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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 700

Celebrating 700 episodes, UYD LIVE on 420, crossed phone lines, piercing parties, conches and labrets, chairlift speed dating, Jonathan the matchmaker, USA Today Snapshots, the return of Country/Hip Hop, believing a child's pain, the death dust of bug bombs, late night gun safety videos, taking a CPR refresher course, multiple collision airbags, speculating the roadworthiness of The Dance, and crossing over into 14 years.

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Episode 699

New year - new chair, going full lotus, predictions from 1994, new prison uniforms, Seth: The Mailman, stamp price increases, USA Today Snapshots, Super Bowl commercials preparing us for AI, Futuristic Knights, the history of The Hard Rock Cafe, Under Armour space suits, Lance Bass still hasn't gone to space, laying the groundwork for Belinda Carlisle, harvesting prisoner's DNA, gifts you can't take with you, cash free sports venues, Ken Burns' Country Music, and will Michael Jackson make it to Broadway?

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Episode 697

Slide right in, Happy Birthday Jonathan's Mom!, Christmas decorations still up in January, Mrs. Claus and The Rein-girls, big ups to Guayaki, #GunLife, #VanLife, a gun for every room of the house, The Mash Pit, a rise in food recalls, beyond Carl's Jr., The Vegan Massacre, countdown to Valentine's Day, USA Today Snapshots, Podcast Pandemonium, the trouble with Apple products, the crispy classic Gap, the fastest growing state in the country, and there's something wrong with British men's faces.


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Episode 695

Quantum 6G internet and empathic knowledge crystals, The Cracker Barrel giftshop, fishing in the LA River, being mistaken for a Navy SEAL, children injured in the workplace, game changing veggie burgers, the last days of the 'dance, the oldest man in LA, pinpointing the first time Seth and Jonathan met, sweet potatoes and God, hereditary diseases, The Cat Bowl, 'tiqueing on a Sunday, the history of Seth's license plates, the most played jukebox songs of 2018, olds sharing fake news, Jonathan's jaw woes, John Mayer said some crazy things, chimps and treats, eternal translucent tombstones, UYD on Venmo, The USPS Instagram, and Podcast Island.

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Episode 694

The cost of living in Florida, visiting the chiropractor just once, Mizu lost his leaps, Jonathan's jaw gets injected, the least healthiest states, GPS Mtn Dew ads, a bombardment of Destroyer ads, Jonathan's long lost guitar, the best jobs for 2019, Forget-about-it Gravy Boys, adult Rice Krispie Treats, custom inhalers, Jonathan's patented ketchup flange, drug use in the workforce, Preston's Soda Co., lowering your sexy voice, Metacritic vs Rotten Tomatoes, and movies can't be good if they are rated PG-13.

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Episode 693

Welcome to 201-9, New Year / New Me / New You-YD, Seth in the playoffs, Cowboy sweaters, thick Playboys and thin LA Weekly's, The Impossible Burger 2.0, Marlboro buys Juul, Progressive Cattleman, new music from Pearl Jam, preparing for the upcoming convention season, 8K TV's, the top cosmetic surgeries of 2018, 40 and over skate clubs, new healing energies, USA Today Snapshots, Hoarders vs. Marie Kondo, folding televisions and traveling crystals, pet custody during divorce, Seth's Cowboy's Collection. and preparing for our funniest year.

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Episode 692

Famished from shopping, preparing for Jennifer Aniston's birthday, indulging in new soaps, Jonathan's Hairemony, a shortage of shrimp, in the front row for Rob Lowe, how many seats in the Criss Angel Theater?, USA Today Snapshots, uncovering the comedy, The Holy Smokes Church, alpha male romance novels, preparing for the battle of the mega-cities, Srgt. Ninja, teaching teachers how to teach yoga, the return of Million Dollar Listing, the construction crane capital of the country, we're long overdue for the big one, moving out of the 600's, and cats on CamSoda.

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Episode 691

Happy Honda Days, a December to remember, hot new scents, hands-free huffing, USA Today Snapshots, The Screenplay Blacklist, The Top Porn Searches of 2018, The Hollywood Christmas Parade, not receiving Presidential and Silver Alerts, Bird Box bites A Quite Place, Seth's baseball musical, 500 scripted television shows, Talkin' Barb, the horrors of eating stadium food, Jeffrey Lurie's corn hole, you can't avoid football, a jump in North Dakota meth use, and the woes of digital hoarding.

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Episode 690

Farm fashions, milk with no balls, beaver blankets, Brand Ambassador Larroquette, hunting tips for the perfect kill, hotels on wheels, Caite Upton is all of us, restaurant pollution, the scents of SC Johnson, recruiting Kansas teachers, the best way to store harvested organs, USA Today Snapshots, DirtyJerkBoyz, gait recognition software, Distroller World, and to finish or not to finish.

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Episode 689

Returning to the mainland, it's too cold in LA, the sovereign citizens of Live PD, therapy alligators, Louie Armstrong or Louis Armstrong?, reminiscing to Reminisce Magazine, Seth and Jonathan's anniversary, Kirk Douglas keeps going, The Verde Valley School Mud Pit, new Dews, global cloud based solutions. Fortnite scholarships, USA Today Snapshots, The Drip Daddy, Snoop Doggy Soccer Mom, The Color Of The Year, sun tan bans, Phish for kids, and updating The Bare Naked Ladies lyrics.

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Episode 688

Quiet on the set, staying off the soda, the aroma of cocaine, Justin Timberlake is still in the woods, appendi-sodomy, the healing hands of Mrs. Biel, Floridian Sci-Ti's, unlocking your last 75 trillion years, USA Today Snapshots, The International Yoga Festival, preparing for Twelfth Night, Jonathan's funeral dares, The Worst Holiday Toys of 2018, The Island of Misfit Meme's, Ask Jonathan, removing the "new car smell", easy living for The Sober Bros, and Yippy Yo Sgreat.

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Episode 687

Neighborhood scammers, Nevada's black book, Christopher Reeve's audiobooks, structurally deficient bridges, returning to Malibu, learning lessons from motorcycle crashes, a study on slutty mothers, red hot white dove releases, the casino scent, USA Today Snapshots, there's no purpose to life, The 2019 AVN Awards, Massachusetts loves weed, and moving Thanksgiving to June.

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Episode 686

The double entendre episode, a 2nd dose of Alert Drops, preparing for The White Party, The Playboy Advisor, Dos Lovers, Seth's squeaks, the death of the camera, soiled bottom discipline, the Oculus blueprints of Walmart, hyper-market superstores, vegans love bulk, USA Today Snapshots, America's Best Restroom, life in the tenement, The Slogan Days, injector pills, Coconut Oil > DEET, sexually cut scrubs, hover-police, UYD's audiobook reviews, and Seth paints an office.

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