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Originally aired 03.02.10



TV Picks

14:27 – 60 Minutes featured a segment about rebuilding the World Trade Center, and how 9 years later it’s still a gigantic hole in the ground.

22:55 – Seth watched some TV while Jah was gone. There’s a TV station he discovered called Centric, part of the BET Network, which has a show called Model City. It follows the personal and professional lives of 5 black supermodels in New York City. … Seth also watched Behind Bars on Discovery Channel. He was in a prison in Ohio and there were a male and female inmate dating. They had a “sink phone,” where they took a full roll of toilet paper, put it over the drane in their sink, then put an empty roll of toilet paper and put it inside the other hole, then screamed in it and it goes through the pipes so the other can hear it. The only problem with it is that when an inmate flushes anywhere in the building, you taste fecal matter.

49:24 – There was a movie called Starstruck on the Disney Channel starring Sterling Knight and Christopher Wilde and Danielle Campbell. She plays a girl from Kalamazoo, Mich., whose older sister is obsessed with Wilde. They’re going to visit their grandmother in L.A., and the older sister’s plan is to fall in love with him, yet the younger one actually does. They pull up in front of their grandmother’s house and she’s on a ladder working on the front of the house. She’s in her 70s, and there’s a big black dude in his 70s standing next to the ladder. They come running up, and tell her to be careful getting off the ladder. She goes, “Honey, Howard had my back. We take care of each other.” Then there’s a pause where they realize she’s dating a mid-70s black man, and he just stands there like a rock. The Disney Channel had to be the channel to tell us this.

52:22 – Jah saw a movie on HBO Family when he was in a hotel room called Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. He says the movie is so good it’s stupefying. He says they laid it down so hard and he loved it more than he did the last time he saw it.

59:36 – Seth was watching his show Jail on Sunday night, then was watching his show Bait Car on Wednesday night. There was a woman with tattoos of the names of all of her ex-girlfriends all over her face. He watched her get arrested Sunday night in Clark County in Vegas on Jail, then watched her on Monday night stealing a bait car in Long Beach, Calif., on Bait Car.

Energy Drinks

14:02 – Seth compares the U.S. mission in Iraq, Operation New Dawn, to the name of an energy drink: Amped-Up New Dew Mon

This Week In Scientology

6:58 – Tom Cruise will star in Mission: Impossible 4, to be released May 30, 2011.

Quote of the Week

41:14 – Vice President Joe Biden, unable to remember the name of Avatar when asked about his predictions for the Academy Awards: “I mean, I think one of the odds-on favorites, is, um…. Is, uhh … This, uh… This… you know, this new program I looked at and wished I was seeing in 3D.”

UYD Stories

15:15 – Seth wonders if Jah has had any Girl Scout Cookies yet. Jah said he had some on the road. He loves the Peanut Butter Patties and the Samoas with the hole in the middle of them. Seth likes the Lemon Chalet Crème because it’s a cinnamon cookie with lemon crème filling.

17:02 – Jah bought Girl Scout Cookies three different times on the tour. One time it was two parents in a Colorado deli he was in with their kid, and she came in with the cart. He bolted over there and bought two boxes. There was a kiosk set up on a corner with 30 parents there. There was also an outdoor festival in Palm Springs and the spread those Girl Scouts had was three tables long with hundreds of boxes of cookies.

20:06 – Jah wonders if Seth is going to ask him how many McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish he ate on tour. Seth thinks he ate 18 of them. Jah actually ate only 3. He also ate some Veggie Subs from Subway and hit up Taco Bell about three times. He took a bite of a chicken sandwich and spit it out because he’s testing those waters and he’s not afraid to taste it and see if it repulses him the way it used to. The chicken sandwich repulsed him. The last night on tour in Athens, Ga., he took a bite of a bacon cheeseburger and it went down easy. Jah can not remember the last time he ate something like that.

27:08 – Jah goes on record and says something about his recent travels. He hypothesizes that GPS devices suck at teaching people geography. When he was a kid and used to take road trips, there are massive Rand-McNally map books that give you a two-page picture of the state and you wrap your head around the visualization of it. The GPS – perspective, size, etc. – only gets you to Point B and you don’t see how it happened.

32:15 – Other than Avatar, Seth wonders the last time Jah went to the movies. Jah says it was Beowulf. He had such a bad run that he had to dip out for a while.

40:15 – Jah wonders if Seth has ever choked on a hot dog, even as a kid. Seth says never. The only time he’s ever choked on anything is when he was riding his bike as a kid, throwing pennies in the air and trying to catch them with his mouth. One of them got caught in his throat, and he scared himself and had to jump off his Haro (Episode 045, 47:55; Episode 054, 22:21). Jah says he choked a few times as a child. He had a peanut butter choke (Episode 107, 33:43).

UYD News

13:07 – As of Sept. 1, the U.S. military mission in Iraq will get a new name. Operation Iraqi Freedom becomes Operation New Dawn. Defense secretary Robert Gates said the name change will signal American forces have a new mission there.

16:16 – Little Brownie Bakers of Kentucky, who makes the Lemon Chalet Crème cookies, said there’s been a problem with them and a breakdown in the oils, making foul odors emanate from the box.

18:41 – Burger King, the nation’s No. 2 burger king, is launching a massive new coffee line, introducing Starbucks Corporation’s Seattle’s Best Coffee this summer at all of their 7,000 stores. Drinks will range from $1 to $2.79 and be sold all day. Five years ago BK launched its BK Joe coffee brand, which will now be retired.

25:53 – Due to a provision placed inside of the new credit card bill, you can now legally carry a firearm in 373 of 392 national parks. A ban had been in place for the last 94 years, but now you can carry a loaded weapon. 30 parks are in more than one state so you’ll have to know what and where the state lines are because you’ll be subject to gun laws of each state.

29:20 – The #2 rental chain in the country, Movie Gallery – owner of Hollywood Video – has filed for bankruptcy. They’re planning on closing 805 stores – one-third of their total. It’s their second trip through bankruptcy court. Their first time was about 2 ½ years ago, when they closed 2,400 stores. They’re struggling with competition of people streaming videos online from Netflix, picking up $1/night rentals at Red Box kiosks, etc.

45:03 – Babies born in 2010 and on will belong to Generation Alpha. Generations X, Y and Z have exhausted the Latin alphabet so we’ve moved to the Greek generation. It will be the most tech-savvy and connected generation ever.

47:35 – Atlanta’s public transportation agency is under fire for renaming the train line that goes into the heart of the city’s Asian-American community the Yellow Line.

56:20 – The president of Nigeria is receiving medical treatment in a Saudi Arabian hospital. He’s back in Nigeria recovering at his home and the acting president of Nigeria since the middle of January’s name is Goodluck Jonathan.

Extra Notes

1:06 – Jah and Seth bump it. Seth says it’s nice to have Jah back, while Jah says it’s nice to be home.

54:17 – Seth gives mad props to his mother, who laid it down hard with Seth in Episode 206. He was a little apprehensive to mix the UYD formula up, but he had the best time with her. He said people were so nice, sending voicemails and mail. Marcia got to hear a bunch of voicemails and was overwhelmed with the good cheer. Jah hopes everyone was down with it because it was truly the best.

Awesome Studies

3:21 – According to a new survey from Career Builder, 67% of employees say they see no need anymore to hide their office relationships – up from 54% five years ago.

4:43 – According to a study published in the journal Psychological Science, people’s online social networking site profiles actually do reflect and represent their true selves. They tend to be an efficient medium for expressing real personality and those people are kept honest by their friends – and the fact they’re there as well.

11:29 – Researchers at the Salk Institute in La Joya, Calif., have taken out the unhealthy liver of a lab mouse and replaced it with a liver that is 95% human

32:51 – An article in Newsweek talks about how dating sites can still be racist because people can specifically exclude an entire race in their profile and it’s totally normal. According to a study by sociologists at the University of California at Irvine, they studied Yahoo! dating profiles and discovered that 93% of white women with racial preferences excluded Asian males. White men with racial preferences included Asians and excluded blacks. They think the choices are influenced because the media portrayals of Asian woman as being hypersexual is what had them included and black women being bossy had them excluded.

38:58 – The American Academy of Pediatrics has released a policy statement that hot dogs, due to their choking hazards, should be “redesigned.” The hot dog shape lends itself to choking.

Letters to the Editor

1:54 – Seth jumps into some Ask Marilyn by Marilyn vos Savant in PARADE magazine: Rob Farber from Paoli, Pa., asks: “Why is life so hard?” Seth says that if anyone knows Rob Farber, have him call 888-842-2357 to Ask Seth vos Savant.

Rants and Raves

7:06 – Seth rips on Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise, for making sequels that don’t need to be made any more.

9:33 – Seth rips on Leo DiCaprio’s accent in Shutter Island