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Episode 876

Live from the Lodge Room in Los Angeles, California (Early Show)

Live from The Lodge Room in Los Angeles CA, Happy Birthday Jonathan, the return of The Colt 45, OJ in LA, 25 things you don't know about Tyler Cameron, reducing cockroach sex, ysterday is history, The Sturgeon Moon, The Pumpkin Creep, the new mayor of New York, changing your personality during the pandemic, The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the governor of West Virginia, Hardee's Gals, tasting the galaxy, Ask Jonathan, it's not you - it's your walk, USA Today Snapshots, when gifts become burdens, Pruno sniffing dogs, how to huff, the new richest person in the world, Nobody Cares About Raymond, This Day In UYD History, no ketchup at Thrasher's, teen farmers, and consistent chicken.




Scarlet Begonias // Grateful Dead


Herfstzon // Felbm