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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 554

Definitely from now on, Starbucks Reserve, Soylent Nectar = Regular Soylent, A.I. Whispers, Chinese Taco Bell, Papa Johns Tweets, Joe Calderone, Ask Jonathan, a room full of juicy G, USA Today Snapshots, the worst cities for fall allergies, National No Name Calling Week, the price of original Air Jordans, The Men's Project, The Women's March, year end porn stats, zombie botnets, hair barometers, and Podcast: The Movie.

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Episode 553

Sitting Seth, taking it back to 2015, wonderful at stealing / terrible at gambling, high stakes blackjack cutting, Inner Circle's assassin, the true Vermont experience, fake arrest marriage proposals, an excess in male births, why is childbirth so painful?, the rising price of rhino horn, fat teens robust responses, getting wallet zapped, giving your quarters to jeezo, smell memories, Cinnabon VR Porn, low self esteem amongst people with plastic surgery, Face-Pos / Bod-Pos / Pod-Pos, semen squirt guns, everyone gets a Starbucks Giftcard, life is amazing if you aren't dirt poor, and Seth's cat has taught him how to love.

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Episode 552

Happy New Year, Ask Jonathan, skip school and find a lover, grandmas make life possible, Republicans have the bible on lock, Dunkin Donuts Agape, new Soylents, the robot revolution, drone it to my inbox, National Home Office Safety and Security Week, The Proust Questionnaire, people are the new places, being first in line at Krimsey's, caveman toothpicks, UYD's Restaurant News, guns and mud, no guns for Christmas, USA Today Snapshots, Alan at Starbucks, Door's Day, Bombshells, portable affordables, deception detection, my 3rd eyes open, and 2017 couled be a big year for podcasts.

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Episode 551

2017 is going to pop off, Top 10 websites, throwback police gear, USA Today Snapshots, Tobey's TV, HD COPS, Officer Romatelli's on the scene, the first female ringmaster, National Celebration of Life Week, the mortality patterns of humans, Ask Jonathan, everything in life is inherently sexual, Locksmith In A Box, the ups and downs of Playboy, loving this new paper stock, texting whilst driving, a new breed of butt-dialing, The Geena Davis Institute, The International Yoga Festival, retiring with Uber, tattoo machines, robo-advisors, Adam Sandler walks amongst us, and laughter is the only medicine left.

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Episode 550

It's still holiday season, the 7-11 graveyard, 2017 is the year of Oprah Adventure, soft american skin, UYD Live in Brooklyn, the mature trees of Verde Valley, getting an MFA in Podcasting, someday Leo will come, active sniffing, the ultimate soft target, the intersection of HY and Juggalos, Pringles Loud, Reeses Sticks and Four Loko, Anniston Alabama, dancing with Ricin, computers in your ears, no more cash at Sweet Green, "White Man Waste", National New Year's Resolutions Week, passengers for hire, USA Today Snapshots, don't undress your Oculus, supernatural healing, it's all chi, getting your voice mail off the grid. and get swoll and get strange.

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Episode 549

Christmas time in East Hollywood, DJ Holidaze, The 85th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, whatever happened to Barry Pepper?, I saw mommy kissing Terl, Jonathan's TV Picks, Top Puppet, don't sleep on UYD in Brooklyn, John Travolta's gorgeous thick mane, 10,000,000 pills per county, The 2016 Hollywood Screenplay Blacklist, falling asleep during Star Wars, Super Flow Sunday, say more wonderful things, Frito Lay sits out the Super Bowl, Hippy Crack Explosions, new meat cuts for 2017, National Personal Self Defense Awareness Month, back-neck eyeballs, things get dicey in St. Louis, depressed airline pilots, the Boston police department scrolling feeds for criminals, Carnival Cruise Lines vomit recognition technology, Belize is not the answer, Cinna-gate, are chimps better fathers than humans?, you gotta fight to 2017, USA Today Snapshots, and just chill till the next episode.

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Episode 548

Live from The 2720 Cherokee Performing Arts Center in St. Louis MO, psychedelic medicine, the alumni of John Burroughs High School, Dominos European pizza, roommates over 40, thank you to Nick, Tyler gets down on one knee, the perfect penmanship of South Korean postcards, smuggling your brisket into a vegan restaurant, drugs & meat - tea & tofu, ball and cup artistry, Kendama / Ted Drewes / Mind's Eye, laundry uber, vagabond he's, National Spiritual Literacy Month, jumping up to spiritual warrior, saying goodbye to Celebrity Name Game, we need to find all episodes of Work It, USA Today Snapshots, The Malibu Poet Laureate, embryo selfies, AVN Award Nominees, firehouse safe stations, domestic violence counseling hairstylists, Be My Baby Tonight, the death of Cheri Oteri's dad, waiting for Jonathan to kill Seth, Pantone's Color of the Year, the St. Louis orangutan wants out, burlesque is a no brainer, cloaking earthquakes, fake Globetrotters, Seth on Skype, and getting to the bottom of the zion curtain.

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Episode 547

Seasons greetings, I guess it's the holidays, a UYD grab bag, nicotine replacement therapy, a micro dose of G, all ages - sans savvy, LAPD Lambo, lover boy accomplices burn the school down, Jesus saves bibles from being burned, the first landmark for an event that happened in the air, Mt. Everest skeletons, preventing palm tree trimmer fatalities, Gao Gao is now Xavier Xavier, beater spaceships, 100,000 asian flowers, liars - deep hippies - mormons - amish, screen is screen, 32" Kitchen TV's, octopus moms, reabsorb into papa, swapping babies with dolls, is television making us fat?, fugitives that walk amongst us, oxys - meth or comedy?, and caramelized onions are a bit of a bold move.

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Episode 546

Live from The Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, the utmost respect for Aaron Rodgers, The Slenderman walks amongst us, HBO's fractal dreams, VR car crashes, grandma's airplane desserts, jingle alchemists, Tony Bennett and the Crows, #AllTypesAllSwipes, People's Sexiest Man Alive, welcome home porno, postcards from Korea, RIPs Mrs. Brady, comments for Kanye, a decline in stick shifts, double Christmas trees, killing Disney, no one goes to REI on Black Friday, anti-vegetarian T-shirts, USA Today Snapshots, Juvies watching A Christmas Carol, Coffee-Mate little brothers, chiming in pilots, The Surgeon General of Scientology, supplementing fingerprints, Ask Jonathan, Airbnb Tricks, is Passengers a real movie?, National Hand Washing Awareness Week, getting the word out on surfing in Hawaii, the best bricklayer in the world, and I may be a real bad boy but baby I'm a real good man.

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Episode 545

Do Seth and Jonathan sound alike?, two-part comedy harmonies, going to Mars/Hawaii, Potter Country, UYD Live shows coming to a city near you, the main area code in Dallas TX, Mark Wahlberg as Shia LaBeouf, morphing the COPS logo, USA Today Snapshots, lifelong bachelor Christopher Hewett, from Zappa to 2 Chainz, Connecticut's Annual Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp Art Contest, neander-sapiens, texting The Butterball Hotline, being info-harvested by Vertical Mass, getting into campers, Ask Jonathan, putting a cap on the TSA precheck, GoPro confessionals, people that will never be arrested, a rise in shotgun marriages, Horror-fied dads, a hot new update for The Exorcist, never take PBS for granted, and sarcastic letters from John Sr.

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Episode 544

Oh yeah, Single's Day, Chinese PB&J, STIHL-merica, National Family Week, USA Today Snapshots, how many bows can you put on a car?, you can't trust music, a mystical cosmic currency, Billy Lynn's Long Boring Halftime Walk, The Cowboys will win The Super Bowl, The Arrival: Snooze-fest 101, diapers for comfort, hacking the US Army, tickets for live UYD shows selling out in a city near you, Go-Go Gods, internal dancing, MaxHeadroom420, Seth returns to M Cafe, destroying 2016 World Series gear, boycotting baseball, ghost ride the barnacle, Jonathan goes to Burgerim, The Fine Craft Show, and 2016 is the year of VR,

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Episode 543

Welcome aboard, the gift of spiritual freedom, getting gains from self serving lies, blunt fatigue, passion flowers, is there anything an app hasn't done?, The Wanda Group, Tackle My Ride, tickets on sale now for a UYD Show near you, Kopp's vs Leon's, Longevity Disconnect Bias, we're all Native Americans, are we equipped for Hololens?, somewhere is maybe nowhere, National Geography Awareness Week, Skype babies, USA Today Snapshots, you can't throw VR glasses on the moon, The Lights of the Ozarks, Ask Jonathan, the video game rules don't allow it, and Ray Kurzweil or Koby Teith?

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Episode 542

An unprecedented televised event, tricking dummies, Dickram's Yoga, robots at the airport, The Frank Zappa Auction, National Home Care Aid Week, Matthew McConaughey at The 50th Annual Country Music Awards, USA Today Snapshots, picking out a US Marshal, Live PD, Jail: Big Texas, TSA Precheck, The Dickens Christmas Show and Festival, Punch and Judy, night sports lead to night arrests, thinking about Bon Jovi everyday, #GetMeToLevine, the future of protein, heme is life, Ask Jonathan, the fancy version of Cafe Gratitude, UYD LIVE tickets on sale now, Seth doesn't have Snapchat, reliving Minority Report, and community based artisanal podcasting.

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Episode 541

Live from The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, The Juicy Lucy, Prince and Kirby Puckett, gold bars instead of banks, the return of Space Jam, Happy Birthday to Seth's Mom, considerable less African descent than desired, Seth goes to The Haunted Maze, Jonathan goes to a Sci-Ti Halloween Party, even more Crazy T-Shirts, Seth goes into a sensory deprivation tank, National Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, where's the good vegan egg nog?, New Holiday Pringles, USA Today Snapshots, robot delivery drivers, Bee Free Honee, thanks to Patreon, Minnesota's favorite Halloween candy, The Best Public Restroom, a spirited round of Monster Truck / U.S. Military Training Exercise / Mind's Eye, a hatred for Craig Ferguson, Dream Reality Cinema, expanding Area 51, wearing a STIHL hat in Minneapolis, the world's first smart crib, learning how to communicate with your spirit guide, The IMDb Law, slutty and current, Ask Jonathan, the rules of cremation, remaking The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Movie, when will the Russians fall, and know your worth.

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Episode 540

#Abundance #Blessed, CVS News Sunday Morning, predicting the president with bumper stickers, coal matters, "She's your daughter. Not your date.", #Shatter, impossible pumps, UYD Tickets on sale in a city near year, meditative tech, Parade Magazine answers the meaning of life, RIP Black Pussy, counting tattoos, Ask Jonathan, The Twin Cities Veg Fest, The People Walker, National Red Ribbon Week, Celebrity Name Games, USA Today Snapshots, serial arsonists, 200,000 family reunions, age related volume loss, professional voice-men working for flank steak and a sixer, and live like the powers out.

UYD: Brought to you by Radiesse.

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