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Episode 515

Towel-snapping good fun.

The most beautiful cities in the world, grab-ass locker room games, Jonathan gets pantsed, Jay-Z's apartment pop up, bringing beverages on a cruise ship, unused college plane tickets, a pube-less economy, the 6 tones of books, do you like staff picks?, Seth Clips 25, no parking tickets for the homeless, the unproductive helmets of Paul Hornung, The White Hot Chili Peppers, stealing your PIN Number though your Fitbit, USA Today Snapshots, stealing > showing dick, stealthy speaker thieves, rolling up in jeans and a badge, Ask Jonathan, adding a leap second, UYD's Fast Casuals, saying goodbye to The Moxie Store, National Zookeeper Week, one hitter walks, and donating to cute Jamaican girls.

UYD: Fighting the woke fight.




The Divided Sky // Phish


All Roads Lead To Rome // The Stranglers