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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 543

Welcome aboard, the gift of spiritual freedom, getting gains from self serving lies, blunt fatigue, passion flowers, is there anything an app hasn't done?, The Wanda Group, Tackle My Ride, tickets on sale now for a UYD Show near you, Kopp's vs Leon's, Longevity Disconnect Bias, we're all Native Americans, are we equipped for Hololens?, somewhere is maybe nowhere, National Geography Awareness Week, Skype babies, USA Today Snapshots, you can't throw VR glasses on the moon, The Lights of the Ozarks, Ask Jonathan, the video game rules don't allow it, and Ray Kurzweil or Koby Teith?

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Episode 542

An unprecedented televised event, tricking dummies, Dickram's Yoga, robots at the airport, The Frank Zappa Auction, National Home Care Aid Week, Matthew McConaughey at The 50th Annual Country Music Awards, USA Today Snapshots, picking out a US Marshal, Live PD, Jail: Big Texas, TSA Precheck, The Dickens Christmas Show and Festival, Punch and Judy, night sports lead to night arrests, thinking about Bon Jovi everyday, #GetMeToLevine, the future of protein, heme is life, Ask Jonathan, the fancy version of Cafe Gratitude, UYD LIVE tickets on sale now, Seth doesn't have Snapchat, reliving Minority Report, and community based artisanal podcasting.

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Episode 541

Live from The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, The Juicy Lucy, Prince and Kirby Puckett, gold bars instead of banks, the return of Space Jam, Happy Birthday to Seth's Mom, considerable less African descent than desired, Seth goes to The Haunted Maze, Jonathan goes to a Sci-Ti Halloween Party, even more Crazy T-Shirts, Seth goes into a sensory deprivation tank, National Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, where's the good vegan egg nog?, New Holiday Pringles, USA Today Snapshots, robot delivery drivers, Bee Free Honee, thanks to Patreon, Minnesota's favorite Halloween candy, The Best Public Restroom, a spirited round of Monster Truck / U.S. Military Training Exercise / Mind's Eye, a hatred for Craig Ferguson, Dream Reality Cinema, expanding Area 51, wearing a STIHL hat in Minneapolis, the world's first smart crib, learning how to communicate with your spirit guide, The IMDb Law, slutty and current, Ask Jonathan, the rules of cremation, remaking The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Movie, when will the Russians fall, and know your worth.

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Episode 540

#Abundance #Blessed, CVS News Sunday Morning, predicting the president with bumper stickers, coal matters, "She's your daughter. Not your date.", #Shatter, impossible pumps, UYD Tickets on sale in a city near year, meditative tech, Parade Magazine answers the meaning of life, RIP Black Pussy, counting tattoos, Ask Jonathan, The Twin Cities Veg Fest, The People Walker, National Red Ribbon Week, Celebrity Name Games, USA Today Snapshots, serial arsonists, 200,000 family reunions, age related volume loss, professional voice-men working for flank steak and a sixer, and live like the powers out.

UYD: Brought to you by Radiesse.

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Episode 539

Everyday value mangos, sneaking answer into Celebrity Name Games, USA Today Snapshots, father and son alcoholics, bad blood in The Real World, National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, introducing Pepsi Zero Sugar, The Impossible Burger, Heme Boys, get hip to Quarry, UYD LIVE coming to a city near you, The Super "W", The China Arena Football League, The East Hollywood Fu Dogs, Gordon The Piru Creeper, General Snus, UYD Janitorial Services, states that allow corporal punishment, 4K-3D-VR-Vegan-Glory, my Seth was amazing, hippie cafes, The State Fair of Louisiana, Rock-It The Robot, when do you become old?, desert breasts, and The Romatelli Curse.

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Episode 538

The Ford Super Duty, punch work in the face, the scent of Louis Vuitton, the 2009 minimum wage, the slightly off stories of John Kelly Gentry Jr. the ever changing landscape of West Hollywood, special guests UYD, Operation Child Tracker, The National Museum of African American History and Culture, the kids of MLK, National School Bus Safety Week, detention for everyone, USA Today Snapshots, combo names, in bed by 7 - asleep by 10, UYD LIVE tickets on sale now, cheese curd squeaks, crispy snoots, UYD's Fast Casual pizza joints, saying goodbye to hardware stores in general, America goes brew crazy, New River Gorge Bridge Day, the athletes of NASCAR, not one but two Tlingit apps, Cyber-Seth and The Everlasting Cloud, do football players shit themselves?, CYLL for Barrett-Jackson, and the past is male.

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Episode 537

Sunday is not the first day of the week, Celebrity Name Game, a bevy of pizza-based UYD's Fast Casuals, USA Today Snapshots, workers on drugs, faking a piss test, J.J.Redick takes a biometric break, texting strangers in cars, get your tickets for a UYD LIVE show near you, researching St. Louis, National Teen Driver Safety Week, "Drive Jah, drive!!!", The Dangerous Life of John McAfee, white guy rap names, more tacos for Pacers fans, saying goodbye to The Wonderbar, "Let's ditch these losers...", a fuck season for lazy male arctic squirrels, long yawns, charging money at the Griffith Observatory, fuck The M Cafe, UYD spreads it's wings into other podcasts, and reversing the driving/drinking ages.

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Episode 536

Proud to bring you Episode 536, UYD LIVE in STL, Dolphinaris AZ, BAR-ber Shops, National School Lunch Week, saying goodbye to beauty schoolsl, a much needed make over for Lady Liberty, cosmetic tattooist, traveling dental hygienist, Louisiana's stripper laws, 18 across the board, get more from your DNA evidence, heading straight to undercover, UYD's Fast Casuals, mammalian clade, dedicated to Battlefield Earth, RIP's Rabbs Tree Frog, Ask Jonathan, The National Storytelling Festival, saying goodbye to The Louie Key Market, USA Today Snapshots, The Autumn Leaves Festival, the lives of Chang and Eng Bunker, and a rise is spending time with your kids.

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Episode 535

Shifting the zodiac, flexing the seal, Jonathan's kitchen visitor, Seth's away game, year round basketball, Live PD, watching the debates with no sound, Buffalo Bill's house for sale, texting airline pilots, The NEA vs Military Bands, Beignet Fest, World Space Week, Ask Jonathan, Bass Pro Shop buys Cabela's, hybrid country, Willie Khalifa, UYD's Fast Casuals, UYD LIVE tickets are on sale now, the many fine foods of St. Louis, Beefcakesmen, USA Today Snapshots, saying goodbye to Cha Cha Cha, Just Us No Phones, and experiencing all the weather in San Fran.

UYD: Kid tested, mother approved.

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Episode 534

Podcasting from the future, the forecast is unclear for the Raines family, a bully triangulation app, experimental college, professional fuckers, National Customer Service Week, active clean up for The BUZZ Wine and Beer Shop, olds on the road, burning Jesus on the cross, is "Tina" becoming a problem in your life?, the Simon Cowell of figure skating, no more NFL Shortcuts on TV, slamming your iPad, fly in/fly out for The Cowboys and 49ers, bumper crops of blueberries, crackle vapes, UYD's Fast Casuals, seeking millennial air traffic controllers, I'd kill for Cusack, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, saying goodbye to J&J Burning and Fabricating, Roma '20, get your tickets for a UYD LIVE show near you, and make eye contact with someone this week.

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Episode 533

Dos Americanos, Ask Jonathan, Street Airbnb, the return of Celebrity Name Game, get your tix for upcoming UYD LIVE shows, dipping back in with JonBenet Ramsey, you gotta watch television, Kevin James is back, mobility bigots, Seth watches The Big Bang Theory, stanching opioid use, remaking the exorcist for TV, the season of mini-pumpkins, Fonzie's blindness, emulating Pinky Tuscadero, The Monkees vs Black Sabbath, Seth takes the Helter Skelter Tour, The Selena Cosmetic Collection, growing up with Menudo, National Carry A Tune Week, Jonathan on The Voice, saying goodbye to Miller's Variety Store, UYD's Fast Casuals, semi autonomous motorcars, The Cotton Pickin' Fair, everyone should shut the fuck up and leave each other alone, USA Today Snapshots, and leaving our relationships for our cars.

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Episode 532

Adult men taking trips, The Gay Days at Disneyland, Straight Bear Day, UYD's Fast Casuals, butched up animals, dwindling HoJo's, hot dogs and mushrooms, National Keep Kids Creative Week, remembering your most horrifying flights, get your tickets for UYD LIVE, the straight lampin' of the Dakota Sioux, the history of Jumping The Shark, The Kelly Slater of Internet Research, The Zuz is Loose, Benson Mule Days, Relationship OCD, USA Today Snapshots, bleep bloops in the cloud, Chicago's city tracker, BonAppetour, and Happy Birthday Seth!

UYD: Detouring rivals and attracting mates.

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Episode 531

The 2017 Miss America Pageant, go to both UYD LIVE shows, Dinky The Elephant, stubborn fast casuals, Heyzuz's trip across America, Seth driving on the wrong side of the road, treats from Japan, Cherry-Ahh-Rita, The Amazing George, the famous events of September 20th, USA Today Snapshots, Gluten Free Dining Halls, National Child Passenger Safety Week, finding the ripest avocados, the return of Dr. Hansen, Ask Jonathan, newspaper typos and dead newsies, Operation Avalon, saying goodbye to The Parthenon, The Papa Cristo's of Podcasting, what's to come of Turtle's mind?, The Roadkill Cook Off, a decade of free coffee, The Kentucky Bourbon Festival, and what is a Balloon Glow?

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Episode 530

Delivering with purpose, The Best Names of the AFC, junkie sheriffs, UYD's Fast Casuals, drafting at The Kilt, USA Today Snapshots, Heyzuz's cross country trip, the return of Celebrity Name Game, the brain is more important than the mind, preparing for network hate-watching, Barnes & Noble Cosmetics, UYD LIVE coming to a city near you, The Copper Chef, does Lesley Stahl play piano?, saying goodbye to Vin Scully, National Truck Driver Appreciation Month, Banned Books Week, digital circulars, The ChemBio Suit, the most expensive store in the world, podcast listeners use paper towels, and Kanye doesn't know anything about fashion.

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Episode 529

Are there any more musical festivals?, couldn't get all the way through Radiohead, M&M's turn 75, audio only taste tests, saying goodbye to Charles Osgood, The Detour App, Seth goes on The TMZ Tour, Seth's Celebrity Safari, The Sandbox on Melrose, Helter Skelter Wrap Parties, free DEET at Disney World, updating Where Is The Love?, alligator hunting season, The Best Names of the NFC, get your tickets for a UYD LIVE SHOW near you, Seth needs a ride to The Mall of America, a checkered past at The Varsity Theater, Gene Simmons divulges things, UYD's Fast Casuals, Retired Rocker Trailer Park, USA Today Snapshots, Alpha Wolf, the best episodes of The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Dallas Cheer Boys, National Balance Awareness Week, and XOXO.

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