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Episode 506

Live from The Royal in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

LIVE from Toronto, Seth's first impressions of the north, saying goodbye to The Big Slice / Rocca's No Frills / Honest Ed's, Jonathan's Man-pons, Hawaii's new moped regulations, The Sweet & Snack Expo, CAA Culinary, Jonathan's vegan fantasies, Uptown Alley, do the Chinese bowl?, The American Library Association Conference gets rowdy, no DEET in Canada, Celebrity Name Games, Toronto Fast Casuals, the pitfalls of sleeping outside, a teacher gets a pencil stuck in her back, Air Hollywood, The Big Tree Hug Challenge, Postcards from Korea, Seth visits The Shoe Museum, The Wakashu can do all the things, Seth's 2016 Summer Jam, USA Today Snapshots, Jonathan meets Muhammad Ali and Alice Cooper, Haverhill Community TV, Seth's High School Graduation, fighting for Jessica Perry, Air Rage, teens on the road, Fabanaise, drunken attorneys, Old Maid's Day, stoney hunky boxers, G-D, Uhh-Dude, OJ: Made In America, and fuck Tijuana.




Yyz // Rush


Loan Me A Dime // Boz Scaggs