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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 811

Call before you dig, stopping production of Canadian pennies, countdown to the end of 2012, Seth in New Mexico, Hawaiian diapers, USA Today Snapshots, adult recreations, fillet of alligator, dropping the fig, youthful Newts, switching from Facebook to Insta, the beverage habits of Coca-Cola executives, dying on your birthday, treating yourself with Polyamory, UYD Live in Boston, The Diceman Tweets, moving like Jagger, saying goodbye to Newsweek, America's Podcast, rocking out with Simon Helberg, having doubts before marriage, kids with scratch-off tickets, loving a lipstick stained shot glass, 48 frames of Hobbit, Stoned Ape 2.0, and UYD Live in 2021.

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Episode 810

An incredible achievement, Jonathan's birthday week, interacting with females in the wild, the rise of the Miami amateurs, Work It!, Oprah's next chapter, The Snake Man of Appalachia, sexy yoga grandma's, Ellen: OUT, Drew: IN, Taco Bell slogans, So-bros, Johnny Depp: Fashion Icon, the first Behind The Music, Pitbull's loyalty, masturbating to dead people, Anal Awakenings, algorithm porn titles, Madonna's looking for Molly, holding guns while looking at guns, misinterpreting the end of the world, dabbing on Hitler, 25,000 shitting pigeons, depressed dads, Fallujahian style driving, Seth's TV Picks, and The Greatest Showman x 100.

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Episode 809

Continuing the journey through 2011, catching up with The Gigolos, stock brokers turned bike messengers, living the show at The Saddle Ranch, playing Mexican music on Cinco de Mayo, still waiting for the rapture, Scientology stories are flying off the newsstands, free frequent flyer miles for life, using your parents as your sexual role models, football players born in the 90's, Playmates born in the 2000's, exotic birds and my erection, The Tetris Effect, professional paintballers, sex laws in 1891, resureccting the Playboy Club, stolen USPS bins, cheerleaders and political parties, podfading with Oprah, postcards from Korea, Seth's automotive history, bouncing a $10 check, and celebrating 25 years in Los Angeles.

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Episode 808

Buckle up and relax, body drafting at Sturgis, Seth's TV Picks, Jonathan's Netflix Picks, the people choose Adam Sandler, the best mobster names, when tv is your boss, a warning of raves, Marion Moon's son, the safest age, the best song of the decade, come find me Watson, Justin Bieber's hanky code, saying goodbye to The Silver Spoon, changes to the Boy Scout's Handbook, the history of Buscemi, sitting too sexy, James Ellroy's Christmas gift, NAACP's best actors, watching Up In Smoke, are you a starseed?, and being too old for indigo.

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Episode 807

Deep into 2010, the tweets of Yoko Ono, waiting to get a response from Parade Magazine, God's Pussy, Disney beards, the first Megaplex theaters, Titanic hand jobs, jean diapers, See You Next Today Show, The Double Dutch Direct Eye Contact, identifying Ronald Regan, banning the Hare Krishna, the rise of Seth The Jet, fetishes open doors for demons, eating eagles, John Schneider's thoughts on 9/11, opening the door for The Milk Inspector, consensual big smiles, stag smokers, and the butterfly element.

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Episode 806

The truth hurts with QYD, revisiting 2010, Kanye returns to Wakanda, the gates of Heaven make them wavy, Tiger Twinkies, Bobby Brown Foods, Larry King's mind was never right, Charles Manson vs Master P, diving deep into The Avatar Forums, postponing Seth's moonwalk, The All-American Basketball Alliance, thirsty volunteers, wartime masturbation sleeves, Hubble 3D, the over-hyped internet, sleeping in the closet, the speed of ejaculate, Boob Bombers, which one was Rupert, Osama Modine, the 100 most influential people of 2010, what happens if you get two texts at the same time?, Cook To Bang, the 3rd founder of Apple, and shoulder to shoulder in the human stew.

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Episode 805

The 2nd half of 2009, just Bing it, pirate television, Bill and Ted Excellent Arclight Adventure, Drew Berrymore is The Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Cartel campers, The Multiverse Burn, we weren't prepared for Hoarders, we weren't prepared for Avatar, Dane Cook's best tweets from 2009, sober and depressed, 10 mg = 1 keybump, the handicaps of Lou Ferrigno, astronaut shit clouds, a Rambro birthday, The King of Pop passes, Dick Gozinya, are Cheech and Chong funny?, Canadians getting angry about Tom Cochrane, Taco Bell cupcakes, Tiger Woods is bigger than 9/11, OJ Simpson: The Terminator, 2,000,000 apps, Toby Keith's Nobel Peace Prize, and living in a different eon.  

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Episode 804

The patron saints of podcasting, heading back to 2009, The Pasta Dude, partying at the Hard Rock, don't hang up on Bart Simpson, same old Ye, preparing for The Cybergeddon, The Crash Defense, saying goodbye to New Coke, cancelling Michael Phelps, TK Steelman, even more from Ye, the heyday of MySpace, did Criss Angel die?, the last gasp of Bros, The Devil's Southpaw, The Rescue Shelter Boys, the rise of Facebook, Kanye West's "book", the top podcasts of 2009, and misdialing UYD.

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Episode 803

The 2nd half of 2008, getting gouged at the pump, permanent staycation, Cindy Crawford's math skills, behind the scenes of The Invention of Lying, friend of the seniors, a shortage of wheatgrass, charging for bags on airlines, other words for podcasting, Bill O'Reilly is delirious, crack blunts, Seth's ailments, Tyson Homosexual, God owns your business, The Mark of the Driving Beast, alter boy no-nos, giggles for Jesus, the firing of Kurt Wild, Munchausen at work sydrom, The Frisky Cock Challenge of  September '08, Kevin Pollak's Halloween costume, Bro-cabulary, saying goodbye to Playgirl Magazine, she was Sasha Fierce, and preparing for 2009.

UYD: Worse than ever.

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Episode 802

Revisting 2008, Heaveno, renaming Area 51, call me when you're on my block, Prof. Magnetik, hasta la vista boredom, PSYOPs on Hobart, The Greatest World's Greatest Dad Mug, Jesus's angel lust, Parking Wars, the beginning of the exploitation, everyone dies on Surreal Life, Bill Clinton had a dream, delete your MySpace, Oaksterdam University, Jonathan's mini heart attack, Nike's made of trash, Missed Connections, black people in Mormonism, Dr. Dick Frankenstien, Gayelles or Lesbiamus, the dialog of Valley Girl, Batman v TitanMen, waiting for the next Big One, a suicidal heart, rocking the cradle, Eddie Money: The Singer, and Letters to Mt. Wilson.  

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Episode 801

Life is a highway, 07-07-07, what is the first day of the week?, Michael Vick's pet set, Matt Damon comes home, A Tale of Two Coreys, getting beat up by Zen Feldman, Osama comes for Bobby Brown, blow this man or die, Mystery was a burner, learning from YouTube, A Tale of Two Pivens, Nike's for Native Americans, Bill O'Reilly dines in Harlem, pay what you want for Radiohead, pounding Lynchburg Lemonades, Inked Energy, porographic monoply, still a stills man, the global warming scam, the rants of Andy Rooney, replacing CHiPs, Dane Cook: Movie Star, the modeling shows of 2007, the frat shows of 1979, John Larroquette in John Wick 4, and you can't not hug.

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Episode 800

Happy anniversary, where are the flying sex robots?, taking it back to 2007, Apple reinvents the phone, dead soldiers return to duty, in astroidal news, do Spykes keep?, Hooters Energy, backside Ollie, Hallmark Journeys, Generation Me, the birth of Diet Pepsi Max, 6 years of stadium waste, vaginal bagels, Girls Gone Wild The Resturant, the last sitcom of the 90s, The Hard Rock Themepark, Georgia's intergrated prom, the naked boy and the fireants, never trust a big butt and a smile, twin daddies, the last cock fight in Lousiana, forever dreaming of Handy Many, the best quotes of Sunset Tan, cancelling Lindsay Lohan's birthday party, dying in theaters, popcorn lung, it's tough to be Gary Milby. and still waiting for the hard reset.

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Episode 799

Looking back to look ahead, the world wasn't ready for Popozao, how to make New Orlean's chocolate, iPod jeans, just watch the angel, 3 days older than Zillow, The Jimmy Fallon make up studio, the skits of Larry The Cable Guy, climbing the podcast charts, the seeds of our future, Sheen Kidz deadstock, Inside Tim Allen, saying hello to MRSA, titties and money symbols, 3 decade podcasters, illegally enjoyed, the rants of Mel Gibson, straight to Oceans 12, the talented Antin family, Green Bay's first black police officer, and wearing $400 shirts with $3 pants.
UYD: Dumber than now.

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Episode 798

Is Seth short for something?, positive energy for Marcia, Rite Aid readers, USA Today Snapshots, bringing back marbles, the TikTok greats, I'm here for The Rock, the most used corporate jargon, billionaire's pandemic profits, urban outdoorsman, The Future Almanac, another 7 minutes of Sterling, saying goodbye to The Stud, less poppers/more cocaine, and sex ratio imbalances.
UYD:  Scotch Free.

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Episode 797

The biggest podcasts of 2006, the history of Pepsi Jazz, Seth watches John Wick, a fine line between Bridge and Tunnel, revisiting M4M, hotshots giving it a shot, living the Jonah Hill life, The Fine Guy List, The Strawberry Moon, 70 Trillion photos per second, fresh from the factory Hershey's, Seth's TV Picks, everyone is being lied to, USA Today Snapshots, Spaceship Earth/Bio-Dome, 7 minutes of Sterling, and the best gay erotica magazines in Los Angeles.

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