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Episode 466

Live from the Neptune Theatre in Seattle, Washington

Live from The Neptune Theater in Seattle WA, National Shop Online For Groceries Month, a single man shouldn't buy 12 bananas, linked brains, a rat themed evening, South Korean postcards, Seth's Sidewalk Poetry, Car Airbnb, AAA Advisor, Ask Jonathan, Enjoy your electronics, USA Today Snapshots, thank goodness for in-house recordings, listening to your chi, 2006 was a sexy year, Seth Clips Vol. 22, stop gun shaming, you can't roll solo in the shooting range, Rodent Casino, Jonathan's new tattoo, redundant twin tattoos, love letter matter, The Heart Attack Grill goes "vegan", Spade Tweets, fake it to you make it in math, reverse midas touch, why haven't you made a will?, James Ellroy gets two generations of Romatelli, Hollywood Locals Only, Jonathan says goodbye to The Dead, a fluid spectrum of bee sex, new dorms, Ibuprofen will kill you, and the UYD Live tour continues.

UYD: Harbingers of Failure.




Let It Happen // Tame Impala


'Cause I'm A Man // Tame Impala