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Episode 549

In it for a minute.

Christmas time in East Hollywood, DJ Holidaze, The 85th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, whatever happened to Barry Pepper?, I saw mommy kissing Terl, Jonathan's TV Picks, Top Puppet, don't sleep on UYD in Brooklyn, John Travolta's gorgeous thick mane, 10,000,000 pills per county, The 2016 Hollywood Screenplay Blacklist, falling asleep during Star Wars, Super Flow Sunday, say more wonderful things, Frito Lay sits out the Super Bowl, Hippy Crack Explosions, new meat cuts for 2017, National Personal Self Defense Awareness Month, back-neck eyeballs, things get dicey in St. Louis, depressed airline pilots, the Boston police department scrolling feeds for criminals, Carnival Cruise Lines vomit recognition technology, Belize is not the answer, Cinna-gate, are chimps better fathers than humans?, you gotta fight to 2017, USA Today Snapshots, and just chill till the next episode.




Gilli Men // Baaba Maal


There But For The Grace Of God Go I // Machine