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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 722

Augmented shoe tech, USA Today Snapshots, the proper way to open a can, Major League Eating Events, a global helium shortage, learning from Diff'rent Strokes, Sweet Lightning, toilet training professionals, The World of Fruit, butts and bright colors, plant based nuggets, get your Del Taco to go only, you don't need Brain Games to know that Dax Shepard is dumb, legislative flex, Ask Jonathan, The Kerrville Folk Festival, UYD LIVE Shows, and we see you and appreciate you.

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Episode 721

Ohh Yeah Dude, the first EDC, the history of the Las Vegas sign, S.C.A.N.I.T., Stevie Uber is poor, 219 x's dirtier than a toilet, the results of "Jewelry or Tool?", USA Today Snapshots, preparing for Jonathan's birthday and the return of 90210, The Prodigal Son, Fantasy Pilot Season, publicness heuristic, Contact In The Desert, The Alien Hunter, upcoming UYD LIVE shows, and the juiciest lunchtime G.

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Episode 720

Dedicated to The Hawk, ripping the curl, spotting Kelly Slater in the wild, Ask Jonathan, there's something wrong with Amy, USA Today Snapshots, The Filthiest Cities In America, The Hard Times Cafe, exploiting the passionate, sober music festivals, oxygen deprivation therapy, free molecular biology lessons, fruit fly ejaculate, the reasonable expectation of privacy, respecting COPS, zapping elderly brains, preparing to replace Alex Trebek, UYD's Live Summer Tour, and Vanna gets the shaft.

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Episode 719

The Daytime Emmy's, UYD's Daytime Stories, earnestly going camp, the history of Boston Legal, kids and caffeine, NOS babies, bull semen straws, USA Today Snapshots, revisiting Indecent Proposal, a decade of Avatars and Star Wars, 1,000,000 upcoming extinctions, Eternity Island, becoming connected to your future self, a touch of The Button, UYD's LIVE Summer Tour, Detroit Vineyards, Kid Rock owns The Dems, Whooping Crane Bait Eggs, and being flagged by Sam Smith.

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Episode 718

May flowers, saving on Samsonite, digital license plates, drug disposal near me, real time ads in grocery stores, Instagram is always listening, Lecoste done still in the game, spitting on Pilgrim Rock, USA Today Snapshots, the origins of hoarding, Czech guns and Silencer Saturdays, jonesing for a P-10, the dangers of backseat seatbelts, the nation's smoggiest cities, states with lotteries, USA Today in Hawaii, are watches jewelry?, crying for dead robots, and cosmic fudge factors.

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Episode 717

Funny AF, pairing down the cams, A Star Is Born reunion, heads up for Mother's Day, knowing Bane, Ninth Responders, new whips, how to treat gangrene, hands off of my digital heritage, the Zuckerberg heirs, how much money American's spend on their pets, Fatty gets into a fight, the return of Jason Leno, selling the Hells Angels Clubhouse, chill Jeff, can all millennials be millionaires?, backflips and hot bodies, EID:LA, Jesus take the shaft, and UYD: The most trusted name in podcasting.

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Episode 714

Mizu pulled from Pet Semetery, The Search for America's Next Great Podcast, the visual history of hip-hop, when cops become robbers, maximum 60 mph speed limits, "This van follows the rules", male spinsters, The Barbed Wire Festival, male birth control pills, bad news first always, 66 tons of frozen feces, mountain cryming, the states that watch the most tv, "I'm a Gronk citizen!". Ask Jonathan, healing Seth's neck, and drunk driving police officers.

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Episode 713

Seth's neck injury, RIPs to Ronald K. Siegel, a natural need for drugs, the tour of a totally not creepy priest heart, Rob Lowe's gotta have his Avo's, $20 for child support and Christmas trees in April, UYD's LIVE Summer Tour, The Blessing of the Animals, the origins of T-Ball, apologizing for the nation's deadliest lynching, Vendetta cannot be a good movie, more condiment collabs, double blind pleasure studies, jurassic erotica, and Ask Jonathan.

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Episode 712

Mentions of weed in The Bible, UYD's Live Summer Tour, Seth's 8th grade predictions, a study of public restrooms, old timey remedies, USA Today Snapshots, going back on your meds, Dr. Duhamel, setting thermostats to African temperatures, rivers catching fire, the driving age in South Dakota, getting high in Hawaii, the burritos of San Diego, Jonathan's throwback look, and the power of big gods.

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Episode 711

Just shy of 7:11, the history of The Sev, UYD Summer Tour, saying goodbye to Paru's Indian Restaurant, one on one with Amir, the cities with the most aggressive drivers, Beyond Del Taco, Beyond Red Robin, Beyond Questlove, the dope safe houses, NARCAN Ninjas, the powerful rhythmic strokes of sperm, The 2019 Kid's Choice Awards, USA Today Snapshots, the cause of death of the oldest man in America, The Dirt was garbage, and Uhh Yeah Scoville Units.

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Episode 710

All Ask Jonathan's, getting Baja finger blasted, how to tell your friends about your dead wife, running free online background checks on your coworkers, spotting celebs and exposing people's juicy g, hating your first son, catfishing via erotica, the passive aggressive cleanliness of you mother-in-law, and the best ways to leave your alt-right boyfriend.

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Episode 709

Obese cats and dogs, dog appropriate pizza, chilling new information about Charles Manson, a fear of self driving cars, malfunctioning scooters, Seth Lenotelli, the return of Bosch, congratulating James Remar, banning cellphones on rollercoasters, watching TV with Seth, accidentally deleting all songs from MySpace, Dane Cook is back and on tour, getting pumped for Downton Abbey, this ain't your daddy's Chinese Starbucks, designated "Jerk Parks", and comedians don't get paid until we tell you you get paid.

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Episode 708

UYD LIVE shows are quickly approaching, discovering your Caticorn name, discontinued cheese balls, Hitachi's and Takis, Meatless Monday's at school cafeterias, researching whilst eating, smelling texture, sneaking into CBS All Access, over capacity morgues, kissing the deceased, eyeball tattoos, The Arkansas Toothpick, Jonathan's favorite knife, places where marijuana is still illegal, The State-By-State Galaxy Guide, USA Today Snapshots, and eating solely at The Texas Roadhouse.

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Episode 707

UYD in The Big Easy, The Essence Festival, J-Dawg Sr. on Broadway, USA Today Snapshots, Happy Birthday Internet, Orange Vanilla Coke and Meez whiskers, The Twilight Zone and The Grateful Dead, Jonathan's KKK jacket, should your kids pump iron?, Seth's Child Talent Agency, female PornHub viewers, I'd like to know more about the hand jobs, how to identify a gambling disorder, one cigarette a day/bet on the Super Bowl/cocaine on your birthday, and so much to do/so much to see.

UYD: Haters, bullies and trolls.

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Episode 706

Will Smith will not return in Suicide Squad 2, it's hard to find a good movie, off the grid living, new rules for Mormon missionaries, closing the curtain on Samuel French, shutting it down for Earth Hour, stepping inside the mind of an Instagram model, the peach is pain, Mayochup and Mayomust, overprescribing Fentanyl, your Smart TV is watching you, a rise in pedestrian deaths, and tickets on sale for UYD LIVE.

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