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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 675

Chosen blood teams, Seth's solo mission, new inventions for olds, Ask Jonathan, the true value of the Tesla logo, Elon pretends to smoke weed, Tessa Porter is back on the streets, negative customer service and odd interactions, beauty versus force, thetanly speaking, puking for a billion years, dupes on multiple levels, spiritual secrets, USA Today Snapshots, stay out of Oregon, Seth's weekend parenting course, cover your kid in malware, the mating habits of the brown widow spider, and cracking Woody Allen's streak.

UYD: The Old's Uber.

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Episode 674

The official start of UYD TV (available only on Patreon), Saks Broadway, face gym, McDonald's global menu, USA Today Snapshots, preparing for middle age, preparing for fatherhood, the oldest living person in America, the traits of the snake, concert ticket bots, what if Kurt Cobain was still alive?, Miss America 2019, autumn is upon us, coming alive in layers, Bait Tent, do you play fantasy?, #NotMyMissAmerica , remembering 9/11, and the world's only 4 decade podcaster.

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Episode 673

Cameras in the studio, Grateful Dead collabs, quitting NASA, kidnapping J-Dawg Sr, blame it on the Rougarou, The Waikiki Gun Club, watching TV where nothing happens, floating Cowboy's footballs, USA Today Snapshots, LA's public bike program, liquid freedom, Metallica bathed whiskey, Great NFL Names, The Homeschooling Almanac, Ask Jonathan, dethroning the Red Delicious, and the 90's were stupid too.

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Episode 672

#Joyful, shirts off at the dog park, football is here, Redox and run, Guardians of the 49th, scamming sex offenders, USA Today Snapshots, The PBR World Finals, a world filled with Cody's, saying nope to dope in Oklahoma, the first Hindu Temple of the Dakotas, turning Wyoming into a university, speeding spectators, heckling Usain Bolt, Gucci Mane University, the most is more, boycotting Sprouts, browbeating your friends into listening, and the DNA effects of noise pollution.

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Episode 671

Hot new mics, podcasting lung, still getting Netflix through the mail, Jonathan's desired destinations, San Francisco royalty, labial calcification, getting goosebumps on command, ASMR is ahead of science, the hot tubs of '83, if this plumbing had eyes, reinventing raisins, Paul McCartney is still going, Seth's Guac Show, delaying fresh Groot, beach volleyball bird deaths, painting at Drew's house, fixing up the Cassavetes estate, coffee drones, Seth's 65" TV, 3D Double Vision, the regulations of CBD, more will be revealed, and why is he called "Deadpool"?

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Episode 670

By men for men, owning a mountain, USA Today Snapshots, The Face Whisperer, The Countdown To Christmas, no name changes for college grads, Milo's not Mel, warm weather suicides, landfills full of contacts, so many Subways, mung bean eggs, DJ Khaled's Power Potion, have a lot of pillows, how rich are Jeff Bezos's parents?, GenoPalate, birds on Prozac, and casually talking about Blue Apron.

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Episode 669

Aloha, local haoles, boots in the sand, Milwaukee: UYD's sister city, Derek Slenderman, robot bartenders, Jonathan's new New Era hat, the numerology of Ray Lewis, a family friendly New Orleans, lose your mortgage at Buffalo Wild Wings, peaking at 50, The Wet Republic Ultra Pool, The Coast Guard Cocktail, puking on Catalina, The Martial Arts History Museum, USA Today Snapshots, experiencing "fun" on the internet, and Camp Camboy.

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Episode 668

Live from The Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee WI, cross-country California Rolls, smirking at your Auntie's bra, The Fiserv Forum, LA's Food Museums, we dream in cheese, ghosting your job interview, Bachelorette Weekend, Dr. Pimple Popper, South Korean Postcards, silent Starbucks, Jonathan goes to Comic-Con, metal detectors in schools, the lead pipes of Milwaukee, nuclear fallout wine, tanning yourself to death, USA Today Snapshots, rolling octopuses, the best large cities to live in, shitty corn from Kansas, endless apps, ghosting Starbucks, Ask Jonathan, electric roller skates, tribal law, college hotels, Lay's Taste of America, do you have any fresh pineapple?, and Smart Jail Mail.

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Episode 667

Threatening the National Lottery Commission, USA Today Snapshots, Seth's Buddhist son, facial recognition camp, thought police and mob mentality, human pheromones, Spanish Fly and Hai Karate, high pitched baby voices, smaller airplane bathrooms, Rambo V, The Pancake and Christmas House, Moneybag Soda, and we only do things that we are addicted to.

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Episode 666

The number of the beast, the last Blockbuster, do your drinking and drugs in silence, the shelf life of a cheerleader, retrying Soylent, never heard of MoviePass, we got Kunis, the summer of living dangerously, MC Brainy Macklemore, USA Today Snapshots, porno'clock, a rise in pedestrian fatalities, this finger means "fuck you", the best states to retire in, combine the Dakotas, shaming shoplifters, overdosing at the coffeeshop, UYD LIVE, getting devil out of our freeways, and making your pastor question his religion.

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Episode 664

Fully functional microphones, 1 Million Jogger Views, Jonathan and The Dead, alternative milks, UYD LIVE in the midwest, ghost guns, the most American vehicles, open the blood gates, smartphone doctors, the era of the very old worker, there's no doctors in Nevada, Pimple Popper MD, Psycho AI, and the tough economic times of 2008.

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Episode 663

Elvis Week 2018, soak in the agony, 1 billion square feet of storage, the sport of PowerPoint, USA Today Snapshots, making your city butterfly friendly, UYD Live in Wisconsin, drug depressions, the country's best zoo, Ask Jonathan, Jonathan's dream, bees doing math, Bruce Willis is "The Cryptojacker", A Tale of Two Ozzy's, and The Universal Life Collab.

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Episode 662

Ask Human Resources, Hot Chicken Pringles, the true price of parking, Kirk Douglas is still alive, the best birthday present that never happened, a biometric entry/exit system, Canadian security cameras, the top gay sneaker searches, things to know before stepping on a TV set, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Jonathan, and we only go to 25 places.

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Episode 661

Preparing for 666, 12 wing destinations, the world record in eating hot dogs and wings, the new disposition of choice, mom shirts, USA Today Snapshots, dendritic spines and axons, Sebastian Romatelli, The Temple Riders, revamping Guitar Center, The Senior Olympics, Chinese pretzels, Lululemon is a racist company, animal night owls, The Barbershop Museum, having disgusting perfect attendance, angel hunting, the world's longest flight, live like you're dying, and Seth's couch stain.

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