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Originally aired 07.05.09



UYD Slogans

21:38 – UYD: Still selling soap

25:30 – Seth Romatelli: Teenage Hunter

TV Picks

45:23 – Seth brags about his new favorite show, NYC Prep. He wants to be these kids, especially 16-year-old Sebastian. He speaks French and has crazy hair. He just has to ask for a number if he wants it.

This Week In Scientology

18:41 – Seth compares Caterina Fake’s new search engine to Scientology auditing.

Who's Mommin' Harder

51:44 – A) 31-year-old Summer ManyWhiteHorses was watching TV in the next room when her 2-year-old son fell from his high chair and died. She then wrapped his body in a blanket, put it in the trunk, told her 11-year-old daughter to get in the front seat and spent the next two months driving around Montana and using the government checks she received for the boy being autistic to buy food, alcohol and gas and stay in motels; B) 23-year-old Emily Beth McDonald in Austin had a 3-year-old daughter, Dakota, who was being admitted to hospitals for strange infections. A surveillance photo in the children’s hospital room caught her putting shit into her daugther’s intravenous feeding tube (Münchhausen Syndrome By Proxy).

Product of the Week

46:26 – Patrick Dempsey is releasing his second cologne for men this November, “Patrick Dempsey 2.” Last year he released the fragrance “Unscripted.” It was such a hit that Avon has decided to give him a second fragrance. It’s about “the intimacy of two people and the strength you get in a relationship.” It will be edgier than his first cologne with hints of nutmeg and patchouli

1:00:27 – Rephresh vaginal gel – clinically proven to maintain a healthy vaginal PH. After your period, Rephresh. After intimacy, Rephresh. After douching, Rephresh. Stop feminine odor, itch and irritation. Use Rephresh. Did you know a normal vaginal PH of 4.5 is important for maintaining good vaginal health?

Quote of the Week

34:20 – Marilyn Manson’s thoughts on his breakup with Evan Rachel Wood in a new interview with Spin magazine: “My lowest point was Christmas Day 2008 because I didn’t speak to my family. My walls were covered in scrawlings of the lyrics and cocaine bags nailed to the wall. And I did have an experience where I was struggling to deal with being alone and being forsaken and being betrayed by putting your trust in one person and making the mistake of that being the wrong person. And that’s a mistake that everyone can relate to. I made the mistake of trying to desperately grasp on and save that and own it. And every time I called her that day, I called 158 times, I took a razorblade and cut myself on my face and on my hands. I wanted to show Evan the pain that she put me through. I want you to physically see what you’ve done. It sounds made up but it’s completely true and I don’t give a shit if people believe it or not. I’ve got the scars to prove it. And I didn’t want people to ask me every time I did an interview, ‘Oh is this record about your relationship with your ex-girlfriend?’, but that damage is part of it. And the song ‘I Want To Kill You Like They Do In the Movies’ is about my fantasies. I have fantasies every day about wanting to smash her skull with a sledgehammer.”

Games That Jonathan and Seth Play

1:06:18 – Seth asks how old the currently accepted age of the universe is, and Jah guesses 3.6 trillion. Seth reveals it’s 13.7 billion years old.

Drug Use

44:32 – Seth encourages Southerners to get off Oxycontins. Jah heard about the street price of Oxy ($50-60 for one) and thought it was ridiculous. They like to take them with Xanax because it feels like a bag of smack.

UYD Stories

28:44 – Seth was on the phone with Time Warner for 49 minutes because they couldn’t make his internet work, and they were telling him they couldn’t give out passwords. Seth swore one time and they ended the conversation with him.

30:41 – Seth was thrown out of his Starbucks because he almost throttled somebody. The manager of the Starbucks asked him to leave after he asked an Asian guy “Do you want me to punch you in the face?” The dude was standing 12 feet away from where they order coffee, hiding behind a kiosk and looking at $600 espresso machines. When Seth got in line the guy asked him, “What, you didn’t see me standing there?” and made a big deal out of it. Seth got pissed at the guy and got thrown out. He walked down the street furious, and wanted the guy to come out of the store and tell him if he ever sees him again he’ll kill him. Seth walks down to Peet’s Coffee, which is a crazy vortex. He doesn’t know where to order or anything, he’s just holding two $1 bills. The perky cashier goes “How can I help you sir?” Seth asks for a small black coffee, and the guy goes, “Oooh, looks like you’ll be paying with $2 cash today!” Seth nearly punches this dude in the face. Jonathan notices a lot of cashiers go, “Let me go ahead and…” to walk you through the process.

58:18 – Jonathan crashed his bike today and he’s hurting really bad.

UYD News

3:25 – A company called Gene Partner wants to team up with a new online dating site called “Sense2Love” and add genetic matching to their growing database. Soon you’ll be easy to match up genetically.

5:32 – Father José Funes of the Vatican Observatory claimed that if aliens existed, they might not need redemption. Humanity might be the cosmos’ “lost sheep,” the 1 out of 100 in Jesus’ parable that wandered and needed special attention. If there are also intelligent beings, it’s not a given that they need redemption; they might have remained in full friendship with their creator.

7:53 – A company is unveiling a new technology that will allow soon-to-be moms the chance, using high-tech 3D modeling and ultrasound imagery to hold a lifesize replica of their baby from the size of a peanut until the days before actual birth. This will allow the parent to form a pre-natal bond with their child that will only strengthen their love and devotion. … Jonathan wonders about the next generation of this, which is the actual model growing in real time.

18:20 – The founder of, Caterina Fake, has launched a new search engine that she says is a “kind of shortcut through human expert systems.” Users are asked to answer around 1,500 questions about themselves on Questions such as political orientation, status of their current interpersonal relationships, do you keep your closet organized, do you believe in UFOs?, etc. Hunch believes this large-scale data farming

21:43 – Seth tells us about Corey Feldman and his band, Truth Movement (Episode 079, 20:25). Feldman performed a free concert last weekend at the Universal Citywalk. Truth Movement compares themselves to Pink Floyd – they’re about technology, science and sound. Feldman comes out at the beginning cloaked, and is talking really low in a voiceover. Some of his dialogue: “In the beginning, a sign of things to come. And after the last meteor hit the ground, a new time was born. A new age was discovered. The first sign of life for man as he found his way through the icy caverns. Exploring this new world, and it was bestowed upon him. Men and women made families, created tribes and formed religion!” Seth said the show was pure rock-n-roll.

24:20 – A teenage hunter was convicted of second degree manslaughter for fatally shooting a hiker he had mistaken for a bear. Judge found 15-year-old Tyler J. Kales had not acted recklessly when he shot Pamela Almli on Sock Mountain north of Seattle, Wash. He’s going to be sentenced next week. They believe he’s going to get 3 months in a juvenile facility.

26:41 – Jon Bon Jovi is doing his part for the people of Iran. He’s recorded a cover version of “Stand By Me” and sung part of the lyrics in Farsi.

43:29 – Congratulations to Mississippi – for the fifth year in a row it is the country’s fattest state, followed closely by Alabama, West Virginia and Tennessee.

56:18 – Mormon university BYU has lifted its ban on campus access to YouTube because of the increasing amount of educational materials available on the site. The school is granting access for the first time. The university has encouraged its students to use the tenets of their faith to avoid any objectionable material available on the site. That includes anything remotely erotic, indecent, pornographic, disorderly or obscene.

58:35 – A fifth-grade teacher in Sacramento, Calif., gave all her students a DVD to commemorate their school year. It included field trips, class presentations, etc. A father sat down with his young son, pulled up the menu screen with all the chapters on the TV. He watched one in which his son was featured, and pressed ‘Play.’ He watched a classroom scene with applause, and then it went to an abrupt cut of their fifth-grade teacher on her couch in her living room getting fucked. The father recalled his son’s shocked face and question, “Dad, is that Miss Defanti?” She is apparently mortified and doesn’t know how it’s happened. She’s called all the parents and begged to keep her job and dignity.

Extra Notes

19:42 – Jonathan references Google ads through Gmail (Episode 157, 11:46).

20:00 – Jonathan references digiscrapping (Episode 008, 29:23; Episode 028, 7:27).

33:24 – Seth saw a commercial for Ore Ida crispy fries, and the motif of the ad was “Stand and Deliver.” One person is holding an extra crispy Ore Ida French fry that is fully erect with ketchup on the tip and ready to be eaten. The other guy is holding his drippy, tiny uncircumcised French fry.

43:39 – Seth and Jah string a bunch of herda-hatta-herdas together.

47:58 – Seth drives a 1993 Plymouth Sundance and he wants nothing more than a Marauder with tinted windows.

1:03:53 – If you go to the website, there’s a new button called “Media,” which is a new offering. There’s an 18-minute long video of things Seth recorded on his home VCR. Jah pledges new t-shirt designs as well.

Awesome Studies

2:14 – A study was done in 1995 where women who were not on the pill were asked to sniff men’s shirts. The women preferred the scent of a man who had different genes than their own. This relates to the HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigens) – on a biological level, couples with different HLAs stand to inherit a greater variety of potential immune responses and will therefore be more resistant to diseases, so their kids get the benefits of that.

10:35 – According to a study in the latest issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, there is much more consensus among men about who and whom they find attractive then there is among women. More than 4,000 subjects ranged from 18 to 70 years old rates photographs of 18- to 25-year-old men and women, and in rating them, men had a much narrower vision of attractiveness than the women did.

13:30 – According to new findings from the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission (NPREC), American prisoners report that more rapes are committed by guards than by other prisoners.

39:51 – According to a survey by the non-profit advocacy group Common Sense Media, about 40% of high school students surveyed said they’ve used cell phones to cheat in school at least once. Also, around 38% said they’ve copied text directly from the web and turned it in as their own work. Other forms of cheating that today’s high school students are using include storing notes on your cell phone, using camera phones to take pictures of tests and sending them to other classmates’ friends, etc. … Seth researched some other ones, including writing on a stretched-out rubber band, writing on the nutritional label of a 20-ounce Pepsi and girls folding answers within pleated skirts … Roughly 25% of students said this was not cheating at all; it was completely ethical.

Made In China

57:42 – Officials from UC-Berkeley say hackers had infiltrated restricted computer databases, putting at risk the social security numbers and health and medical info of up to 160,000 students and alumni. The over 6-month long breach was discovered during a routine maintenance when campus staff discovered taunting messages. The computer hackers were traced to China.

Rants and Raves

27:25 – Seth disgustedly calls Jon Bon Jovi a “fucking jackass” for cloaking his attempt for quick cash as a tribute to the people of Iran.

36:21 – Seth and Jonathan rail on Marilyn Manson.

46:48 – Seth and Jonathan double team Patrick Dempsey.