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Episode 619

Jonathan's first time uploading the show by himself will he succeed ? If you're reading this its too late. Tilt your kilt toward the sun. Can't wait for Nick to rewrite this I feel like a tool.

Podcasting adolescents, Top Dog Holograms, $50 to eat a fake hamburger, The 2017 Hollywood Blacklist, the power of Flakka, an overflow of female assassins, a lot of livin', buying a Christmas tree doesn't make you better than me, elf on the shelf and fed on the bed, the light of God's love, Cowboy's Christmas card, USA Today Snapshots, depressed vegans, Odell Beckham Jr's leg, an overflow of 2006 cars, Jonathan visits the car show, The Los Angeles County Annual Burial of the Unclaimed Dead, Ask Jonathan, we live in Hooters, cloaked gross, The Top 10 Apps, and Jonathan's YouTube Cliffhanger.




Oh Martha // Wild Butter // Wild Butter


The Ultimate (Showbiz Remix) // Artifacts // That's Them