pesto chipotle, Healthy Pharms in Haverhill, amazing answers on Hollywood Game Night, I'm a Bowl Man, 12 year olds with guns, the cars that sexy people drive, defensive acceleration, banning mystics and soothsayers, The Male Psychic Hotline, a shortage of saline bags, Farmer's Fridge, virtual hotel keys, Ask Jonathan, shooting guns and eating popcorn, a handful of tickets still left for select UYD shows, and turning the corner on Fitty,

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