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Episode 475

Swingers and widowers.

Working on your David Lee Roth kicks, is Matt Damon interested in exploring space?, the deers come out at dusk, National Class Reunion Month, swingers and widowers, highly sexual superlatives, killing a meter maid, the best restaurant names in America, Jonathan's European travels, Seth thinking of travel/murder, October heat, Seth's TV Picks, Detroit Halloween, The Great Arizona Shakeout, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Finale, credit card chips, paying for a car with cash, how do you celebrate 10 years?, no time for ice cream, shipping foliage, Amazon's Etsy, selling snow, Demi Lovato has everything, Ask Jonathan, easy oil changes, Ghost Truck, USA Today Snapshots, the world doomed Brad and Jen, and being sold into sex slavery.




18 1974 19 // Aphex Twin


Notting Hill Bus // User48736353001