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Episode 512

Spreading this tree disease.

Six Flags over Saudi Arabia, saying goodbye to fall foliage, Seth watches Parenthood, Jonathan watched Parenthood, National Ventriloquism Week, Jeff Dunham gets unhinged in Hollywood, no spoilers for Magic, $350 rent, Solar Roads, USA Today Snapshots, 5 seconds with your eyes off the road, Ask Jonathan, a sharp rise in A's, full page newspaper apologies, do you want to take my virgin?, The Days of '76 Rodeo, trapped in our own inside Hilton, Flapper Seth, The USA Luge Slider Search, American Treasure Kirk Douglas, 54,945 Google searches per second, UYD's Fast Casuals, The Carbondale Eclipse, having a kid by 2024, and The Gluten Crisper Brexit.

UYD: Open minds and open doors.




Lonesome LA Cowboy // The New Riders of the Purple Sage


Big Iron // Marty Robbins