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Episode 476

Traumatizing to a newly dead person. Worst. Death. Ever.

Are American Spirits natural?, gazing your eyes at baseball, cigarette experts, Bill Fixers, getting grifted by credit companies, The Ultimate Women's Expo, Pre-yonce, Canadian caterpillars, Muscle Monsters, bury me with a Four Loko, LA's champion water hog, Reese Witherspoon's overpriced totes, Rick Owens' dick pants, reliving the life of Muggsy Bouges, profiling Highland Park, stealing from the elderly, stealing from sacred burial grounds, Jonathan smokes with Native Americans, saying goodbye to The Maple Street Book Shop, Breakfast Battles, USA Today Snapshots, saying goodbye to Playboy, The National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art, remaking Black Rain, tattoo removal stats, and preparing for 1 Billion websites.




Abode of the Grotesque // Hooded Menace


Naration // Mystic Revelation of Rastafari