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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 888

Celebrating 60 years of Papa Gino's, you gotta drive to see The Driver, loving Phantom of the Paradise, hating Escape From L.A., Seth Clips gets eliminated, Burning Man 2022, 11-6-5-6, Chaz Play, the true horror of Jake Gyllenhaal, USA Today Snapshots, twink lot lizards, The McPlant, inedible Crossroads nuggets, cancelling The Giant Omelette Celebration, beware of the dragon-daddy's, it's just The Steen's, the mediocre return of Chris Hansen, made-to-fade tattoos, K-9 blood banks, watched over by delicate angels, and Desert Juniper (Amongst Friends).

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Episode 887

Loving you at 6:55, chasing the cotton candy high, the Breezers rot-gut, the world's oldest living person, experimental seafood, sitting through Annette, the Wes Anderson quirk, visiting The Academy Museum, NFL Sunday Ticket on Mars, America's Best Restroom, The Honeymoon Toilet Tour, USA Today Snapshots, future fridges, is Seinfeld is the worst?, the world's largest psychedelic venture capital firm, BBQ Parties, The Great American Roll, The Last Sitting, Hollywood preservationists and historians, hypno-yoga, and the angel number.

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Episode 886

What is pectin?, Astro The Pyro-Bot, the combo honor of a Thanksgiving Birthday, hot Sopranos garbage, keeping track of your streamers, the Hulu dupe, just Jamie's, La Brea is bold enough, USA Today Snapshots, The Hayride to Hell, the way things work is disgusting, The Haunted Hollywood Hike, Seth watches Nightmare On Elm Street, Seth watches COPS, recreating Live PD, Robbers and Riff Raff, Party and Run, better baby food, chicken hands, Larchmont turns 100, chain bagels, and the country's best drive time DJs.

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Episode 885

Dessert wine, hard on the squeeze, Guy Fieri is married to this man..., autumn in the Ozarks, infants and microplastics, meconium rhythms, Lil Chicago and The Lil Capone Contest, toffee top notes, Ask Jonathan, left handed guitarists, USA Today Snapshots, a world untravelled, food pods, robots don't have pubes, misplacing dead bodies, nouveau alcoholics, the poison ocean, and the return of Tiger King.

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Episode 884

A state of the art podcasting studio, holding hands in other cities, Venice Beach '78, Nick Cannon makes the worst anything, still in the running for a Corvette, the lie was enough, Three-card Monte on Melrose, 100% sauce extraction, impossible pork, surgical balloons in a secret WaBa glaze, peanut-free football, following Dak, Sgt. Pepperoni, the 400th Thanksgiving, The Hollywood Haverhill Haymakers, USA Today Snapshots, and Wisconsin cranberries.

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Episode 883

The first Dairy Queen in Dacula, PNW-DQ, fixing Seth's neck, hand at 4 and 8, The Wolf Whisperer, beautiful people have it better, DanceSafe, reading about drugs, Sober-Sitter Seth, new Nevada licenses, Blood Pool Island, the future of work, who do college students trust?, Unlocked: Full Release, nude cigar socials, punching a beard, outlawed stealthing, teat thrusts, who made AutoTune?, and the technology based movies of 1995.

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Episode 882

TIme to get Rowdy, LA NASCAR, all The Playboy Bunnies are dead, 32% Demo World, USA Today Snapshots, the ease of voter fraud, is Meatloaf alive?, Chip and The Wild Man, new microorganisms, the return of COPS, Fox Nation, pronouncing Rheses Macaque, animals that don't choke under pressure, bang-out summer, vegan Hershey's, new Girl Scout cookies, the return of Jason Leno, guerilla vandalism of The Dallas Cowboys, triple the menthol, The Pink Floyd Exhibition, who's got the pornographic cabinet cards?, vintage diddling, and searching for Ginger Whitehouse.

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Episode 881

Snaps vs Claps, The Untitled Bosch Spin-off, Jazz Dick Recon, the most offensive mascots, the acoustic display of rattlesnakes, a storage empire, cultural treasures from bro to bro, sin taxes, shady smokers, OnlyFans alternatives, robotic fast casuals, The Spyce Gloryhole, The Great Unconformity, The Last Great Photograph, the most fast food chains in the world, the dangers of poppers, and finding the right Halloween costume for 2021.

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Episode 880

The greats come in hungry, motorcycles want fresh skin, Twix Shakers, Gaylord's Spice, just straight Dash, trick it into a dust, rocks from Mars, 6 foot vs 100 foot waves, naturally occurring broken backs, cat fights, dipping into Roadhouse, this ain't your mama's Gatorade, drink the pink, Sheeran and the NFL, change forecasters and genuninfluencers, dipping into The Real Housewives, Karate Kid: The Musical, The Netflix Karate Family, the whole world is a demo tape, Illinois sport-fish, the return of Gay Days at Disneyland, and Neighborhood Wars.

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Episode 879

Saving lives with UYD, cigar aficionados, sell your home to be with your family, AI Computer Handwriting, USA Today Snapshots, UFO cash grabs, there's no balance to nonsense, Cherry Blade Lemonade, Hallmark's Fall Harvest, The Birthing Season, forgetting is more dangerous, Thanksgiving romance, what is a "roadhouse"?, the great state of Doctor, The Mormon Openhouse, Notorious GZI, The Quintessential County Fair, The Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off, the dangers of falls and head trauma, and the luxury of looking back.

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Episode 878

A palindrome episode, there's a lot of Little League teams, casual late night Nashville N-bombs, can baseball movies be good?, the truth about ad-blockers, Seth on the bone, Ask Maryland, cuck-out or alpha driving?, telepathic masters, still no sign of Maitreya, USA Today Snapshots, The American Speed Festival, no homework / no broccoli, and flashing the leather.
Uhh Yeah Dude: No Teens Allowed.

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Episode 877

Live from The Lodge Room in Los Angeles CA, 44 never looked so good, OG Diet Coke is disgusting, off of the dome - into your home, 4's are bad but 8's are good, Podcast and the City, 25 things you don't know about Margaret Cho, discovering new viruses, extra smoke, crypto conferences, a rise in .99 cent stores, award winning actress Mila Kunis, Barack Obama vs Mickey Rouke, face shapes and casual sex, The Oscar's Experience, geneticaly altered daddy long legs, Dry-Eye / Fortune 500 / Electronic Music Artist, Levi's and The Grateful Dead, take your brass home with you, NBA vs The Harlem Globetrotters, USA Today Snapshots, JAWS: The Musical, The Country's Best Yogurt, the problematic film career of Elvis, too hot for spot and tot, Seth on a donkey, Ask Jonathan, voicemails from Element Television, The 'wise in real-life, and forever special thanks.

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Episode 876

Live from The Lodge Room in Los Angeles CA, Happy Birthday Jonathan, the return of The Colt 45, OJ in LA, 25 things you don't know about Tyler Cameron, reducing cockroach sex, ysterday is history, The Sturgeon Moon, The Pumpkin Creep, the new mayor of New York, changing your personality during the pandemic, The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the governor of West Virginia, Hardee's Gals, tasting the galaxy, Ask Jonathan, it's not you - it's your walk, USA Today Snapshots, when gifts become burdens, Pruno sniffing dogs, how to huff, the new richest person in the world, Nobody Cares About Raymond, This Day In UYD History, no ketchup at Thrasher's, teen farmers, and consistent chicken.

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Episode 875

Inside The Green Monster, VR Van Gogh, Seth's Hollywood Tours, Milwaukee's first Cheba Hut, my own personal Woodstock, a psychic bond at Lollapalooza, The Age Clock, TC in the 90's, God has call-waiting, Ask The Captain, Big Lotion, The Ernest Hemingway Look-Alike Contest, WiFi appliances, moody meat-bodies, and pissing all over today.

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Episode 874

A double dip for back relief, an explosive day of healing, Jerry O'Connell News, Deep State Syndicated Conspiracy, 17,000,000 gallons of raw sewage, cussing and falling, J. Franco vs J. Leto vs J. Leno, The Office of Nightlife, The Brutal Red Light District, missing the Zero burn, Fasten Your Seatbelt, Pandora's Tube, the history of cannabis, Seth visits The Cowboys, The Caesar's Superdome, Gibson and Trump, Milwaukee on the mind, John Cena looks stupid, cue the zoo mutants, and jamming levels with Paul McCartney.

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