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Episode 507

Chime in on this chime sesh.

Tarzan 2.0, Thank You to Toronto, UYD's Fast Casuals, Jonathan witnesses a car accident, no craft beers / no bicycles, setting off all the warning alarms at the CDC, The Dasani Virus, National Caribbean American Heritage Month, Spike's Guy's Choice Awards, Gigi Hadid remembers Muhammad Ali, Seth's new rules for Chime-In Charlies, Jonathan gets trapped in a memory, USA Today Snapshots, returning your house with Open Door, The Verizon Traitor, "We have Flo now.", saying good bye to Fiesta Villa, don't sleep on Father's Day, "We're all Gain Men.", Truckfest, Seth's a Triple-Man!, The Endless Yard Sale, Ebony-bnb, To Catch A Racist, Thank You to Vice and LA Weekly, Ask Jonathan, The World's Fastest Wooden Roller Coaster, a term for the burn, and The Loch Ness of Podcasts. Seatbelts / Helmets




Rollin' and Tumbling' // Elmore James


4uma // D Tiberio