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Episode 877

Live from the Lodge Room in Los Angeles, California (Late Show)

Live from The Lodge Room in Los Angeles CA, 44 never looked so good, OG Diet Coke is disgusting, off of the dome - into your home, 4's are bad but 8's are good, Podcast and the City, 25 things you don't know about Margaret Cho, discovering new viruses, extra smoke, crypto conferences, a rise in .99 cent stores, award winning actress Mila Kunis, Barack Obama vs Mickey Rouke, face shapes and casual sex, The Oscar's Experience, geneticaly altered daddy long legs, Dry-Eye / Fortune 500 / Electronic Music Artist, Levi's and The Grateful Dead, take your brass home with you, NBA vs The Harlem Globetrotters, USA Today Snapshots, JAWS: The Musical, The Country's Best Yogurt, the problematic film career of Elvis, too hot for spot and tot, Seth on a donkey, Ask Jonathan, voicemails from Element Television, The 'wise in real-life, and forever special thanks.




Seeland // Neu!


Seeland // Neu!