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Episode 509

Incubating this alien seed.

Formula 509, exhausting virtual realities, the telepathy cloud, extreme river rafting, All Cheer/No Beer, Vegan cab drivers, (Hi Joaquin), delicious Vegan jizz, Turtle Crossing, renting Jeffrey Dahmer's home, hot coffee/hot cancer, UYD's Fast Casuals, The UFO Festival, The Fermi Paradox, The World's Largest Tree Hug, The World's Largest Square Dance, 24 hours of pull-ups, murdering Jonathan, remembering the Casey Anthony trial, Weck's Wiki done fell off, National Unassisted Home Birth Week, saying goodbye to Brunchies, Ask Jonathan, the dying breed of off color jokes, biblical numbers for James Paterson, USA Today Snapshots, the people who eat at 7-11, Armorway or the highway, and falling asleep to UYD.




Back Street Luv // Curved Air


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