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It all started with a request by Seth in Episode 085 of Uhh Yeah Dude. At the 14:55 mark, he asked (perhaps jokingly) for someone to dip into every episode from Episode 001 and mark down every UYD reference to energy drinks. That, coupled with numerous listener requests of "what episode was that?", got the ball rolling in Weck's head: Why stop with energy drinks?

The UYD index was born, and the top moments of the show's first 100 episodes were arranged by 20-plus topics, documented by minute-and-second mark, printed out, bound and mailed to the studio as a present for reaching the century mark.

As the show has grown well past Episode 100, however, so have the archives. More topics were added and details were elaborated upon until the need became apparent for this one-stop-shop of UYD information to be added to the new website.

Now available to the dear listeners of UYD Nation, Weck's Wiki tells you exactly where to go to get your UYD fix. Want to find every Craig's List segment, or maybe just the one about twin jets? Need to know the Ins and Outs in '06 versus '08? Need a quick Jonathan road rage fix from the many UYD Stories to brighten your day? Wonder when "Seatbelts" first entered our hearts and minds?

This and more can now be perused and expanded upon by you, the listener. Enjoy.

Update: A big shout-out is in order for listener Nucleareaction for his proofreading prowess.

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