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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 683

Quiet on the set, autumnal comedy, earth's 60th birthday, reviews of Moon, twisted light, "Is this Once Upon?", USA Today Snapshots, the concept of shaving, The BK Dupe, Personalization Universe, under reporting your wife's earnings, flying from Boston to Hawaii, the world's fastest camera, old timey coffee shop, leaving prison at night time, Ask Jonathan, Sgt. Commando Psychonaut, and spiritual skydiving.

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Episode 682

Wellness for the rich, breaking up with a Brad and marrying a Brad, Pornhub insights, Roma and Jonathan at the box office, The Blood Donor Recognition Event, what that face do?, Roseanne OD's, Sheldon's an Ice dealer, M.D. Live, searching for Christmas decorations on LIVE PD, major victories for Satan, strong words from the Pope, pour until four, the most stolen car in the US, USA Today Snapshots, Snapcrap, present day Medieval deaths, when people don't match their cars, Operation Open House, and squeezing in commercials during The World Series.

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Episode 681

Seth returns to the mainland, Hawaiian Christian Side Hugs, crying for "A Snore Is Born", The First Annual Podcast Awards, The Brooklyn Boys talk about Brooklyn things, loving the Baja Blast, animals in space, the best rap names of 2018, T-Rex Bananas, where the cameras are rolling in Los Angeles, not in the loop with #MeToo, all about that van life, a disturbing rise in scam phone calls, replacing sand with asphalt, USA Today Snapshots, Ono Grinds, 666 episodes of The Simpsons, secret kangaroo meat, visiting the Zucker-nerd compound, and Bone Thugs-N-Hawaii.

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Episode 680

Shaka Seth, living on Island Time, visiting Zuckernerd's plantation, Westway's restaurant discounts, Martian chron, the feature film "Moon", Sam Rockwell's hands, the actor/chefs of Somni, USA Today Snapshots, The FBI's Most Wanted List, 3 new M&M's, Facebook's content moderator, West Hollywood psychic readings, Life Counselor Larroquette, Ask Jonathan, Seth's therapist, social exclusion, and preparing for The Women's Wave.

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Episode 679

Surfer's ear, Lil Bosch's Road and Track Magazine, it's okay with ArKay, expanding your garage door, The Field & Stream Purge, Bait Deer, no new COPS until 2019, LA-AX, USA Today Snapshots, the hazards of using public baby changing tables, Jonathan N's Town Hall Meeting, Seth's updated ancestral DNA, "The Neanderthal From Norway", and Burger King's Agency of Robots.

UYD: Eat the math.

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Episode 678

UYD's Halloween costumes, Sannyasins of Silverlake, no teens on scooters, Seth's seat police, beyond Del Taco, #VanLife , LIVE PD continues, COPS on hold, watching news via satellite, USA Today Snapshots, fully making out at work, buddhists getting rowdy, The Newport Beach Police Department Podcast, don't sleep on American Vandal, Seth's week in paradise, no mustaches in Magnum P.I., The Plumeria Hanky Code, sleep storming, Seth's night terrors, the fabrications of Cornell food studies, the closest thing to feeling like a ghost, tracking your phone usage, and The 5 Day Cooler Ice Challenge.

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Episode 677

Happy Birthday Seth, The Cowboys and Juicy G, hot UK gossip, US prison stats, yoga extraction, positive dupes, tripping in down-dog, surfers covered in germs, Ask Jonathan, what would Jacie Scott do?, deciding what type of music to wake up to, not using an alarm clock, USA Today Snapshots, paralyzed by darkness, sleeping in the suicide house, Christmas trees from Amazon, Ask The Captain, kid's only airlines, and spotting Dickey Barrett in the wild.

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Episode 676

Breaking the 4th wall, the mouth feel of your podcast, live ghost hunting, #FistBumpToTheBigMan , America's Next Yodel Bitch Boy, felony ham theft, paying to play football, Arrogant Rodgers, USA Today Snapshots, The Ig Nobel Prize, virtual voodoo dolls, how couples meet, wanting to date a football fan, quarterly Playboys, poor people buying lottery tickets, Ask Jonathan, and should Jonathan get a van or have a kid?

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Episode 675

Chosen blood teams, Seth's solo mission, new inventions for olds, Ask Jonathan, the true value of the Tesla logo, Elon pretends to smoke weed, Tessa Porter is back on the streets, negative customer service and odd interactions, beauty versus force, thetanly speaking, puking for a billion years, dupes on multiple levels, spiritual secrets, USA Today Snapshots, stay out of Oregon, Seth's weekend parenting course, cover your kid in malware, the mating habits of the brown widow spider, and cracking Woody Allen's streak.

UYD: The Old's Uber.

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Episode 674

The official start of UYD TV (available only on Patreon), Saks Broadway, face gym, McDonald's global menu, USA Today Snapshots, preparing for middle age, preparing for fatherhood, the oldest living person in America, the traits of the snake, concert ticket bots, what if Kurt Cobain was still alive?, Miss America 2019, autumn is upon us, coming alive in layers, Bait Tent, do you play fantasy?, #NotMyMissAmerica , remembering 9/11, and the world's only 4 decade podcaster.

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Episode 673

Cameras in the studio, Grateful Dead collabs, quitting NASA, kidnapping J-Dawg Sr, blame it on the Rougarou, The Waikiki Gun Club, watching TV where nothing happens, floating Cowboy's footballs, USA Today Snapshots, LA's public bike program, liquid freedom, Metallica bathed whiskey, Great NFL Names, The Homeschooling Almanac, Ask Jonathan, dethroning the Red Delicious, and the 90's were stupid too.

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Episode 672

#Joyful, shirts off at the dog park, football is here, Redox and run, Guardians of the 49th, scamming sex offenders, USA Today Snapshots, The PBR World Finals, a world filled with Cody's, saying nope to dope in Oklahoma, the first Hindu Temple of the Dakotas, turning Wyoming into a university, speeding spectators, heckling Usain Bolt, Gucci Mane University, the most is more, boycotting Sprouts, browbeating your friends into listening, and the DNA effects of noise pollution.

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Episode 671

Hot new mics, podcasting lung, still getting Netflix through the mail, Jonathan's desired destinations, San Francisco royalty, labial calcification, getting goosebumps on command, ASMR is ahead of science, the hot tubs of '83, if this plumbing had eyes, reinventing raisins, Paul McCartney is still going, Seth's Guac Show, delaying fresh Groot, beach volleyball bird deaths, painting at Drew's house, fixing up the Cassavetes estate, coffee drones, Seth's 65" TV, 3D Double Vision, the regulations of CBD, more will be revealed, and why is he called "Deadpool"?

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Episode 670

By men for men, owning a mountain, USA Today Snapshots, The Face Whisperer, The Countdown To Christmas, no name changes for college grads, Milo's not Mel, warm weather suicides, landfills full of contacts, so many Subways, mung bean eggs, DJ Khaled's Power Potion, have a lot of pillows, how rich are Jeff Bezos's parents?, GenoPalate, birds on Prozac, and casually talking about Blue Apron.

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Episode 669

Aloha, local haoles, boots in the sand, Milwaukee: UYD's sister city, Derek Slenderman, robot bartenders, Jonathan's new New Era hat, the numerology of Ray Lewis, a family friendly New Orleans, lose your mortgage at Buffalo Wild Wings, peaking at 50, The Wet Republic Ultra Pool, The Coast Guard Cocktail, puking on Catalina, The Martial Arts History Museum, USA Today Snapshots, experiencing "fun" on the internet, and Camp Camboy.

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