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Episode 470

Live from The Royale in Boston, Massachusetts

Live from The Royale in Boston MA, comedy at dusk, the 3rd member of UYD, Jonathan walks 20 miles, The Playboy Advisor, doming one's self, the most common used emojis in Massachusetts, no definitive summer jam, Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders are not in real time, National "Get Ready For Kindergarten" Month, get back in the sandbox, the price you pay for shredded lats, another tier of dog obedience, 18 year old truck drivers, too early for Dirty Water, 1500 people a day at The Goonies House, falling short of the world's underwear record, fudging your cyber vitals, smart police belts, thermal imaging food trucks, USA Today Snapshots, splitting your pants on the dance floor, Who's Mommin' Harder?, psychopaths don't sympathy yawn, send Jesus to the door, preparing for killer robots, Hollywood Game Night, deep voiced politicians, hunting licenses for newborns, pigs : OUT, goats : IN, Home Depot prepares for Burning Man, stepping in stage gum, we need more tolls, snow storm babies, and a 2nd batch of USA Today Snapshots.




Despise the Lie // Demon Queen // The Exorcise Tape Instrumentals


Pari // Gucci Mane