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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 693

Welcome to 201-9, New Year / New Me / New You-YD, Seth in the playoffs, Cowboy sweaters, thick Playboys and thin LA Weekly's, The Impossible Burger 2.0, Marlboro buys Juul, Progressive Cattleman, new music from Pearl Jam, preparing for the upcoming convention season, 8K TV's, the top cosmetic surgeries of 2018, 40 and over skate clubs, new healing energies, USA Today Snapshots, Hoarders vs. Marie Kondo, folding televisions and traveling crystals, pet custody during divorce, Seth's Cowboy's Collection. and preparing for our funniest year.

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Episode 692

Famished from shopping, preparing for Jennifer Aniston's birthday, indulging in new soaps, Jonathan's Hairemony, a shortage of shrimp, in the front row for Rob Lowe, how many seats in the Criss Angel Theater?, USA Today Snapshots, uncovering the comedy, The Holy Smokes Church, alpha male romance novels, preparing for the battle of the mega-cities, Srgt. Ninja, teaching teachers how to teach yoga, the return of Million Dollar Listing, the construction crane capital of the country, we're long overdue for the big one, moving out of the 600's, and cats on CamSoda.

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Episode 691

Happy Honda Days, a December to remember, hot new scents, hands-free huffing, USA Today Snapshots, The Screenplay Blacklist, The Top Porn Searches of 2018, The Hollywood Christmas Parade, not receiving Presidential and Silver Alerts, Bird Box bites A Quite Place, Seth's baseball musical, 500 scripted television shows, Talkin' Barb, the horrors of eating stadium food, Jeffrey Lurie's corn hole, you can't avoid football, a jump in North Dakota meth use, and the woes of digital hoarding.

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Episode 690

Farm fashions, milk with no balls, beaver blankets, Brand Ambassador Larroquette, hunting tips for the perfect kill, hotels on wheels, Caite Upton is all of us, restaurant pollution, the scents of SC Johnson, recruiting Kansas teachers, the best way to store harvested organs, USA Today Snapshots, DirtyJerkBoyz, gait recognition software, Distroller World, and to finish or not to finish.

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Episode 689

Returning to the mainland, it's too cold in LA, the sovereign citizens of Live PD, therapy alligators, Louie Armstrong or Louis Armstrong?, reminiscing to Reminisce Magazine, Seth and Jonathan's anniversary, Kirk Douglas keeps going, The Verde Valley School Mud Pit, new Dews, global cloud based solutions. Fortnite scholarships, USA Today Snapshots, The Drip Daddy, Snoop Doggy Soccer Mom, The Color Of The Year, sun tan bans, Phish for kids, and updating The Bare Naked Ladies lyrics.

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Episode 688

Quiet on the set, staying off the soda, the aroma of cocaine, Justin Timberlake is still in the woods, appendi-sodomy, the healing hands of Mrs. Biel, Floridian Sci-Ti's, unlocking your last 75 trillion years, USA Today Snapshots, The International Yoga Festival, preparing for Twelfth Night, Jonathan's funeral dares, The Worst Holiday Toys of 2018, The Island of Misfit Meme's, Ask Jonathan, removing the "new car smell", easy living for The Sober Bros, and Yippy Yo Sgreat.

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Episode 687

Neighborhood scammers, Nevada's black book, Christopher Reeve's audiobooks, structurally deficient bridges, returning to Malibu, learning lessons from motorcycle crashes, a study on slutty mothers, red hot white dove releases, the casino scent, USA Today Snapshots, there's no purpose to life, The 2019 AVN Awards, Massachusetts loves weed, and moving Thanksgiving to June.

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Episode 686

The double entendre episode, a 2nd dose of Alert Drops, preparing for The White Party, The Playboy Advisor, Dos Lovers, Seth's squeaks, the death of the camera, soiled bottom discipline, the Oculus blueprints of Walmart, hyper-market superstores, vegans love bulk, USA Today Snapshots, America's Best Restroom, life in the tenement, The Slogan Days, injector pills, Coconut Oil > DEET, sexually cut scrubs, hover-police, UYD's audiobook reviews, and Seth paints an office.

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Episode 685

Blessings on blessings, kids with Hollywood vibes, UYD's cover kid, The Podcasting Hall of Fame, Holiday purge parties, #VanLife, staying alert with Potsie Heimlich, an exhibit about exhibits, Shreddy Krueger, brick and mortar showrooms, The Playboy Advisor, SpaceLife Origins: Life Beyond Earth, The Cosmic Doula and Beyond Indigo, 3 days to quit, Chuck Lorre's vanity, mobile pizza factories, what's the first movie to have a pizza delivery?, USA Today Snapshots, and The Hobart Homies.

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Episode 684

Over 1,000,000 podcasters to choose from, USA Today Snapshots, Scientology in '83, choice overload, #VanLife, The Hangover Experience, Knowledge 101, Jonathan gets prechecked, addicted bumblebees, Kale Rat, James Van Der Beek on Criminal Minds, creamy Snickers, The Best Burrito in Athens, The Nacho-Off, Sly straight flexin', Tom and Drew's wedding, chase the Linalool dragon, and Ask Jonathan.

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Episode 683

Quiet on the set, autumnal comedy, earth's 60th birthday, reviews of Moon, twisted light, "Is this Once Upon?", USA Today Snapshots, the concept of shaving, The BK Dupe, Personalization Universe, under reporting your wife's earnings, flying from Boston to Hawaii, the world's fastest camera, old timey coffee shop, leaving prison at night time, Ask Jonathan, Sgt. Commando Psychonaut, and spiritual skydiving.

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Episode 682

Wellness for the rich, breaking up with a Brad and marrying a Brad, Pornhub insights, Roma and Jonathan at the box office, The Blood Donor Recognition Event, what that face do?, Roseanne OD's, Sheldon's an Ice dealer, M.D. Live, searching for Christmas decorations on LIVE PD, major victories for Satan, strong words from the Pope, pour until four, the most stolen car in the US, USA Today Snapshots, Snapcrap, present day Medieval deaths, when people don't match their cars, Operation Open House, and squeezing in commercials during The World Series.

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Episode 681

Seth returns to the mainland, Hawaiian Christian Side Hugs, crying for "A Snore Is Born", The First Annual Podcast Awards, The Brooklyn Boys talk about Brooklyn things, loving the Baja Blast, animals in space, the best rap names of 2018, T-Rex Bananas, where the cameras are rolling in Los Angeles, not in the loop with #MeToo, all about that van life, a disturbing rise in scam phone calls, replacing sand with asphalt, USA Today Snapshots, Ono Grinds, 666 episodes of The Simpsons, secret kangaroo meat, visiting the Zucker-nerd compound, and Bone Thugs-N-Hawaii.

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Episode 680

Shaka Seth, living on Island Time, visiting Zuckernerd's plantation, Westway's restaurant discounts, Martian chron, the feature film "Moon", Sam Rockwell's hands, the actor/chefs of Somni, USA Today Snapshots, The FBI's Most Wanted List, 3 new M&M's, Facebook's content moderator, West Hollywood psychic readings, Life Counselor Larroquette, Ask Jonathan, Seth's therapist, social exclusion, and preparing for The Women's Wave.

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Episode 679

Surfer's ear, Lil Bosch's Road and Track Magazine, it's okay with ArKay, expanding your garage door, The Field & Stream Purge, Bait Deer, no new COPS until 2019, LA-AX, USA Today Snapshots, the hazards of using public baby changing tables, Jonathan N's Town Hall Meeting, Seth's updated ancestral DNA, "The Neanderthal From Norway", and Burger King's Agency of Robots.

UYD: Eat the math.

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