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Episode 943

HI its Jonathan I'm writing from inside the matrix usually I dont do this part of the uploading show notes etc.because I technically shouldn't be allowed to do this type of thing as I historically have cocked it up. Also Im not certain what all we talked about on this episode but it is great and that is a truth hard enough to hang your hat on. PLEASE consider supporting us on Patreon its our everything xoxoxo

Working with the felt tip, celebrating your birthday with Ken Burns, demented television watching, the cruel mistess, listening to The Rings of Power, high frame rate hobbit feet, the dentist office crossword, BB King vs Elvis, the terrible parents of Generation Gap, the unusual sentiments of Cards Wishes, the richest billionaires by state, waiting in line for Chick-fil-A, JAH-nathan's Poetry, high and tight, USA Today Snapshots, shadowboxing Yu-Gi-Oh!, and the 48 hour A SHOC workweek.

UYD: I and you keep killing it.




Me for Real // Arthur Russel // Another Thought


Me for Real // Arthur Russel // Another Thought