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Episode 546

Live from the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Live from The Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, the utmost respect for Aaron Rodgers, The Slenderman walks amongst us, HBO's fractal dreams, VR car crashes, grandma's airplane desserts, jingle alchemists, Tony Bennett and the Crows, #AllTypesAllSwipes, People's Sexiest Man Alive, welcome home porno, postcards from Korea, RIPs Mrs. Brady, comments for Kanye, a decline in stick shifts, double Christmas trees, killing Disney, no one goes to REI on Black Friday, anti-vegetarian T-shirts, USA Today Snapshots, Juvies watching A Christmas Carol, Coffee-Mate little brothers, chiming in pilots, The Surgeon General of Scientology, supplementing fingerprints, Ask Jonathan, Airbnb Tricks, is Passengers a real movie?, National Hand Washing Awareness Week, getting the word out on surfing in Hawaii, the best bricklayer in the world, and I may be a real bad boy but baby I'm a real good man.




I'd Rather Be With You // Bootsy Collins