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Episode 485

What's your party lentil?

No interviews for substitute teachers, fudging the numbs with lot lizards, do people visit Twitter on their desktop?, digital adult coloring books, Seth's Super Bowl commercials, Hooch doesn't expect tipping, 101 Little Known Facts About Michael Jordan, no advice from online vets, JW's worked it out, Chinese Grindr, rooming with Hugh Hefner, more Korean Postcards, there's always parties in the USA, 2016 Flavor Trends, the return of Hollywood Game Night, The Guiding Principles of Verde Valley, saying goodbye to Bel Air Camera, saying good bye to Aadlen Brothers Auto Wrecking, Season's Over!!!, The Mark Cuban of Cubans, the dumbest things you can do with Powerball money, National Radon Action Month, USA Today Snapshots, and having your car towed from the airport.




Cut It // O.T. Genesis (feat Young Dolph)


Hey Hey What Can I Do // Led Zeppelin