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America through the eyes of two American-Americans

Episode 765

Not talking about comedy, Home Depot blames junkies, The Screw King, making a TV show solely for Seth, fact checking your own biases, All Fizzed Up, the sober struggles of going to the bar, The 2020 AVN Award Nominees, making porn from Mad Libs, USA Today Snapshots, Seth goes camping, hitchhiking to Reggae Fest Vermont, the cost of drinking losses, cancelling alligator skins, riding the highway to the danger zone, bless up T-Squared, Venice Board Walk (Go Flea), and the chilliest lyrics of 2020.

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Episode 764

The comedy begins immediately, The 2019 Blacklist, firing Ryan Reynolds, the appeal of True Crime, USA Today Snapshots, The Hollywood Christmas Parade, shiver me timbers, two fruited American sours, no one cares about Richard Jewell, Yo Sperm, The Pornhub Year in Review, Daddy's tiniest porn viewer, "Camp Buddies", flesh for fantasy, and fighting over Seth's Sexy Sativa.

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Episode 763

Feet firmly planted for the dub dub, UYD's holiday gift guide, The Duplo Dungeon, building a She-Shed out of Legos, a study about Jimmy Hats, like monkey like man, The Now Do App, chilis in space, King of the Park: America's Greatest Skatepark Skater, UYD's dual grave plot, the shake rattling and rolling of eyes, fingering your memories, telling HR about the thrusting, USA Today Snapshots, piggybanks for adults, sugar added to cigarettes, if you see something narc something, and the meaning of Meez.   

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Episode 762

Greetings and blessings, sharing Coke Zeros amongst friends, googling Dak Prescott, bumping Brain Games, googling Hummus & Pita, cellphone related injuries, legalizing cocaine, a shortage of beat cops in Portland, visiting the vegan strip club, Pantone's Color of the Year, preparing for Keanu Weekend, USA Today Snapshots, making 4 lbs of trash per day, Plaque Psoriasis Medication / Resolution Festival Band Name / Mind's Eye, fucking Madeon, investing in Dinwiddie, and UYD: The original Bitcoin.

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Episode 761

The wig work in Rocketman, which film should Shia be nominated for?, double Oscar nominations, the social norms of male breadwinning, just quotin' Pac, Dos Hombres, a boom of Boomers, life helmets and life belts, the 5th fundamental forces of John Mayer, This Old Thang, synthetic frog cadavers, USA Today Snapshots, interrupted by a hairball, using your fucks sparingly, man-made noise pollution, getting a pinecone under your boot, high school athletes without athletic trainers, taking things to new levels of broken, tracking your cat's bile, no one cares about Frankie Muniz, and the gift of lying.  

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Episode 760

Popping up on 10 Top 10 lists of the past 10 years, a comedy volcano, is "igloo" a derogatory term?, plus one for Snoop and Warren G, car-free apartments, Sean Romatelli, saying farewell again to Mötley Crüe, the new oldest living American, USA Today Snapshots, the simulation within the simulation, eating squid 8 to 12 times per month, paving the Indian Ocean, planetary toilets, The BolaWrap 100, a rush of gun sales, Jonathan still hasn't purchased a firearm, Ask Jonathan, and a decade of podcasting dominance.

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Episode 759

Looking back on the decade, the more grow the less you know, The Discount BitCoin Bandits, the power of poorly wrapped gifts, Wrap Battle, making a Kickstarter for your Super Bowl commercials, gonzo journalism on celebrity drinking, celebrating in the exact spot that you're born, why animals engage in same-sex behavior, Bella and the Bulldogs: An Erotic Adult Experience, the amount American's spent on bottled water, the public dick-water spout, cities with the longest commutes, seedless lemons, coked-up construction workers, putting your batteries in the freezer, getting off refined sugars, The Pitt Stop still likes to hit the smokes, save-the-date for Emerson College's alumni weekend, and the weight of all this comedy.

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Episode 758

Getting the band back together, saying goodbye to The Playboy Club, The Live Nation Kitchen Nook, the 2010 shanty series of rock songs, 21 Dragons, drug resistant super bugs, the history of House, The Game of the Year, your shadow dies twice, USA Today Snapshots, basic bitch geotracking, multi generational brand ambassadors, The Nightmare Machine, Honey Boy or Honey Dad?, everyone loves Adam Driver, journalist privileges, falling asleep at The Irishman, a December to remember, hydrofoiling in a Skylark, and new available now.

UYD: Always on.

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Episode 757

Saluting the holidays, The "The" Theatre, hanging with Ma Perry, Friendsgiving, The Oldest American Hero, weeping for Jesus Christ Superstar, saying goodbye to The Peach Drop, USA Today Snapshots, The Biggest Little Farm, a rise in short sleep, The White-Male-Genius Stereotype, theme park crime sprees, Busch Gardens: The Dark Continent, the lunar effect, and the great sincerity of UYD.

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Episode 756

Trying to lose the accent, The Dance Line, The Cha Cha Cha Condos, USA Today Snapshots, it's baby shower/prom season, diaper games, do oysters have mothers?, the tech of veggie riblets, the state of marijuana, Mizu goes to the vet, green tongues, the funniest comedy of the year, Dr. Phil's double skin, maybe 'lorian never Mando, the effects of indoor plants, wearing shoes until bed, sobering centers, Transformers A-Team, Hogan On The Run, mention UYD to your loved ones, and are you hydrated for 2020?

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Episode 755

Tis the season for New England fall foliage, good news from Marcia, getting your caps blown back for Thanksgiving, states that only have one area code, the kibble silencer, dreaming of 808, texting all your old numbers, The Gem Dog Zillionaires, USA Today Snapshots, varmint vs vermin, Seth's TV Picks, put the kids to bed for PD Cam, Ask An Agent, scheming to sue Hobart, preparing for 12:12 on 12-12, Ask Jonathan, upcoming giga coasters, love is a free fall, Seth and Jonathan at the movies, unraveling the mysteries of a spider's genitalia, keeping up the positive vibrations, and there will never be a second moon.

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Episode 754

Welcome to November, working The Rosti, Happy Birthday French Montana, USA Today Snapshots, running into windows at Radio Shack, Dr. Oz investigates, the dangers of youth sports specialization, move it old man, first hand accounts from The Grateful Dead Symposium, free ass-kickings, safe for bullying, Ask Jonathan, the perceptions of inequality, keeping a deck of cards on hand, and rewarding mediocrity.

UYD: That's where The Dick's is.

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Episode 753

Preparing for The Frost Moon, Turtleneck Seth, a new breed of apples, USA Today Snapshots, The UYD Habitat Bridge, Burning Man Forever, spooky action at a distance, an omniverse of Jokers, macrodosing osteocalcin, nose to toes, antique firearms, Jonathan's marlin fishing in Puerto Vallarta, remembering One Special Victory, "J. Preston", Montezuma's ultimate revenge, C-suite aqua execs, and keep us going until Black Rock.

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Episode 752

Comedy after dark, the countdown to christmas, A Teen Whore Christmas, Candy Cane CEO's, USA Today Snapshots, Reign colabs, the polls are open for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Doobie Dan, Mama Benatar, don't hesitate to share your Disney+ logins, the best and worst airports, being criticized by a female boss, meatless pizzas, Baby Bitch Beyond Brat Boy, The Sasquatch Museum and The Masters of Holiday Horror.

UYD: Doubly less interested.

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Episode 751

The Uhh Yeah Cruise, the comfort of COPS, the tears of lying scientists, suicidal veterinarians, The 7 Types of Sugars, treating your voice assisted AI with respect, The Equine Affaire, USA Today Snapshots, botanically speaking, being outsmarted by a monkey, Seth bashes his door, and death is the ultimate L.

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