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Originally aired 08.15.11



TV Picks

27:06 – Big Rich Texas on the Style Network and Texas Women on CMT. Also Most Eligible: Dallas on Bravo and Donna Decorates Dallas on HGTV. Later this year ABC will bring us Good Christian Belles, A&E gives us American Hoggers, TNT gives us a remake of Dallas and there will possibly be a Storage Wars: Dallas.

Who's Mommin' Harder

40:51 – Seth gives us two moms, one living in New York and one in Texas. The mom in NY is 68. She was in a family restaurant with her 43-year-old son. He’s handicapped. He began choking on his food. Restaurant patrons said the woman was repeatedly yelling “Let him die! Let him die!” as people were fighting to save him. … In Texas, a 24-year-old mother was arrested for making her 6-year-old daughter make video recordings of her have sex with multiple partners at the same time. … Jah rules that the Texas mom is mommin’ harder.

Product of the Week

45:50 – The free FBI App will store photos and vital information about your children. The data you may need may be right in your hand. Parents using the app can show the pictures and provide the physical identifiers such as height and weight to security/police officers on the spot, or e-mail the key info to authorities using a special tab on the app in the event that a child goes missing.

Ins and Outs

18:02 – OUT: Planking, coning and owling. IN: Horsemaning.

26:56 – OUT: New Jersey. IN: Texas.

UYD Stories

23:12 – Jah’s next-door neighbor when he was a child was very beautiful, and he had a crush on her. She had nannies that were Swedish young college girls, and they would sunbathe topless on their deck. Jah remembers walking down the stairs to try to get to her room and not understanding what was happening, and then getting so close to two hot girls. He remembers vividly the beautiful tan skin and glistening blonde hair with the best tits he’d ever seen in his life. He tried to play it cool but he was completely beside himself and shaking uncontrollably. He talked to a point where he remembers both of them getting up and putting clothes back on.

31:45 – There’s a guy Jah sees in the same supermarket he was talking about last week. He washes windows in the parking lot. He’s a Cali beach boy local forever. He was in the Army for a while and is a musician. He has diabetes. He was talking to J-dawg about it and Jah can’t fathom being homeless and diabetic. The guy is under 40 years old and has had mental health issues. He understands he has to deal with it. He’s losing sensitivity in his hands and feet and they’re saying he might lose his feet. For him, it somehow might be better, because if he loses his feet he’s eligible for city housing and disability he’s not currently eligible for. The guy had an insulin attack the other day and woke up in the hospital.

47:07 – Jonathan was walking up a street to the Phish show. He didn’t realize there were motels on Highland, but there were. He used to see hippie kids on tour with their parents and he looks up and sees a dinky motel with some people standing outside. In the middle of the sidewalk, there was an 8-year-old and a 6-year-old barefoot. Jah is perplexed because hippie kids used to look like hippie kids; now they just look like dirty-ass kids. They were playing a board game in the middle of the sidewalk.

52:25 – Jah is opening his home to a guy he’s never dealt with before. He’s going to watch Jah’s dogs while J-dawg is away. It’s a catch-22 for Jah, because the more he’s there, the more he takes care of the dogs; however, it’s the more Jah has to worry about the guy beating off in his hamper. He was thinking about asking the guy not to stay there.

1:03:18 – UYD webmaster Nick had his identity stolen and was in the police station for 4 hours filling out forms. Jah explained to him he had his identity stolen and never went to the police, he just filled out an affidavit in the mail.

UYD News

13:53 – The Amazing Spider-Man Part 2 will be coming out May 2, 2014

15:37 – August is National Just Admit You’re Happy Month

29:39 – A security researcher who is diabetic has identified flaws that could allow an attacker to remotely control insulin pumps and alter the readouts of blood sugar monitors. As a result, diabetics could either get too much or too little insulin, a hormone they need for proper metabolism. Jay Radcliffe is a diabetic who experimented on his own equipment. He shared his findings with the Associated Press before releasing them at the Black Hat Computer Security Conference in Las Vegas last week. He uses an insulin pump that can be used with a special remote control to administer the hormone. He found that the pump can be reprogrammed to respond to a stranger’s remote. All he needed was a USB device that he easily obtained from eBay or a medical supply company. He also applied his skill for eavesdropping on computer traffic. By looking at the data being transmitted by the computer with the USB device to the insulin pump, he could instruct the device to tell the pump what to do. He also found it was possible to tamper with a second device he wears. He found he could intercept signals sent wirelessly from a sensor to a machine that displays his blood sugar levels. By broadcasting a signal that is stronger than the real-time authentic readings, the monitor would be tricked into displaying the old information over and over as if it was new and current. As a result, a patient who didn’t notice wouldn’t adjust the insulin dosage properly. With a powerful enough antenna, he said an attacker could be up to a mile and a half away.

36:28 – The Noid is back. You can’t avoid him because Domino’s is bringing him back.

51:26 – “Find A Place To Stay” is the slogan for Air B&B, a website that connects travelers with people who are willing to host them. They recently announced a $50,000 insurance policy and the formation of a 24/7 customer support hotline after one host reported that an Air B&B guest who had rented her apartment had trashed her home, stolen her jewelry, some cash and electronics.

59:52 – Scam watch: The grandchild in need scam. On the other end of the phone is a voice of desperation, what seems to be a grandkid begging for money to be wired to them in Mexico before Federales kill them. It’s been around for years, but has recently become more sophisticated. Now callers have names and sophisticated information.

Extra Notes

1:06:31 – Jah tells us that chizzuh, or Charlie, a big UYD supporter and presence on the forums, coaxed Jah into checking out a new social networking feature that launched recently called TurntableFM. They started a UYD room and J-dawg checked it out. It was the only experience doing something with social networking where he felt he was getting something he wouldn’t normally get in another venue. Jah admits it’s a little lame but it’s quasi-awesome.

Awesome Studies

7:01 – According to Parade magazine, a survey was conducted of more than 1,000 teens and found that 45% named their parents – not friends or celebrities – as their sexual role models. Many of the kids who rely on parental guidance also said their family communicates openly when it comes to sex.

10:33 – A study in the peer-reviewed medical journal Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine – the first of its kind – scientists strapped monitors to pregnant women to measure their exposure to low-frequency magnetic fields. Researchers followed up with the women and children over the first 13 years and found that those born to mothers with the highest level of exposure were 3 times more likely to develop asthma than the others.

21:37 – In a beach etiquette survey, about 1,100 U.S. travelers were surveyed by Trip Advisor. 78% of respondents said toplessness was OK in destinations where it’s culturally acceptable. About 6% said European sunbathing should be OK in any beach or pool.

38:12 – Workplace incivility is on the rise, researchers said Sunday at the American Psychological Association annual meeting. The academics defined workplace incivility as “a form of organizational deviance characterized by low-intensity behaviors that violate respectful workplace norms appearing vague as to intent to harm.” Translation: rudeness, insults and plain old bad manners. Research suggests 75-80% have experienced incivility.

55:45 – While homeless men are very aware of the risk of unprotected sex, it seems they are not very educated on how to protect themselves from STDs, according to a USC study. Researchers interviewed dozens of men on Skid Row in downtown LA to understand how they viewed the risks of sexual encounters with women. While more than half of the respondents had been tested for HIV, most held medically inaccurate beliefs they used to judge their partner’s chances of having an STD. The men took everything into account from a woman’s reputation, the location of the encounter, to a woman’s flirtiness, to her ear wax buildup, to decide whether a condom was acceptable. Men used 6 different categories to identify risk of catching an STD from a woman: obvious drug use, prostitution, mental illness, promiscuity, decency and dangerous behavior – such as belonging to a gang, etc.

Letters to the Editor

3:32 – From the Los Angeles Times Travel section, there is a segment called “On The Spot with Catharine Hamm.” There was a column called “Enjoy Your New Seat” that basically told the readers an airline can reassign a confirmed seat to allow passengers with children to sit together.