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UYD Obituaries

Eddie Fisher, 82

He ditched America's sweetheart for America's femme fatale, did lots of drugs and starred in his own TV show called, "Coke Time with Eddie Fisher". But in the end it was his hip that took him out. Complications from hip surgery ended the life of Eddie Fisher at his home in Berkeley on Thursday. He is survived by his four children: Princess Leia, Todd, Joely and Tricia Leigh as well as his six grandchildren.


Harold Gould, 86

Harold Gould, a veteran character actor, died Saturday at the Motion Picture and Television Fund retirement community in Woodland Hills of prostate cancer that had metastasized, said Leah Gould, his daughter-in-law.

He appeared in such films as "Freaky Friday", "Patch Adams" and "Killer: A Journal of Murder" starring James Woods and Seth Romatelli


Rich Cronin, believed to be 36

Fan of the show and lead singer of LFO (Lyte Funkie Ones), Rich Cronin, died Wednesday in a Massachusetts hospital. He and his boy group shot to fame and superstardom with their smash hit 'Summer Girls' back in the '90's.