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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 911

Space flavored beverages, Mtn Dew Legend, Janet Jackson reveals herself, dueling Chippendales docs, the history of CHiPs, waiting for the buzz to die down, New Mexico needs corpses, RealDolls with guts, finding 8 human heads, Native American majiuana cards, anti-semitism in Kentucky, Seth for State Representative, save the whales, beaten over bbq, Hitler was a vegan, study finds that facemasks mask the face, and built on the backs of women.

UYD: Mavericks in a burgeoning field.

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Episode 908

It's a big ole country, a pound of smiles, the biggest gay nightclub in the US, 20 year square, micro don't work, 50 years of The 'bow, regrowing limbs, boneless toes, The High Incident Badits, USA Today Snapshots, a billion dollars in winnings, MGK at hockey's halftime, mini-kraken's, video is the way, The Who concert disaster, living free starts with death, and being born on 2-22-22.

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Episode 907

My deepest longest lover, on our way to Rumspringa, snippin' wires, The Avocado Cartel, where's The Kitten Bowl?, Seth's Super Bowl Experience, USA Today Snapshots, a boner and a Whatchamacallit, 1 year and 1 day away from Lachey, cannabinoids for the NFL, The No Limit Army, Stuck: Too Hot for TV, a digital only future, cock-unsure, sugar marriages, and saying goodbye to The Jackass Crew.

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Episode 905

16 and Fab, the past crimes of pig-heart boy, the priciest state in the nation, Help City, the return of Papa Larroquette and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, USA Today Snapshots, 25 things you don't know about Jordana Brewster, conflict entrepreneurs, mail for Seth's mom, The International Shark Attack File, it's all about horseplay, an irrational fear of lakes, Ask Jonathan, and putting the You in UYD.

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Episode 904

Facial recognition restaurants, The McDLT, 5G at the airport, Christian ride share, Seth's 7-Eleven, America's original sandwich cookie, fake businesses on Google, the world's largest cast iron skillet, perpetual stew, USA Today Snapshots, the death of freshwater mussels, smoking on screen, Ask The Captain, and Vegan Girlscout Cookies.

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Episode 903

Growing Up X, crunching the generations, COVID Samplers, strangers tracking your phone, cancelling The Hills, all eyez on 2pac, The Harris Hills Ski Jump, Jonathan hits the slopes, no smoking in Crypto, USA Today Snapshots, 3 helmets for 3 passions, I killed a zombie and the world cried, Ask Jonathan, a quick splash of manliness, Yemeni Coffee, power plants on the moon, Mtv Streamers, spreading genes, pouring honey on wounds, and there are no off=planet avocados.

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Episode 902

Venom extractors, cables to Hong Kong, Abe Lincoln's cherry tree, radioactive waste in Boise, The Restaurant of the Future, thoughtless concepts, Rock The Universe, Kanye's Christian music, still making maps, fucked in Steamboat Springs again, The World's Largest Gun Store, The Pornhub Year in Review, classic scissoring, and The Heavy D Fluffernutter.

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Episode 901

The Road to 1000, AV Masters, Art Mann, Red Dragon vs Unicorn flavored, The Superbowl Stowaway is back on, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Podcast, The "Never Miss A Superbowl" Club, USA Today Snapshots, gifting air horns, The Colors of the Year, they hate us for our Glidden, TikTok on TV, Potato Expo 2022, stadium soil chips, honoring the gesture, cooling cubes, President Drescher, tips for background actors, straight to Peacock, and selling Seth's playoff ticket.

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Episode 900

Celebrating 900 episodes, the legacy of Jonathan's end table, the party is contagious, Roma-Psi-Epsilon, Penthouse: Now with more fluids, Secrets of Playboy, small town pharmacists, The McMuffin Men, the perfect soda, vapor showers, symbiotic morning glory's, dirty mountain water, pushing John Wick, taking the Apple TV survey, Tarot devotee, un-Bogartian cigarette smoking, speaking up in the workplace, 2 Tie Roma, no more Ibiza, The Postman vs Waterworld, and on the road to 1000.

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Episode 899

Finishing up my latest 'ku, preparing for CES, transforming the way you think about kitchen faucets, radioactive lemonade, fast casuals for stoners, conquering vegan seafood, Mussel Mondays, Memphis Prayer 365, is Alpha Con real?, The Whateverse, a lack of Pespi Zero Sugar, The Superbowl Stowaway, California grown olive oil, chocolate gravy, reopening Typhoon Lagoon, USA Today Snapshots, 2022: The Realest Year, emoji drug codes, and binging Numb3rs.

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Episode 898

$100,000 per episode, 2022 will be the best year, Pictionary is a hit, don't call spicy a trend, how old are your ears?, do you have a history of Rock and Roll?, USA Today Snapshots, 42 grams of weed, robotic pizza, 25 things you don't know about Katherine Schwarzenegger, drafting women for the US Army, flipped Future-nam, what is the best license plate?, The Bourbon Street Sinners, football teams without cheerleaders, the longest lasting vehicles, on the cusp of bugging out, not boyfriend material, the best badminton players in the world, nonstop predators, and castrated coaches.

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Episode 897

It's great to see you, Mountain Dew Gingerbread, how to get a Sci-Ti agent, the sour milk stank, how to make a billion dollars a month, wise words from Miss Universe, The 2021 Hollywood Black List, we don't pay for parking in Hollywood, 4 women named Alexa, mystery makes a resurgence, USA Today Snapshots, B.C. snapping, a laugh track for slam poetry, 25 things you don't know about Jeremy Sisto, the color of the year, and graduating from Crack College.

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