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Episode 623

Starting off 2018 in a positive light, Jah's bike update, Datenight with Zelda, a gang of shit I can't remember.

Welcome to 2018, New Year's Eve gunfire, Chappelle and Martinelli's, Zelda immersion, 5 sunrises over a week, new year - old you, Jah's bike update, the year of the pea, near tears in Malibu, long lines for legal weed, grand imperial quarts, hologram homies, Elon Musk's phone number, the testimonials of Sam Kinison, coke bloat, A Tale of Two Coreys, Web Cam Girls, finishing Vietnam, board certified interventionists, Detox Mountain, the premiere of Undercover High, The 2018 AVN Awards, preparing for 8K, beating the system at the dollar store, Dollar Dignity January, and getting back to basics.




Maruja // La Sonora Dinamita


Stop the Pusher // Bo Diddley