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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 619

Podcasting adolescents, Top Dog Holograms, $50 to eat a fake hamburger, The 2017 Hollywood Blacklist, the power of Flakka, an overflow of female assassins, a lot of livin', buying a Christmas tree doesn't make you better than me, elf on the shelf and fed on the bed, the light of God's love, Cowboy's Christmas card, USA Today Snapshots, depressed vegans, Odell Beckham Jr's leg, an overflow of 2006 cars, Jonathan visits the car show, The Los Angeles County Annual Burial of the Unclaimed Dead, Ask Jonathan, we live in Hooters, cloaked gross, The Top 10 Apps, and Jonathan's YouTube Cliffhanger.

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Episode 618

This ain't your daddy's underwear, real life Gattaca, dreaming of 5G, Stripped, Political / Powerful / Rock and Roll, Robby Gervais, The $6 Billion Flu, Thera-dupe, putting lotion on everything, The Dance is accused, #NoStans, COPS vs Kenan Thompson, USA Today Snapshots, Jonathan's binges, Target is for me, the differences between men and women, John Mayer's grip strength, prisoner phone bills, "REI Millions", origami muscles, beaming for robot speakers, we don't care about baby's laughter anymore, and listening to podcasts in jail.

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Episode 617

The Window Wonderland, The Sharpest Image, low vision nation, nobody is talking about medical marijuana, cursing the pain away, Harvey Davidson, UYD's Fast Casuals, never seen Point Break, reselling Popeye's chicken, #SpongeInTheWindowsill , 300 years of Mardi Gras, it's time for football, hiring for the holiday season, The G League, SAG Swag Bag, private vs public proposals, death by stairs, virtual credit cards, USA Today Snapshots, I only swerve for nuns, Ask Jonathan, and all the other podcasters love to murder.

UYD: Old soul. Late bloomer.
UYD: Now, more than ever.

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Episode 616

The Techno Viking, is "Nyan" a word?, Asgardia: The Space Kingdom, The Postal Massacres, Friday is December, beef it up and pare it down, The Human Upgrade Center, what's the deal with psychics?, The International Congress On Love and Sex With Robots, Garbage County USA, Audible Romance, The Best Pickup Truck, the return of River Phoenix, no stuffing on Thanksgiving, sending Facebook your nudes, saying goodbye The Sound, Mountain Explosion and Nurse Salt, and cozy TV shows.

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Episode 615

Using Scientology tools to become a better actor, all the greats do shorts, Fentanyl leakage, Meth Storm, funny and comforting, shout out to the American Office, unswept LA streets, The TSA Failure Rate, men looking at other men's feet, new potatoes, 15 year old lifeguards, tarsal gland hot scrapes, dark internet holes, The Top 10 Cities for Retirement, Ask Jonathan, Thanksgiving White Parties, The Wayward Sons of West Virginia, distracted drivers, fucking in a Tesla, Muscle Nog, podcast punditry, PornHub Insights, The Great Equalizer, is the clock ticking for Jeff Goldblum?, and #SpongeInTheWindowsill.

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Episode 614

Kratom binges, TeloTrolled, dead solar babies, Butterball University, talking turkey tech, there's still 10 Blockbusters, Keitel's Kielbasa Night, Police Magazine's editorials, to take a knee or not to take a knee?, The Season of Holiday Gift Guides, The Hefner Tribute Playboy, The Women of 7-11, #NoGifts2017, BBG: Bezos - Buffett - Gates, The Sandsculpting Championship, The World's Championship Duck Calling Contest, USA Today Snapshots, taking a break from social media, The Must See Cities of the World, mosquito mods, preparing for flying taxis, and 2 minutes in The Infinity Mirror.

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Episode 613

Live from The Texas Theatre in Dallas TX, no pens and no bottle openers, Keyarra Romatelli, visiting the Oswald rooming house, Snoop Dogg's Mind's Eye, watching Crossroads in the woods, white cis sober vegans, seeing the world through old gray eyes, not enough murders to stop Halloween, sex NARCs, UYD: All the greatest ideas - No follow through, let Honey lace you out, Flip or Flop: Fort Worth, saying goodbye to Me, Myself & I, demand based pricing for movie tickets, The Real Estate Wealth Expo, Seth's Net Worth, everyone over 6'5" has the shittiest life ever, bigger lottery jackpots, The Flat Earth International Conference, birth control delivery, fringe cult tastemakers, Amazon's in-home delivery, USA Today Snapshots, Happy Birthday Seth's Mom, baby's first kill, no one gives a fuck about the Winter Olympics, Ask Jonathan, the friendship destroying handbag, National "Drowsy Driving Prevention" Week, navigating the roads of Texas, Hershey's new candy bar, spending hours watching things you hate, and being "twice exceptional".

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Episode 612

Turtlenecks are always back, Joe Boxer on LIVE PD, the most reliable cars, auto-soulmates, just Barnes, Uber for movers, preparing for holograms, UYD LIVE shows, refusing fascism, UYD's Fast Casuals, supporting local worldwide businesses, saying goodbye to Elwood Adams Hardware, saying goodbye to Bella Umbrella, deaf neanderthals, keep your kids on a leash, Mel Gibson continues to flourish, the future of Avatar and Giovanni Ribisi, Adam Sandler refuses to put on pants, glowing reviews for everything, instant paychecks, immortal slave robot labor, and eating plant-based / McDonalds.

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Episode 611

Who can relate?, heat and Halloween makeup, what scares the "Stranger Things" cast?, Impossible Fatburgers, preparing for a permanent underclass, soak in the sad at Dollargasm, West Nile lethargy, the home of the cloud, dead eyeballs, 100 page tribute to Hef and trannies, taking a knee in the bleachers, The 410 Boyz secretly filming Seth, back on sodas, Toomgis on the brain, Seth: The #1 Wingman, Jonathan: The Silver Fox, hitting the beverage scene, are bigger bubbles bad for you?, Topo Chico blowing up, Marlon Brando shot JFK, "Football Game" Drunk, Tommy Morrison gets tatt'ed up, it's hard to measure a marathon, National "Prescription Drug Take-Back" Day, USA Today Snapshots, bubble theories, sex robots don't have rights, and everything not real sucks.

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Episode 610

Phoenix is Phly, 12 riffraffs per AM/PM, Jonathan goes monster truckin', McDonald's on McDowell's, perfect fit condoms, what happens when ice cream meets vodka?, DJ Khaled doesn't thank his wife, an oldest American's update, the most popular candies by state, 2017 Halloween costumes, put a Taz on it, Fred Armisen finds his roots, creepy historians, looking for the financial messiah, a new slogan for CoverGirl, license plate readers, Foster The People's only song, no helmets and Wild Hogs 2, digital dicks vs real dicks, impossible Fatburgers, something happened on Undercover High, down on Elon, getting caught up in Why Him?, evidence of aliens by 2035, angular jackets of the future, Vedic Astrology, fellow mystics, National "Mediation" Week, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, and for a better tomorrow we play today

UYD: Easy. Breezy. Beautiful.

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Episode 608

Sitting Seth and USA Today Snapshots, Dr.Pepper bush, Miami drunks, keeping driver's off the phone, resting in bed, scroll-feed syndrome, the number of millionaires in the US, Cook vs Tosh, sleep days, how to live to be 100, governed by the tides, olds at the movies, the jackets of Gosling, #StopTheseDaddies , Trump ruins football, millennial snapshots, Xennials Motorcycle Rebel Club, bilingual children, lying on your resume, and penis vag now.

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Episode 607

Officially Autumn, top money making prescription drugs, cutting out straws, National "Infection Prevention" Week, 2017 Halloween costumes, Infinity Mirrors, Instagram snuff videos, preparing for a nuclear autumn, personal growth Post-Its, Switzerland doesn't make good TV shows, mom tattoos and bear bows, The Ark Encounter, riding the bus with Dick Shave, blow by blow porn for the blind, UYD audio commentary, UYD LIVE shows right around the corner, like Arby's but good, celebrity malls, Lover Boy Crips, Dive!, don't throw rocks at black kids and don't blind Asian dudes, we're not giving up on Prime, bean lung, and animation is red hot.

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Episode 606

Incorporating Michael Jordon into Me Myself & I, the best stage dad, the only thing cats like better than gravy, don't trust a vet, cannibal cats, Xennials, paying respects to Hef, Seth's handwriting, very to somewhat clean, combination Fatburger / Buffalo Express, UYD LIVE shows, a native women painted motorcycle, cannabis freakonomics, ranking fast food spots, Elon Musk's "Big Fuckin' Rocket", robot cats for dementia patients, ganja goo balls, National "School Lunch" Week, pinch rolled Cavariccis, NARC tools, and not camera ready for social media.

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Episode 605

Crushed by palm fronds, LA without palm trees, a weekend of LIVE PD, a hard time for placard abusers, Seth for mayor, from Houston to Sydney, UYD LIVE shows, government controlled air conditioning, middle eastern fast casuals, new inductees at the National Toy Hall of Fame, National "Spinning and Weaving" Week, Rubik's Cube Championships, the single greatest parallel parking job in history, The Great American Beer Festival, unauthorized educators, real bacon talk, travel alerts and soft targets, prototype chicken fingers, weak ass useless human arms, USA Today Snapshots, Starbucks/Work/24 Hour Fitness/Kenny Rogers Roasters, and no docs for Ozzy.

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