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Episode 479

Skypesode #2

The 2nd Skypisode, Man plans: God laughs, Jonathan's English accent, calling the Butterball Hotline, reflecting on Thanksgiving, you just win, hotels become one, the all new Mapquest, delivery man Seth, Paint-Shield, 406 4 Life, crafty on the 808's, Seth's TV Picks, delivery doctors, Celebrity Name Game, a somber time for comedy, library treadmills, The Windiest Cities in America, TV dicks everywhere, crying for autistic kids, saying goodbye to Braslau's, Facebook TV, The Internet Dollar Store, Self Defense Spears, The Fichera Hustle, Ask Jonathan, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Seth watches the second Purge, "I love to play with dead bodies", USA Today Snapshots, Seth's App's of the Week, is Rob Morrow a star?, The International Big Mac, and prepping is a healthy hobby.




Their Corrupting Ways // The System


Seefu Lilac // Black Moth Super Rainbow