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Episode 545

Two-part comedy harmonies.

Do Seth and Jonathan sound alike?, two-part comedy harmonies, going to Mars/Hawaii, Potter Country, UYD Live shows coming to a city near you, the main area code in Dallas TX, Mark Wahlberg as Shia LaBeouf, morphing the COPS logo, USA Today Snapshots, lifelong bachelor Christopher Hewett, from Zappa to 2 Chainz, Connecticut's Annual Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp Art Contest, neander-sapiens, texting The Butterball Hotline, being info-harvested by Vertical Mass, getting into campers, Ask Jonathan, putting a cap on the TSA precheck, GoPro confessionals, people that will never be arrested, a rise in shotgun marriages, Horror-fied dads, a hot new update for The Exorcist, never take PBS for granted, and sarcastic letters from John Sr.




All Good Things // The Remains


They Came From Outer Space // Green Velvet