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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 564

RIPs Bill Paxton, International "Brain Awareness" Week, Playboy's heritage, entertainment for human beings, UYD LIVE coming to a town near you, UYD's Fast Casuals, Zoup-isms, the wise words of Steve Beshear, start planning for 100, The UYD Reality Show, 3:57AM - 4:19AM < 100 views, preparing for The Arkansas Killfest, a day without a woman, Brawny Women vs Bounty Men, They Are Among Us, paying with space currency, laughter/insight, what people earn, adding phrases to the dictionary, nauseating sugar booze, defining British celebrity, and defining Ed Sheeran.

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Episode 563

What's 563 backwards?, a thicker cut of life, flip flops and tank tops, USA Today Snapshots, what's the best whitestrip?, sick scratchers, playing the airport slots, ask Pat Robertson, don't put Jesus or Cascade on the line, Test X180 Ignite, National "Sleep Awareness" Week, ask Walter Scott's Personality Parade, Mountain State Maple Day, get your tickets for a UYD LIVE show near you, preparing for Day Light Savings, 13 lbs of horse genitals, The Spirit of Play, deficient bridges, flying in jeans and a sweatshirt, underprepared for the big one, coworking competitive cohorts, and a six-week stalk.

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Episode 562

Back in the studio, just be you, Billy Gates warnings for the future, getting sucked down the rabbit hole, National "Write a Letter of Appreciation" Week, the return of Playboy, Ash Wednesday and Holy Thursday, giving up shoes for Lent, American Girl/Boy Dolls, Voltron's wooden power-sword, Big Coolness, the future of doctor visits, APPL-A-Day, a new couch for the studio, scamming your grandma, Seth watches Fifty Shades Darker, 100 years of Fluff, UYD LIVE shows in a city near you, USA Today Snapshots, The Roma-Times: All The Breasts Fit To Print, and how much trash do you make?

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Episode 561

Live from Kings in Raleigh NC, beautiful Indian spices, Seth's preschool report card, isolated on a volcano, 100 years of Cheerwine, all liquors matter, whoosh your phone, The Winter Fancy Food Show, UYD's Fast Casuals, hacking This American Life, the world's longest flight, maxing out at 5 friends, UYDames, Seth visits 2 Dope Queens, USA Today Snapshots, Ocean Medallion, lyrics by Jonathan, Seth's TV Picks, spin desks, Dr. Hansen Peed-hD, National "Through With Chew" Week, Ask Jonathan, life inside the secret space program, The Tot Squad, secret ATM cleaners, and the mantra of Monster energy drinks.

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Episode 560

Live from Kings in Raleigh NC, Happy Birthday Jennifer Aniston, VR tree chopping, Cuba Gooding Jr. on Inside the Actor's Studio, women calling the shots, Seth's high school report cards, A Journal Is Born, National Random Acts of Kindness Week, restroom peepin', Jonathan in The National Enquirer, I.A. poker players, actors making money, USA Today Snapshots, Prof. Clapback, it ain't a show if there ain't no hoes, preparing to shut down The Missouri Highway Patrol, giant cock fights, Bruce Willis's airport, does Grandma Ruth bone down?, cowboy erotica, hungry on campus, Jonathan behind bars, orgy hippo island, Ask Jonathan, the opposite of massage, Ask Walter Scott, and beating up Star-Lord.

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Episode 559

Stories with a Native American theme, Mayflower simulations, thanks for the small pox, buy direct from the Navajo Nation, hidden turquoise beads, Tribal Lending Entities, Dakota Böschk, EZ Rims 4 Rent, the white man would kill the bear, it gets cold watching The Revenant, federally recognized eagle feathers, tiny trap house, Jonathan's ferry cock-up, The Oklahoma License Plate, from finger paints to fingerprints, keeping Lakota alive, and it's 20 or bust.

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Episode 558

Getting into February, getting into Miss Universe, getting drunk in Paris, UYD LIVE in Pittsburgh, from Straight A's to XXX, taking it straight to Judd Nelson, National Dump Your Significant Jerk Week, make room for new love, achieving Top Wallet Fitness, the map to Old Orgy Island, getting in with the locals at Krimsey's, what's my farm worth?, Monsanto Raves, electronic bumper stickers, preparing for the Kitten Bowl, opening day at Crumbs & Whiskers, USA Today Snapshots, making out with Corey Feldman and Michael Jackson, the ups and downs of playing Super Lotto, a fast turnaround for the solar eclipse, and the first robotic barista.

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Episode 557

Check your privilege, embracing the outer Oprah, see you at the 2018 Super Bowl, using fire for comedic effect, Arrogant Rodgers, getting fish duped, the first lighthouse, creditors are the lowest form of all person, The Magic Castle Cabaret, the coldest places in America, the smallest a human dick can be, the largest Ikea in America, getting psychically grifted, the windiest cities in America, Ask Jonathan, take me out to the ball gag, National Handwriting Analysis Week, chip rumors, the long winded power of Ayurveda, and Postmates your sutas.

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Episode 556

The Police Cafe, J-Dawg Sr on WTF, This Week in Aviation, Ask The Captain, Cannabis Cons, THC in Texas, Wahlburgers is headed to China, National Snowmobile Safety Week, Cowgirl Magazine, contemporary cowboy erotica, USA Today Snapshots, to process or not to process, bait-tempting, they hacked the humans, Ask Jonathan, the earrings of Johnny Depp, the people don't know nothin', Hockey Dads: Who Gives A Puck, why did they fuck with CHiPs?, The Pedestrian Danger Index, The World's Finest Trained Dogs, scares and frights at the abandoned psychiatric hospital, The Clickbait Generation, the cloud benefits, The Sexual Health Expo, UYD LIVE coming to a city near you, and live nude women right in your kitchen nook.

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Episode 555

UYD's gun op-ed, South Korean postcards, pipe bombs at the gun-by-back, spotting a mass shooter, shot spotters, Seth's accents, rapid hemostasis, anti-gun people getting guns, 50% of the world's guns in the US, the official state rifle of Tennessee, soylent bullets, there are more guns than people, Oprah and guns, The Beretta Research Facility, active shooters and olds, gun smithery, revisiting Doc Hollywood, and it's a shitty way to have to live.

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Episode 554

Definitely from now on, Starbucks Reserve, Soylent Nectar = Regular Soylent, A.I. Whispers, Chinese Taco Bell, Papa Johns Tweets, Joe Calderone, Ask Jonathan, a room full of juicy G, USA Today Snapshots, the worst cities for fall allergies, National No Name Calling Week, the price of original Air Jordans, The Men's Project, The Women's March, year end porn stats, zombie botnets, hair barometers, and Podcast: The Movie.

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Episode 553

Sitting Seth, taking it back to 2015, wonderful at stealing / terrible at gambling, high stakes blackjack cutting, Inner Circle's assassin, the true Vermont experience, fake arrest marriage proposals, an excess in male births, why is childbirth so painful?, the rising price of rhino horn, fat teens robust responses, getting wallet zapped, giving your quarters to jeezo, smell memories, Cinnabon VR Porn, low self esteem amongst people with plastic surgery, Face-Pos / Bod-Pos / Pod-Pos, semen squirt guns, everyone gets a Starbucks Giftcard, life is amazing if you aren't dirt poor, and Seth's cat has taught him how to love.

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Episode 552

Happy New Year, Ask Jonathan, skip school and find a lover, grandmas make life possible, Republicans have the bible on lock, Dunkin Donuts Agape, new Soylents, the robot revolution, drone it to my inbox, National Home Office Safety and Security Week, The Proust Questionnaire, people are the new places, being first in line at Krimsey's, caveman toothpicks, UYD's Restaurant News, guns and mud, no guns for Christmas, USA Today Snapshots, Alan at Starbucks, Door's Day, Bombshells, portable affordables, deception detection, my 3rd eyes open, and 2017 couled be a big year for podcasts.

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Episode 551

2017 is going to pop off, Top 10 websites, throwback police gear, USA Today Snapshots, Tobey's TV, HD COPS, Officer Romatelli's on the scene, the first female ringmaster, National Celebration of Life Week, the mortality patterns of humans, Ask Jonathan, everything in life is inherently sexual, Locksmith In A Box, the ups and downs of Playboy, loving this new paper stock, texting whilst driving, a new breed of butt-dialing, The Geena Davis Institute, The International Yoga Festival, retiring with Uber, tattoo machines, robo-advisors, Adam Sandler walks amongst us, and laughter is the only medicine left.

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Episode 550

It's still holiday season, the 7-11 graveyard, 2017 is the year of Oprah Adventure, soft american skin, UYD Live in Brooklyn, the mature trees of Verde Valley, getting an MFA in Podcasting, someday Leo will come, active sniffing, the ultimate soft target, the intersection of HY and Juggalos, Pringles Loud, Reeses Sticks and Four Loko, Anniston Alabama, dancing with Ricin, computers in your ears, no more cash at Sweet Green, "White Man Waste", National New Year's Resolutions Week, passengers for hire, USA Today Snapshots, don't undress your Oculus, supernatural healing, it's all chi, getting your voice mail off the grid. and get swoll and get strange.

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