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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Chris Haney, 59

The dropout was co-creator of Trivial Pursuit. In 1980, with an infant son to support and a second child on the way, Haney quit his job at the Gazette to work full time on the game. His personal finances became so shaky, however, that he was redeeming empty beer bottles for cash. He suffered a nervous breakdown.


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Art Linkletter, 97

His youngest child, Diane, leaped to her death from her Hollywood apartment in 1969 at age 20, a suicide the family blamed on LSD use. He and his daughter won a Grammy for their spoken-word recording "We Love You, Call Collect," an emotional father-daughter conversation recorded not long before her death.


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Jack Herer, 70

Author and activist Jack Herer died Thursday in Eugene, Ore. The 70-year-old activist was in ill health following a heart attack he experienced after leaving the Hempstalk festival stage in Portland last fall.


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