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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 848

Getting your FUPA in frame, the start of Corona-News, Mainstream Media Setups, the Judge Judy / Bosch crossover, Kevin Connolly's little legs, it's your time to shine with daylight's savings, first sips of the rare Major Melon, Las Vegas pools are back, winning big but losing bigger, rage against the road trip, waiting your fucking turn, Maple Month, staying within your "dance zone", .01 cent royalties, A Night At Heckerling's, giving gorillas COVID, you can't take a dude out in the wild, more lethal lollipops, still waiting for Seth's Corvette, the hypnotic spells of Soleil Moon Frye, more spit on the curve balls of life, and we're all Ringo.

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Episode 847

All eyez on me, 847 episodes of friendship and joy, being attracted to smarts, performing surgery on your birthday, Uhh Yeah Governor, upping your coaster game, when Spain ruled Texas, LifeMDB, Kemosabe Smut Brothers, talking like Obama, PornHub searches by state,  the origins of swag, more senators for more cattle, Ask The Captain, the dark rage of the Uber driver, Uhh Yeah Body Butter, majoring in self defense, the biggest horticulture event in the universe, the world of concrete, Ask Jonathan, McBeefy, and the longest running podcast in history.

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Episode 846

Preparing for the sweetest of 16's, gunning for the number one blood giver, you can't chase a dead man's record, house Max's, having more employees than an entire state, free Tesla's for all celebrities, just ask Burt Reynolds, sharing a birthday with UYD, making a doc about MoviePass, Riff Raff vs Woody Allen vs Tekashi 6ix9ine, it's over when you say it's over, Tijuana's waste water, never seeing Point Break, Edgar Ramirez-heads, Ask Jonathan, saving every issue of Playboy for your future gay son, 8 limbed ocean bullies, and will the super computers figure everything out by Labor Day?

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Episode 845

Studying Neanderthal brains, respect to the OG pioneers, we're always talking sovereign citizens, it's always tax season for Wesley Snipes, changing your language before a break up, everyone takes a swing at The Joker, getting a degree in body butter, The Snow Moon, is Mando in the bible?, when none of your predictions ever come true, old wive's tales, senility-based podcasting, angered over readers, the moon is our puppet master, upcoming jury duty, Ask Jonathan, and preparing for UYD's sweet 16.

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Episode 844

Happy UYDversary, the numbers get crazy, will you be podcasting in 2036?, astrologer's predictions for 2020, only for Bezos, pent up for cruise travel, shoutout to Fiverr, Keanu is Sandra's son, forgetting how to fly, the catholic cash grab, weed before algebra, the best cigars of 2020, Trojan condom's masters, Ask Jonathan, how do you get in the book?, Chuck and OJ are both vaccinated, and recording until after hours.

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Episode 843

Bringing Hollywood into your home, CBS becomes Paramount+, when Q and sovereign citizens meet, heaterz seized at the airport, the disappointment of Discovery+, Television+, Alaskan aliens, stargazing Seth, House Hunters in reverse, 90-day Corona spray, cannibalistic female mantises, keeping up with the fast casuals, don't sweat the goo stuff, 2 car seats vs 3 children, Ask Jonathan, The Great Living Brandon, and USA Today Snapshots.

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Episode 842

Thank you Sit 'n Sleep, new horizons for Esqapes, the world's 2 richest men on Fight Island, space is the 6th G, the motifs of Seth's new office, losers running with the torch, Corona anal swabs, always go fecal, not having to pay to see Little Things in theaters, Jared Leto free solos, 71% not watchable, Priyanka Chopra Jonas gets to know her husband, 50 years of deputy gangs, you can't cancel Bill Maher's truth, USA Today Snapshots, massaging your mailman, and smuggling the dankest nip.

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Episode 841

Maybe this is 341?, pardon our technical difficulties, 2 handed dunks, $5 goes a long way in Macedonia, a doctor of color, new contracts for nude scenes, mimicking liars, Fib U, fuel your stoke, Mtn Dew's new Baja tribe, The Insect of the Year, The California Super Bowl, Deep DEF Country, Big Trucks / Big Loads, banning copper brake pads, Ask Jonathan, and the wisdom of The Fonz.

UYD:  Fuck, lay eggs, croak.

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Episode 840

It's 0s and 1s, a comedy podcast of errors, testing positive for Hobart, UYDreams, the biggest lottery winnings of all times, living the Marlboro lifestyle, Ask The Captain, what's going on with Arby's on Sunset?, horse shampoo for humans, The Drake Equation, Ask Jonathan, missing Jeff's laugh, remember the gray, testing for Alheimer's and sun sneezing, Staples vs Office Depot, and Jim Morrison's snake.

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Episode 839

The precipice of a new beginning, karate by whites, The McCartney Trilogy, salads on Boxing Day, new year new moon, USA Today Snapshots, green bananas only, Hobart is a state of mind, accepting 3D posters from a stranger, DMTween, Bleed Air, by boat or by bus, looking at lips, the drunkest vehicle, LA county is wild right now, cat interruptions, positive but not positive, Twitching with Jonathan, and 2021 is all about desktops.

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Episode 838

Holler at your boys in the new year, Seth's new office, The Whiskey of the Year, USA Today Snapshots, returning to schools in 2021, Lil Dicky Ramirez, The Clown and The Candyman, The California Travel Advisory, essential outlaws, cheating on your military exam, Girl Scouts vs Boy Scouts, eye level pin walls, sports during lockdown, the past 25 years of The Dallas Cowboys, how does the internet work?, how does the air work?, The New North Division, Canadian basketball, getting used to the new recording space, a new era in laughter, and dying for Wonder Woman.

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Episode 837

Comedy Casino, marijuana is still illegal, NARC Dad, neanderthal pain, The Seth Material, Spaceship Ranch, looking up to look in, Ask The Captain, Nick Filet, average temps in Philly, Mt. Everest is getting taller, Ask Jonathan, immortal invertebrates, saying good bye to Hobart, twitching with Jonathan, CSI: CPSC PA, and it might be time to mix it up.

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Episode 836

Closing up 2020, it's a Cornerstone, new shows set in the timeline of the Mandalorian, preparing for Cobra KaIII, television that needs explanation, The 2020 Hollywood Black List, Hamilton's Pharmacopeia, getting burned by A Teacher, how to open a restaurant during COVID-19, bad stealers, The Chicken Kingdom, The Cold Moon, earth's biomass, The Pineapple-Orange-Guava Federation, The Concert Confessional, TransAm Thank You Ma'am, new American Spirits, Reebok Pumps, and Hobby Lobby's sick Christmas wish.

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Episode 835

Wrapping up Hobart, sexy at every age, gorgeous men or garbage men, a December to remember, only 2 hours of screen time, Beauty Boy masks, George Lopez's kidneys, eating pythons, the best entertainment is faith-based entertainment, GMT vs UTC, Bosch Wars, Seth tries to buy shoes, the time to unwind, keeping up with the billionaires, hallucinogenic rock art, Robbie Willams made a song to enrage, hero-dose artists, family-based podcasts The Eastside Rat, moving to SoHo(llywood), preparing the Uhh Yeah Quinceañera, and blinding reaching for the mandoline. 

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Episode 834

Saying goodbye to Hobart, hero-casting, The Witch and The Priest, the first wave of vaccines, offensive license plates, doc recaps, returning to the Museum of Death, an overabundance of holiday gift guides, heavy spoilers on Wikipedia, a rise in home theaters, The 2020 AVN Awards, the wizardly return of Jeff Dunham, Ben & Jerry's colabs, Level 4 Travel Notices, and Beouf-boy loses a baby.

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