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Episode 478

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UYD's first ever Skypisode, Jonathan's world travels, UYD's first international episode, shutting down American institutions, Walgreens buys Rite Aid, getting jumped in Honolulu, old fashioned pain killers, NOx-rocks, a nation of ravers, John Mayer and The Grateful Dead, The Playboy Advisor, amateur porn rates, kale smoothies in high school cafeterias, a lot of new Celebrity Name Game, 25 years of Jerry Springer, USA Today Snapshots, Seth's earbuds, 2015 interview questions, what races use Redbox?, coffee and politics, pre pro for storms, depressed interns, #hollywoodblessed, doctors on probation, sensual Skype, there is no substitute for a good trail map, poisoning your teacher, new aged pranks, slow motion butts, Seth Clips Vol. 23, 17 new christmas movies, a stabber's slip and slide, pickled fish/simple pranks, and UYD flash drives/new UYD merch is on it's way.