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Episode 474


What are your holiday plans?, PSL come and gone, Seth meets Mesereau, the mispronunciations of Peter Facinelli, Hollywood gutter germs, drinking more than a German, is Super Troopers funny?, scaring your kids with Snapchat, the return of Celebrity Name Game, in-studio dog gazing, Bilingual Child Month, Seth's TV Picks, Songs of Experience, Edge's drops, Tony Romo's bones will heal, leave my Country Crock broken, fish full of fibers, Bruce Jenner steals his son's girlfriend's name, "You can't kill yourself in Kim's bedroom.", Tacopocalypse is anti-brittle bone disease, jam sessions with The Pope, tarantula mating season, Bradley Cooper speaks French, maize maze, Steve McQueen is my favorite Gambit, The Ellis Act, The Playboy Advisor, Yelp for people, respect my pronouns, Patreon has been compromised, don't show up in a "dick car", a crazy week in O'Fallon MO, killing Watson, does the Clara app have boobs?, UYD Flash Drives are on their way, and did Fargo get True Detectived?

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No Role Modelz // J. Cole


Abduction of Limbs // Old Funeral