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Episode 489

A decade of decadence.

2006 for life, Happy Birthday UYD, Tom Arnold on coke on Celebrity Name Game, Taran Quantino, baby steps with Pepsi Max, saying good bye/hello to Black Sabbath, vaginal microbiomes, Fexofenadine helps you party right, vaginal seeding parties, Playboy moved to the bottom rack, Uhh Yeah Tween Girl, Manson's Lost Girls, singer submissions for STP, a lot of food information, The Shrimp Lover, Burger King hot dogs, Opioid-Induced Constipation, space is way smaller than you think, Lay's Flavor Swap, USA Today Snapshots, surrounded by dead dogs and crying families, Seth goes to Hawaiian Gardens Casino, quirky weddings for 2016, Extreme Master Barbers, make weed illegal again, Waive Car, app base the idea to the cloud, saying goodbye to My Brother's BBQ, "Sayo', Kemosabe", banning all pornography, boning down in the 80's, take charge of your frown lines, and thank you for 10 years. 2026 for life.