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Episode 482

Jim Twins: A real, daytime shocker.

What more can you say... it's the holidays, The 84th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, harvesting the organs of The Falun Dafa, the understaffed highway patrol, a year end weigh up, The Screenplay Blacklist, The Gopher Tail Bounty, The Uhh Yeah Dude Ranch, Ridiculous 6 vs Hateful 8, how do you buy light bulbs?, Seth's Red Stool, Bait Packages, The Cocaine Trade, field trip to the post office, celebrating every religious holiday, The Death Clock, A$AP Roma, Ride Amigos, UYD LIVE at SF Sketchfest, Seth helms the UYD Twitter, The Jim Twins, National Bingo Birthday Month, USA Today Snapshots, Ask The Captain, keeping an eye on PSY, Coldstone buys Pinkberry, A Rubbermaid/Coleman/Sunbeam Combo, saying goodbye to Santa Monica Radiator, Jonathan and The Aoki's, and your first set of non-familial boobs.

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Reina // Sonic Youth


Or // Sonic Youth