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Episode 398

This is our fucking journey.

The final days of Sam Champion, coining Cyber-Monday, Egg Wars, National Tie Month, Gift Guide Season, disposing of e-cigs, venti-garbage, zombie blue bots, the scent of happiness, 1985 prices in East Hollywood, Bait Dogs, The Playboy Advisor, gays love smokes, straight poppers, 100 Austin actors slicing the pie, recreational opioid users, everyone's a junkie, decreased in-home vision, "My dad started Acuvue contacts…", getting Martianed out, declining Dreyfuss, points on Chaka, the best of both lucks, the astonishing 80's, Avicii peaks at #4, stolen cars in Sioux Falls, more stuff means less, a lot of cheatin' and a lot of M&M's, grown men giving up video games, the pre-Christmas death toll, getting raunchy on the deep-web, preparing for 400, the difference between excellence and everything else, and get off of my journey.

UYD: On the precipice of stardust.




Cooking Up Something Good // Mac Demarco // 2


Right On for the Darkness // Curtis Mayfield // Back to the World