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Episode 890

Live from The Back Room @ Colectivo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Live from The Back Room @ Colectivo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we beat em, Seth watches Dune, tuck in with Tucker Carlson, preparing for daylight's savings, the smoker's rental car grift, Malibu kids don't do Spirit, The Countdown to Christmas, Hallmark vs Lifetime, meme dating, Cracker Barrel ghosts, will dogs eat spoiled food?, significantly Irish, better than Bono, The Greatest Songs of All Time, streaming videos at work, new coffee tech, Old Driver Safety Awareness Week, official state pastries, Tag Championships, finger tattoos in The Coast Guard, Ask Jonathan, getting jammed up, winter in Vegas, getting back into the theaters, showing skin whilst golfing, Seth's fall foliage, crazy arrestable sentiments, and The Bootie Butler.




So Good, So Right // Imagination


Mardi Gras // Pat Martino