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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 858

The unmasked podcast, The Star Wars Sand-blaster, hybrid-casting, pay-to-dogma, Psycho's extra shot, mad indecent proposal, in theater anime, boba and chlorine shortages, The Glacier Boyz, $61 Billion of Netflix, Neutered Carbon, a Tiger King joint, the world's biggest art heist, a home is a hazard, pupcorn and trumbones, 40% of all murders, The Tripsitter Clinic, Cali-Sober, no calendars allowed, Don't Fry-Day, pool party in the desert, the return of the Indy 500, Episode 223, Bieber is deadly-Jah-serious, 6 letters or less, genetically modified mosquitos, Bigfoot killed the marijuana farmers, and The Best Friends Oscar.

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Episode 857

April 20 2002, WrestleMania 2023, Mötley Crüe breaks their promise, The A-Shoc Pit, life lessons from Mario Kart, Rappin' Rex and Talkin' T, getting into the voice over game, talking Jesus posters, ashamed to be an American, Michael Jackson's COVID Concert, sports in the afterlife, 1 billion smokers, heat not burn, bad boys smoking bad boys, Seth's vaccinations, objectifying AI, documentary head's up, beef with Dinklage, overcoming The Satanic Panic, building up a tar-wall, and being underwhelmed by David Beckham.  

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Episode 856

A special day for stoners, 19 years of Stone Cold, talkin' crypto, Setherium Romatelli, stabilizing biodiversity, we need a half earth, get in the pod grandpa, the oldest living american, landline to landline, Saint La La Land, identifying The Joker, Kiedisian Scat, don't fear the Greaper, preparing to meet Titus, shooting LA for Seattle, Sunset Seth Green, an ever-changing LA, 1 Trillion in tax evasion, moving to Bearth, an unborn baby, goodbye mask - hello hugs, Zoom Zombies, COVID-90, cave-matrix meetups, and the death of Walter Mondale.

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Episode 855

Talkin' Bosch, double knife loss, the best made sharpening stones, cutting - carving - camera ready, Phish Jazz, school shooters at home, Seth the substitute, documenting American Gladiators, Lace and Ice, Malibu M and Malibu F, Prick Schroder, ineffective online classes, tactical tie-dye, the new rules of fame for Sharon Stone, learning to punch with Al Franken, Ask the Captain, Seth's TV Picks, pushing the Superbowl, too many docs, USA Today Snapshots, locks on / pants off, and eyes on a grand.  

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Episode 854

A safe-space to unwind, saying goodbye to The Arclight, the day the movies died, just a couple of Bosch-heads, Seth's TV Picks, Sicko Scissor Sisters, Farmhouse Fixer in Haverhill, Fuck - Marry - Sell?, The Stain Whisperer, pupcorn penis, USA Today Snapshots, it's the fuckin' dishes, 23andMe and cancer research, $5 Billion for Ancestory, 8th cousins, misled by Amir, searching for Sheela, the same chair for everything, The Full Pink Moon, no murders in Norway, R2: The Little Silent Killer, flying with the angels, and come back to the house.  

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Episode 853

Classic podcasting, 5 Barbra Streisands, Healer / Veterinarian / Comedian / Life-Caster, The Silent Pandemic, getting grifted at the tire store, self-cleaning door handles, USA Today Snapshots, from Dickies to Dolphins, seeing Seth's knees, Self Storage Magazine, evangelical penis pumps, being hypnotized over the phone, a grift cards breach, Kevin James Gibson from Queens, a bird with no song, mail in the afterlife, Jesus's beach-bod, and it's hip to be scared.  

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Episode 852

Dr. Zero Space, plumper mouth-feels, half-vaxxers, Dr. Domatelli, UYD's Net Worth, unsafe in Berkeley, The 2021 Dirty Dozen, The Clean Fifteen, penetrating a cantaloupe, why Crossroads isn't a bad movie, the cast of Speed 2, Meatout vs Hearty Meat Day, proof of meat, petty meth theft, USA Today Snapshots, Bosch on X-Files, Bosch on 90210, I'm the Hoff-brah The Affleckian Spirit, pregnant bodies full of mystery chemicals, the history of Pop-Tarts, Cocktail Astronauts, and Hostess Zest Doggies.

UYD: Free again.

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Episode 851

When did Bob Barker die?, tactile hosting techniques, 70's marriages don't count, top-heavy blondes, ads for cocaine, snow blowin' in the theater, an age of innocence and innuendos, rewatching commercials from when you were 8, the Ashton Kutcher model of climate change, Ask The Captain, Juicy Marbles, visiting the slaughter house, the smartest animals on earth, being mislead by science, 100 years of Larchmont Villiage, huffin' buffa-ranch, the saddest city in America, Ask Jonathan, and are you afraid of content?

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Episode 850

In the blink of an eye we got to 850, America's longest running friendship, questions about demon possession, a 5 horn house, the full worm moon, The SweetGreen Regular is attacked, the Lasik street edge, breakfast salads 4 life, 129 billion facemasks, the return of America's Most Wanted, a decade of unstoppable driving, no more sharing Netflix passwords, 50 years of Starbucks, and Ask Jonathan.

UYD: Crewcuts and Lasik

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Episode 849

They dance til they die, Ask Jonathan, getting pouty in the mirror, Paper-less Boy, The 2021 Shoe Awards, who's the better Prefontaine?, knowing when to end a conversation, the last Las Vegas buffet, get back to grandpappy's loads, Ricket Romatelli, Grindr TV, eating fake Ruebens, the new god of sexual anarchy, Roger Staubach's Dr. Pepper, holograms are everywhere, simultaneous saving and loving, and is 850 a thing?

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Episode 848

Getting your FUPA in frame, the start of Corona-News, Mainstream Media Setups, the Judge Judy / Bosch crossover, Kevin Connolly's little legs, it's your time to shine with daylight's savings, first sips of the rare Major Melon, Las Vegas pools are back, winning big but losing bigger, rage against the road trip, waiting your fucking turn, Maple Month, staying within your "dance zone", .01 cent royalties, A Night At Heckerling's, giving gorillas COVID, you can't take a dude out in the wild, more lethal lollipops, still waiting for Seth's Corvette, the hypnotic spells of Soleil Moon Frye, more spit on the curve balls of life, and we're all Ringo.

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Episode 847

All eyez on me, 847 episodes of friendship and joy, being attracted to smarts, performing surgery on your birthday, Uhh Yeah Governor, upping your coaster game, when Spain ruled Texas, LifeMDB, Kemosabe Smut Brothers, talking like Obama, PornHub searches by state,  the origins of swag, more senators for more cattle, Ask The Captain, the dark rage of the Uber driver, Uhh Yeah Body Butter, majoring in self defense, the biggest horticulture event in the universe, the world of concrete, Ask Jonathan, McBeefy, and the longest running podcast in history.

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Episode 846

Preparing for the sweetest of 16's, gunning for the number one blood giver, you can't chase a dead man's record, house Max's, having more employees than an entire state, free Tesla's for all celebrities, just ask Burt Reynolds, sharing a birthday with UYD, making a doc about MoviePass, Riff Raff vs Woody Allen vs Tekashi 6ix9ine, it's over when you say it's over, Tijuana's waste water, never seeing Point Break, Edgar Ramirez-heads, Ask Jonathan, saving every issue of Playboy for your future gay son, 8 limbed ocean bullies, and will the super computers figure everything out by Labor Day?

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Episode 845

Studying Neanderthal brains, respect to the OG pioneers, we're always talking sovereign citizens, it's always tax season for Wesley Snipes, changing your language before a break up, everyone takes a swing at The Joker, getting a degree in body butter, The Snow Moon, is Mando in the bible?, when none of your predictions ever come true, old wive's tales, senility-based podcasting, angered over readers, the moon is our puppet master, upcoming jury duty, Ask Jonathan, and preparing for UYD's sweet 16.

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Episode 844

Happy UYDversary, the numbers get crazy, will you be podcasting in 2036?, astrologer's predictions for 2020, only for Bezos, pent up for cruise travel, shoutout to Fiverr, Keanu is Sandra's son, forgetting how to fly, the catholic cash grab, weed before algebra, the best cigars of 2020, Trojan condom's masters, Ask Jonathan, how do you get in the book?, Chuck and OJ are both vaccinated, and recording until after hours.

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