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Episode 486

Comfortably numb.

Don't get caught up in the numbers, master actor Paul Giamatti, 7 hours of The Godfather, rewatching all Super Bowls, the NFL's first female assistant coach, National "Be On Purpose" Month, Penthouse still exists, the largest prime number, The Friendliest LGBT Colleges, USA Today Snapshots, the exact location of the Salem Witch Trials, Operation Frost Bite, drinking in the cold, saying good bye to Hawaiian sugar, saying good bye to Sweet N Low, What's The Haps With These Apps?, Hollywood's go-to medium, Cinnamon Bun Oreos, The Best Countries Report, Hollywood The Elk, the return of Celebrity Name Game, getting whipped up by manipulative TV shows, Seth and Kathryn Bigelow go to jury duty, and real talk IRL.




Full Circle // George FitzGerald (feat Boxed In)


I Just Wasn't Made for these Times // The Beach Boys