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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 574

Live from Spirit in Pittsburgh, traveling woes, United Fight Club, the largest gay dance music festival in the world, Jonathan goes to the S&M Ball, Space Cops, Alcoa presents, Seth's dad's new whip, making The Dance a classic, stealing River Phoenix's headshot, USA Today Snapshots, the downfall of Blockbuster Video, are we are always hallucinating?, git-r-done Elvis, National "Screen Free" Week, what people earn, speaking of gains, the many impressions of Dana Carvey, Horse / Weed / Mind's Eye, preparing for Cinco de Mayo, shirts for dads, Ask Jonathan, motorcycles helmets and guns, Chinese Product Recalls, and Seth's book about Roman Catholic church bulletins.

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Episode 573

Juice swapping smart phones, preparing for Tessa Porter, Oprah's spring hair report, a double dose of USA Today Snapshots, Stop The Bleed, swim colonel, what is an ethical will?, a tripling of LDS, National "Tattoo" Week, remembering Jonathan's grandmother, neanderthal erotica, real books only have one writer, Christian medical share, more surefire pick up lines, and four Lemonades every three weeks.

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Episode 572

It's nice to have a safe space, 13 reasons why I'm an asshole, the internet is not made for old people, Police Magazine, a few more 1980's pick up lines, tickets going fast for UYD LIVE shows, The State of the Air 2017, the upcoming schedule for the Dallas Cowboys, blind sniff tests, watching the new Adam Sandler movie, Yogi misses his family, USA Today Snapshots, new health reports from 23andMe, augmented VR face melt, sex robots are not just for fucking, National "Playground Safety" Week, the cancer will come in tonight, mind virusing Seth with The Low Files, Blue Chips > CHiPs, and everything is garbage.

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Episode 571

A beautiful day in Los Angeles, narc on your postal carrier, everyday is Earth Day, American Playboy, keeping an eye on Marston, boobless harlots, Aerosmith Airlines, the best 1980's pick up lines, what happens at The Abbey?, USA Today Snapshots, alien adjacent, Dr. Foot Creep, The Demeter Fragrance Library, ugly toddlers, the Bill O'Reilly of rock and roll, prisoner graduates, snitch bitch Tim Allen, Happy Mother's Day Aaron Rodger's mom, and the quinceanera of sobriety.

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Episode 570

Jimmy Fallon was a movie star, watered down homosexuals, infinite profit, United States of Auntie Anne's Pretzels and human dipping sauces, DiCaprio dismisses his TV mother, USA Today Snapshots, stuff is stuff and money is nothing, The Dance on Y&R, smart mirrors, Backstreet Boys at The Country Music Awards, how to party like you're on vacation, can a man be too handsome?, Ask Jonathan, the best places to retire, getting nude in The Dance, a new season of Bosch, the acting Lintz family, the love life of Olivia Munn, dongy dongs, new warnings for Florida lottery tickets, and Body Dysmorphic Progressive Disorder.

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Episode 569

The Top Doggers Podcast, daylight savings for the Navajo, bouncing through time, the anniversary of the LA Riots, stealing a snake, micro implants and cranial computers, Chief Chancellor of the Archives of Time and Information, reppin' Sports Illustrated merch, taking it a step further at Burning Man, preparing for Jonathan's 40th birthday, the fastest/easiest way to meet new women, social isolation media, yoga booty models, repurposed ketamine, don't take K in the day, reading a Seth Thomas clock, the number one honey producers, upcoming UYD LIVE shows, the fall of Pronto, National "Testicular Cancer Awareness" Week, who's Drew Barrymore's 4th husband going to be?, USA Today Snapshots, and check out the new UYD video footage.

UYD: The existential risk is too high not to.

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Episode 568

Happy Birthday Ben, USA Today Snapshots, daddy's bookmarks, Teen Vogue talks about sex, old white straight and tired, sobriety anime, reelin in the chips, 4 remaining phone booths, drinking cacao, Seth watches CHiPs, Seth prepares for Sandy Wexler, the return of The Dark Net, A.I. sex robots, uploading your mind to the algorithm, catch me Gita, UYD LIVE coming to a city near you, drunk lives matter, Seth bumps into Jonathan, naming your personal assistant, diaper wearing baby boomers, National "Laugh At Work" Week, Seth and Jonathan plan for the future, cleanliness complaints at Minneapolis strip clubs, legal switch blades, twine and avocados, and having children only to have grandchildren one day.

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Episode 500 (video)

Special taping of Episode 500 live from the Regent Theater in Los Angeles, California

— ✶✶✶ —
Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this happen:

Producer - Forest Erickson
Editor / Cinematographer - Josh Russell - instagram.com/joshrussell00
Cinematographer / Colorist - Vinny Pereira - instagram.com/vinormi
Title design - Daren Magee - Real Fun Wow - instagram.com/realfunwow

500th Show crew:
Brent Howard
Nick DeVivo
Desiree Holton
Joe Mullins

Donald Byrd - "Miss Kane"
Aphex Twin - "Cirklon3"
Kendrick Lamar - "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" (instrumental)
A Tribe Called Quest - "Can I Kick It?" (instrumental)
Eddie Hazel - California Dreamin'
— ✶✶✶ —

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Episode 567

Live from The Brooklyn Bazaar in Brooklyn NY, kiss my Irish ass, Irish America Magazine, defining legend, dating a colleague, God bless Oprah Winfrey, Ask Jonathan, the tweets of Larry The Cable Guy, what's next for Casey Affleck?, Zuckernerd returns to Harvard, gentrified Mexico, living alongside C.H.U.D.S., sobriety at Club Med, missing cocaine, don't put testosterone in charge of your money, bending Parade Magazine's mind, IMAX VR, Seth walks the walk, forest bathing, a little more Playboy news, fucking and scrapping, replacing the LA Pride Parade, alcoholic cold brew, drugs in the cupholder, USA Today Snapshots, the private school blues, and National "Act Happy" Week.

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Episode 566

Live from The Brooklyn Bazaar in Brooklyn NY, Seth's ancestry paperwork, sober for St. Patrick's Day, UYD's DNA, Starbuck's cups for spring, mobile podcasting, the April fools creep, a baker's dozen of pocket pussies, National "Welllderly" Week, fringe Jones, The Live PD Control Room, Bobby Moynihan as J-Dawg Sr, the Ed Sheeran backlash, restricting printed Playboy's, baseball in the snow, our first Playmate born in the 2000s, traveling with a loaded gun, the average cost of a wedding, the cause of wildfires, preparing for the big one, cut another finger mommy, The Tenement Museum, remote diocese, juicy g all d, Ask Jonathan, ignoring the naked guy on the street, robot burgers, Tinder Select, touch and go with the brits, and Seth's Poetry Corner. #moms

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Episode 565

Grateful to be here, Italian Starbucks, 4 new flavors of Oreo, 2 extra hours of boozin', drinking in Dubai, backwards baseball jerseys, the death of Kris Kross, Ask Jonathan, where to watch LIVE PD, brand new adults, National "Agriculture" Week, sleeping pods, talking shit about Japan, get your tickets for UYD LIVE, the seasonal creep, living/loving in Los Angeles, in theater playgrounds, urinal theaters, being hacked by Uber, is Freejack a good movie?, who's in Jonathan's contact list, and USA Today Snapshots?

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Episode 564

RIPs Bill Paxton, International "Brain Awareness" Week, Playboy's heritage, entertainment for human beings, UYD LIVE coming to a town near you, UYD's Fast Casuals, Zoup-isms, the wise words of Steve Beshear, start planning for 100, The UYD Reality Show, 3:57AM - 4:19AM < 100 views, preparing for The Arkansas Killfest, a day without a woman, Brawny Women vs Bounty Men, They Are Among Us, paying with space currency, laughter/insight, what people earn, adding phrases to the dictionary, nauseating sugar booze, defining British celebrity, and defining Ed Sheeran.

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Episode 563

What's 563 backwards?, a thicker cut of life, flip flops and tank tops, USA Today Snapshots, what's the best whitestrip?, sick scratchers, playing the airport slots, ask Pat Robertson, don't put Jesus or Cascade on the line, Test X180 Ignite, National "Sleep Awareness" Week, ask Walter Scott's Personality Parade, Mountain State Maple Day, get your tickets for a UYD LIVE show near you, preparing for Day Light Savings, 13 lbs of horse genitals, The Spirit of Play, deficient bridges, flying in jeans and a sweatshirt, underprepared for the big one, coworking competitive cohorts, and a six-week stalk.

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Episode 562

Back in the studio, just be you, Billy Gates warnings for the future, getting sucked down the rabbit hole, National "Write a Letter of Appreciation" Week, the return of Playboy, Ash Wednesday and Holy Thursday, giving up shoes for Lent, American Girl/Boy Dolls, Voltron's wooden power-sword, Big Coolness, the future of doctor visits, APPL-A-Day, a new couch for the studio, scamming your grandma, Seth watches Fifty Shades Darker, 100 years of Fluff, UYD LIVE shows in a city near you, USA Today Snapshots, The Roma-Times: All The Breasts Fit To Print, and how much trash do you make?

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Episode 561

Live from Kings in Raleigh NC, beautiful Indian spices, Seth's preschool report card, isolated on a volcano, 100 years of Cheerwine, all liquors matter, whoosh your phone, The Winter Fancy Food Show, UYD's Fast Casuals, hacking This American Life, the world's longest flight, maxing out at 5 friends, UYDames, Seth visits 2 Dope Queens, USA Today Snapshots, Ocean Medallion, lyrics by Jonathan, Seth's TV Picks, spin desks, Dr. Hansen Peed-hD, National "Through With Chew" Week, Ask Jonathan, life inside the secret space program, The Tot Squad, secret ATM cleaners, and the mantra of Monster energy drinks.

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