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Episode 472

Live from the Gramercy Theatre in New York, New York (Show A)

Live from The Gramercy Theatre in New York City, the lost episode, nothing but fruits, introducing your Miss America's, rich monster Elon Musk prepares to nuke Mars, pickpocketing Heyzuz, the average payout from The Tooth Fairy, the most accurate clocks in the world, getting cockblocked by the FDA, The Finders of Grindr, meeting strangers, Ask Jonathan, needing Seth's email and cell phone number, the country's oldest bowling alley, philosophy for children, bendable 14 year olds, National Fall Hat Month, Money Talk, NFL player names, spotting Moby in the wild, you lost me at Rahu, Season 2 of Celebrity Name Game, September Travel Warnings, Norsk Høstfest, canceling Sam Champion, USA Today Snapshots, OUT: Kale, IN: Moringa, bribing your mailman, getting ready for a midlife crisis, and Uhh Yeah Elijah.




Golden Garden // Pender Street Steppers


St. Stephen // Grateful Dead