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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 643

The Milford Iowa class of 1958, showing your guns off on the holidays, portals to the dark side of the internet, a social media deep cleanse, 19 cupholders, getting your news only from Facebook, John Mayer buys Adam Levine's house for a lot of money, was Coolio ever cool?, UYD listener's concert experiences, The World Happiness Report, the discerning tastes of Netflix, dancing for Jesus, spending a year in space, twins marrying twins, from creep to kink, USA Today Snapshots, having dope kids to counteract the terrible ones, Walmart made bees, tech-nuts, and Uber killed a Mongol.

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Episode 642

The Loneliness Cure, young at brain, USA Today Snapshots, stalking Sexy Vegan, Uhh Yeah Detectives, smartphone microscopes, the history of The Dance, the science of soup blowing, Podcasting attire, Podcasts about Podcasts, TV Shows about Podcasts, 6 eps is all Seth needs, jailed for debt, The Mötley Crüe Movie, the best actor in a film you didn't see but don't have to, UYD's Northern Hemisphere Tour, the wisdom of RuPaul, and eco-friendly tires that will never happen.

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Episode 641

The first thing you do after you take off a hippie girl's dress, the launch of Sci-Ti TV, spring has sprung, Seth's return to coffee, UYD's Northern Hemisphere Tour, happy amateur drinking day, no more late night dining at Canter's, saying goodbye to Papa Gino's, The Carter's Orgy, Seth's best concert, Jonathan's week in New York October '88, taking multiple driver's license photos, hypnagogic hallucinations, Jonathan's Dream Journal, plant life INs and OUTs, USA Today Snapshots, how can you fuck a lie?, and the death of Jayne Mansfield.

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Episode 640

The UYD Corrections Department, sleeping in the living room, hiring van people, #DSE2018, USA Today Snapshots, in-house strange, driver reexamination, the road worthiness of The Dance, putting 60 miles on a Toyota Corolla, UYD LIVE in Michigan, what makes mushrooms magical?, thumping a different type of bible, never seeing The Stones, graffiti class, what is your city's mobility score?, how to break into the new Hollywood, bands that Jonathan has and hasn't seen, and the line up of Woodstock '94.

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Episode 639

Deep reaches of friendship, Seth quits caffeine, New Hampshire's poetry slam, USA Today Snapshots, Lifesaver sparks, I only fuck tropical, data harvested by toothpaste, preparing for spring break, the true cost of Uber, how does Netflix even make money?, UYD LIVE in Ferndale MI, preparing for daylight's savings, Jon Hamm and The Cowboys, human's attacking robots, autonomous car traffic reports, the taxi uprising, tooth fairy stats, wedding dupes, chains are played out, coffee flavored brandy, Fireball nips, hidden snow syringes, UYD's emergency contact voicemails, and the proper age to start colon check-ups.

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Episode 638

Protect the hair at all costs, full moon hair cuts, shrugging off aliens, fraud in the family, harassing nurses, C.L.T. touch, peak experiences, waking up positive, waking up to country music, actors lying about ages and heights, Authentic Internet Movie Database, there's still Christmas decorations on Live PD, preparing for Earth Hour, dark sky communities, tender fish fucking, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, beer on Mars, and there used to be only one Seth.

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Episode 637

Always and forever, Battle Vision, preparing for zika / chikungunya viruses, daytime biters, USA Today Snapshots, mariachis and massages, dos Jonathans, Dax Shepard starts a podcast, owning a few Rhode Islands, Seth's Sci-Ti vision, fines for being distracted whilst walking, Winter Break: Hunter Mountain, dead laughter, fungus fucks on you, 100 years after Pharrell's death, hallucinating mountain goat guides, surfing the Himalayas, the return of UYD LIVE (in Ferndale Michigan), and cis-breath Jonathan.

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Episode 636

02-20, Seth's robocalls, texting and drinking and driving, Live PD's proxy attorney, Gay Burning Man, USA Today Snapshots, Papa Seth, measuring brainwaves during exercise, The Hartford Steamed Cheeseburgers, a potato chip party for one, The Hangtown Fry, the best maple syrup in New Hampshire, blood syrup, Jonathan's blueberry farm, $11,000,000,000 of legal cannabis, an explosion of "Beef's" in Florida, the pub is for everybody, Ask Jonathan, one man's Juicy G is another man's Juicy T, America's Musical Journey, and a UYD hairy logo restock.

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Episode 635

Pushing towards UYD's tween years, tactical glasses, USA Today Snapshots, a sanitary non-spit meal, The NBA All Star Weekend Talent Show, everything is terrible across the board, the missing factor in boxing, Newman's left over Valentine's candy, live free and die, lackadaisical seatbelt use, is it time to retire The Dance?, high school kids making garbage food, bud and breakfasts, 50 Shades Freed vs Black Panther, stepping away from it all, why are we still obsessed with the garbage?, a 2nd life for Uno, no need to watch Drake's new video, The AR-15 Challenge, Fergie set it off, recognizing Jonathan's voice in the wilderness, and viruses in hospital pipes.

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Episode 634

12 years of UYD, a bridge-less experience, startled vs startling, The Tale of Dead Parrot Larroquette, The Planetary Protection Officer, USA Today Snapshots, rocking beds, Jonathan's sleep news, preferred cheat positions, Ask Jonathan, the answer is in the question with woodpeckers, no more helmets in football, fentanyl amnesia, a pornographic health crisis, locked in a box, the upcoming UYD Legalize It Tour, and a full calendar year of sobriety.

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Episode 633

UYD's birthday episode, every kiss begins with Dude Perfect, stealing slogans, the state of advertising, The Legends Football League, cooking in science class, leftover vegan jerky, The Resident, millennial dads, designated dad drivers, misplacing your loaded guns, flying with weed, cardiac rage, comment section screen names, USA Today Snapshots, referencing The Office in the office, VR weight lifting, the rumors of Crash Bandicoot, a double dose of Musk, guerrilla headshots, whitewashing Elon, do commercials actually work?, President Dinklage, watching Idiocracy, and Seth inspired TV characters.

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Episode 632

632 episodes of being unreal, readings from the comment section, the highs and lows of felony theft, working at Home Depot for over 20 years, The Yankton 2018 World Archery Indoor Championships, costumes from The Disaster Artist, KDP Beverage Solutions, the 1st draft of Idiocracy, prison overflow, an anti-gambling sweepstakes addict, a love of driving and packing, the art of consulting, back on the ASMR, The Jack Pack App, The Conscious Life Expo, on mic \ off-planet, and preparing for UYD's birthday anniversary.

UYD: Galactic Soul Lineage

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Episode 631

Christmas trees on LIVE PD, Rage Ground, a fight to the finish for the remaining Blockbusters, USA Today Snapshots, Fatty's tumor, girls from 9000 years ago, Most Valuable Performer, preparing for the Kitten Bowl, bi-week fever, Super Bowl Soup, cornering the Israeli snack market, mosquitos and sweet blood, dragonfly drones, a shrimp without slavery, brainless meats, heme-existing conditions, the world's sexiest vegan, a new King of Beers, cocaine weed liquor or beer?, Hollywood's gone soft, dusty pea milk, and back on the 'gram.

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Episode 630

Sticking with Waze, the worst cities for driving, smoking with a chest cold, the safest year for airline travel, seeking Seth's replacement, death cleaning, jimmy hat alternatives, acne is always personal, addicted to customizing, the wastefulness of Dippin' Dots delivery, Las Vegas's weapon detectors, we're just a few steps away from the phone being inside your body, guessing the height of the Eiffel Tower, beautiful naps, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Jonathan, The Lego Bar, a grown man in the Star Wars isle, and when your podcast needs a DivaCup.

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Episode 629

The ice cream and packaging of the future, Italian snow monsters, ice cream's first mix-in, Protes and butterscotch, crab corn, 3 lies every 10 minutes, 13 secrets, extra relational thoughts, USA Today Snapshots, making a 2nd Hollywood Sign, trams everywhere, frats and religion, The Bonaventure Hotel, grayscale smartphones, addicted to the 'gram, paying for Elon Musk's mistakes, Ask Jonathan, the differences between coat racks and clothes trees, 3 year olds observing arbitrary tasks, the origins of "Indian Giving", and the act of "ungifting", and all the answers of the world can be found in old episodes of Seinfeld, Star Trek or The Brady Bunch.

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