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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 733

Grounded in old scientific studies, barefoot on Sunset, eating the same breakfast every day, gay celebrity imposters, honesty is the best policy, the sex life of mother/son apes, self fulfilling police racism, trying to find a lucky slot machine is impossible, and the future is female bonobos.

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Episode 732

Ride that lightning, baby food done grown up, USA Today Snapshots, stumbling into song writing, no more newspapers in Starbucks, the most dangerous place to walk, The Arizona Quad-Walkers, The Gilroy Garlic Festival, 14 years of The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team, old man Jonathan, 100 seasons of the NFL, 02-02-2020, saying goodbye to Dress Barn, interactive Amazon personal shoppers, license plate trackers at McDonalds, what do Privacy Advocates actually do?, a relapse of Intervention, Psychic Kids, citizen-arresting a police officer, returning to the Tenement Museum, and let's kill this mockingbird.

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Episode 731

Back in the apartment, 25 years of The Vans Warped Tour, mostly below the ankle, the world's biggest sugar daddy city, booze-less bars, Paul McCartney's bluesy newsies, nostalgia is toxic, Winona Ryder will always be a roxy thief bitch, getting denied a viewing of The Manson Murder House, Basic Bitch Eye, getting into comedy because of Conan O'Brien, the actors in Avengers look stupid, USA Today Snapshots, there's no UFOs in the south, storming Area 51, and riding the new Jurassic World ride from your kitchen.

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Episode 730

Live from One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans, Happy Birthday Amir and America, seeing both Iman's, Bobby Brown flying in coach, the French Quarter begins in the lobby, comments for Dan Fielding, increased prices for Mormons, 55 hours of improv, there's now more weed stores than McDonalds, The Rougarou hates juicy g, South Korean postcards, men asking more questions, breakdancing at the olympics, Seth misses the LA earthquakes, flight attendant slang, USA Today Snapshots, Uhh Yeah Moms, Seth's time traveling shower, keeping drugs out of Burning Man, the underwhelming sales of the TSA precheck, The History of Marijuana, The Big Bang Tour, the genital maiming of hot air balloons, the most American made vehicles, catching viruses before Mardi Gras, big nosed selfies, Ask Jonathan, The Closest Encounter, and saying goodbye to Gene's Po-Boys.

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Episode 729

Live from The Magic Bag in Ferndale MI, the curse of The Castle, bulletproof fast-food, vegan fat strands, Dax spins the wheel, junkies on the road, the juiciest playground G, real life heroes, meals made by Monks, The Budtender Awards, Michigan's favorite ice cream, doctors not knowing their patients sexual orientation, swallowing micro-particles, The Mass Meditation Initiative, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, unnecessary edits, Lice Life, keyless car deaths, gasoline thieves, DNA farming from a single hair, braving the chocolate tube, cuck outlets, improperly installed headlights, cock fighting and sword play, tobacco bans, Jonathan Popper, and unusable street sweepers.

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Episode 726

Do you love America?, Beef 2 Live, a gathering of Hell's Angels, USA Today Snapshots, a prediction for GN'R and PMc, the short courtships of the 40's, the devil's walking stick, counting creeps at Neil Diamond concerts vs. Grateful Dead concerts, The Stump Dump Massacre, Jonathan gets pulled over, The Diff'rent Strokes Mandela Effect, studying 111 football players brains, riding your bike across Iowa, this vagina don't do Keokuk, the horrors of dating a police officer, and attempting OBE's.

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Episode 725

725 at 7:25, the end of iTunes, preparing for Papa's Day, UYD's Live Summer Tour, Jonathan's Hawaiian virginity, the return of Hollywood Game Night, Marilyn Manson's ribs, junkies love baseball, nothing will happen to Nik Wallenda, USA Today Snapshots, adding Beyond Taco Meat to everything, Seth's TV Picks, Touch-Heads, the country music of Kiefer Sutherland, and how strong is a 10 year old?

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Episode 724

America's Podcast, the rise of Jimmy Dean, the truth is in the teeth, dropping birthrates, The Global Stationery Products Market Trade Show, Make Music Day, you can't smile and play harmonica at the same time, Jonathan's guitar returns home, Rock The South, a study of violent crime, a passion for hunting swans, USA Today Snapshots, removing MJ's artwork, preparing for The John Wickend, UYD Live, and let the dream have you.

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Episode 723

The 2019 AVN Awards, The Possession of Mrs. Hyde, visiting a vintage porn estate sale, the most expensive cities to buy a home, USA Today Snapshots, The Rolling Stone brought to you by The Alliance For Lifetime Income, the postponing of Ozzy Osbourne, UYD LIVE, the worst state in the US, Black Mirror vs The Twilight Zone, the continued debate of "Jewelry or Tool", prior to Pump, outlawed facial recognition technology, gait mimicking, remembering Kevin Peter Hall, the selfies of scientists, Bill Nye isn't cool, and falling off of Creek Mountain.

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Episode 722

Augmented shoe tech, USA Today Snapshots, the proper way to open a can, Major League Eating Events, a global helium shortage, learning from Diff'rent Strokes, Sweet Lightning, toilet training professionals, The World of Fruit, butts and bright colors, plant based nuggets, get your Del Taco to go only, you don't need Brain Games to know that Dax Shepard is dumb, legislative flex, Ask Jonathan, The Kerrville Folk Festival, UYD LIVE Shows, and we see you and appreciate you.

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Episode 721

Ohh Yeah Dude, the first EDC, the history of the Las Vegas sign, S.C.A.N.I.T., Stevie Uber is poor, 219 x's dirtier than a toilet, the results of "Jewelry or Tool?", USA Today Snapshots, preparing for Jonathan's birthday and the return of 90210, The Prodigal Son, Fantasy Pilot Season, publicness heuristic, Contact In The Desert, The Alien Hunter, upcoming UYD LIVE shows, and the juiciest lunchtime G.

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Episode 720

Dedicated to The Hawk, ripping the curl, spotting Kelly Slater in the wild, Ask Jonathan, there's something wrong with Amy, USA Today Snapshots, The Filthiest Cities In America, The Hard Times Cafe, exploiting the passionate, sober music festivals, oxygen deprivation therapy, free molecular biology lessons, fruit fly ejaculate, the reasonable expectation of privacy, respecting COPS, zapping elderly brains, preparing to replace Alex Trebek, UYD's Live Summer Tour, and Vanna gets the shaft.

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