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Episode 519

Who Kruegered my uniform?

Emotionally affected by the LA fires, what happened to Utopia?, Larroquette: Arson Investigator, apps for your dog, hot Hollywood agent talk, Seth goes to The Cowboys Training Camp, Happy Birthday Jonathan!, National Stop on Red Week, the best concert Jonathan has ever seen, cutting up The Chicago White Sox throwback uniforms, hacking your solar panels, darting eyes and hoodies, Hairbucks, #TacoBellWedding, #ICouldGetInThere, USA Today Snapshots, going down a Herda-Hadda Hole, saying goodbye to The Book Store, saying goodbye to Book World, the pony deaths of Assateague Island, showering underneath Seth's window, Entrepreneurs Awakening, UYD's Fast Casuals, OD'ing twice in one day, carfentanil will put you down, an elephant's greatest piss, full legal murder in the animal kingdom, preparing for Jeep Fest, Ask Jonathan, lettuce salads, and the scariest thing about Stranger Things is the kids on bikes.




Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens // Sanford Clark


They Call Me Country // Sanford Clark