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Episode 483

Waiting for our layaway angel.

The last episode of 2015, just look up "anal prolapse", saying goodbye to The Top Spot Drive Inn, The B-Dubs Sauce Lab, RIP KPH, living the Twitter dream, Hot Dog Pringles, Spike's Leather Club, Linen Daddies, Eternal Summer, Dr. Hunches looks in your holes, The Chaturbate Battlefield, UYD LIVE at SF Sketchfest, don't stumble your sex words, National Get A Balanced Life Month, it's time to start planning for Valentine's Day, USA Today Snapshots, The Greatest Sutter, the coolest person to win the lottery, obstruction of marriage business, an extended tax deadline, Christmas Eve fireworks, Layaway Angels, lobsterless lobster rolls, coffee that works, Cherokee Bibles, Seth in a sweat lodge, the definition of "Minx", and is Twitter still cool?

#HollywoodMoring #Blessed #Sweat #Electrolytes




Hanging On A Curtain // Morphine


Space Truckin' // Deep Purple